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What happens when you lose your account information... · 4:09pm Jul 22nd, 2017

Holy Celestia in a banana costume...
It's been a while.

So I admit, the account went dead, mostly due to my own lack of planning. I used a brand new email for FimFiction, and I lost everything for a while. I had to dig deep into my main email to find the linked email account information and well, some time later...here I am.

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your story is great, sad to see this account is dead though.

And so we have here, another dead account. RIP.

you still here?

Hey, I was just surfing around an me across your story again, which got me thinking about your last blog post. How did your ebook turn out? And how is your husband fairing medically, cause I've been through a lot of medical troubles before, and just want you to know that someone cares. Though I'm sure that everything turned out great! And concerning the writers block, just go with your gut, then change it however you see fit. Anyways, hope everything went well for you, and look forward to your next dalliance with fimfiction.

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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