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Gilda was just afraid of loosing her friend, just be overprotective. She just needs a friend.

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Hmm, looks like this group was correct thanks to last episode.


unlike the crying fanboys below me i can say i understand both sides. unlike everyone else i am not blaming pinkie for anything it was gilda's fault she should have reacted better not pinkie's fault. Its called being a decent human being i suggest you crying fanboys learn it sometimes you will see how far it gets you in life. seriously get a grip pinkie was being nice but since that is foriegn for you i feel sorry your ass because your heads are shoved so far up in it.

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I agree in every way possible. I imagine that since she was a griffon that Dash was possibly her only friend, and as such seeing her hanging out with the others and being so happy she felt forgotten, left out. That's why she did what she did because she felt as though they were stealing her only friend.

Italy approves.

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