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Welcome, fillies and gentlecolts, to Cyberpunk Equestria! FiMFiction's premier headquarters for cyberpunk enthusiasts. This group has been founded with two primary objectives:

  1. The creation of an archive for any and all works of cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk fanfiction within FiMFiction.
  2. The creation of a forum for the various cyberpunk enthusiasts that inhabit FiMFiction.

Perhaps you've just stumbled in here, and you've had little to no memorable exposure to cyberpunk up to this point. Or perhaps you're wondering what exact elements constitute cyberpunk fiction. What, then, qualifies a work as an example of the genres of cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk?

It's fairly simple:
Cyberpunk is centered around the transformative effects of advanced science and technology coupled with a breakdown or radical change in the social order. It is a genre that is generally dark and cynical in nature. Cyberpunk works often feature corrupt governments, corporations, and other organizations as antagonists. Examples include William Gibson's novel Neuromancer, and the Deus Ex franchise. A more in depth examination may be found on TV Tropes' Cyberpunk page.

Post-Cyberpunk is a more positive take on cyberpunk. Like cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk focuses largely on the possibilities of an electronic future. The difference between the two is that whereas cyberpunk usually features dystopian scenarios, post-cyberpunk tends to give the powers-that-be a little less flak. Think films like Inception, or novels such as those set in Neal Asher's The Polity series. A more in depth examination may be found on TV Tropes' Post-Cyberpunk page.

There are currently two folders for you to submit to. "Cyberpunk" and "Post-Cyberpunk" accept any fanfiction belonging to their respective genres.

We encourage all group members to take a moment to review the official rules. We may enjoy stories that generally feature dystopia, but that doesn't mean we want our group to be an example.

Other than that, it is by no means required but if you feel like formally introducing yourself, go ahead and make a post in the official introduction thread. Enjoy your stay in Cyberpunk Equestria!

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ScienceFiction Convention
the Futururians

dose VR and cyberspace count as cyberpunk?

also this count as cyberpunk?

As a big fan of the cyberpunk genre and ponies, I approve of this group! I should submit my story here. My early introduction to the genre was the classic Blade Runner movie, and the early editions of Shadowrun. ^__^

If you want to RP are a good place to start out. We are a few peps over there that like crossovers, and I am sure that we are a few that would love to try playing in a cyberpunk world

405627 Noted. If you want to elaborate on that at all, feel free to PM me. :raritywink:

Just a suggestion, I think an RP section could help fuel stories and attract others to your group. Plus, the world building possibilities would be endless. Again, just a suggestion

The manga and anime film 'Akira' are also very cyberpunk

364803 We're glad to have you here in the group with us. :raritywink: Wilkommen. :twilightsmile:

As a side note, that also makes you the group's hundredth member. :pinkiehappy:

Have to admit that I've never been much of a cyberpunk fan, until recently. I am starting to become highly intrigued with its concept and learning more about it.

340019 Yeah, that's how I did it during my first attempt. Never registered the command. :applejackunsure: Of course, there are any number of reasons that didn't properly function. Perhaps whatever it was has been worked out already? I'll see about getting the folders organized again, soon.

340018 You go to edit your folder, then select a parent folder, and there you go.

340017 I'll be happy to include it whenever you get around to publishing it. :twilightsmile: On that note, still need to see if I can figure out the sub-folders feature, then there's my own fic I'm going to be resuming work on soon.

340016 I would start on a Cyberpunk fic right away, but I have 2 other projects going. Ah, what the hay, starting anyway! EDIT: You know what, I have no idea what to even tag it with. So, strike that.

340015 Excellent! :pinkiecrazy:

In all seriousness, though, I'll probably be posting a new thread later on today. There are also quite a few new members that I haven't properly welcomed yet. At any rate, feel free to contribute however you see fit. :raritywink:

340005 Me! Me! *jumps up and down, raising hoof* :pinkiecrazy:

339321 Fallout does incorporate cyberpunk themes, so it's definitely not too far-fetched a comparison. Welcome to the group! :pinkiehappy:

On a side note, we need to restore life to this group. Anyone up for some... cyber-necromancy?

So....cyberpunk is kinda like Fallout, except not. I'm in! :pinkiecrazy:

323933 You're welcome.

323848 I could say the same to you, actually. :eeyup:

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