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Artist and Writer from Florida. I draw art commissions, role play online, play video games, and watch Pony cartoons.


Shadowtrot Rewrites & Future Postings · 5:44pm May 11th

According to Fimfic, I haven't posted a blog in like... two years. Wow, that's gotta be an academy record. Right, so if you're a reader of my latest work, Shadowtrot, I wanted to let you know that I am still writing this story! The reason for the delay is that I am studying up on my writing skills and making a few rewrites to the story's two present chapters. See, I had made an attempt to submit Shadowtrot to Equestria Daily, but it was rejected. However, the feedback from them and some

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Thanks so much for the artwork.

I know it will most likely not happen , but I think everyone would like a sequel to your Discord story! :pinkiehappy:


Heck yeah! I'm here all week.
Try the hay bacon strips. :scootangel:

Fancy seeing you here, fellow FID-commenter!

Hmm, this guy looks vaguely familiar... :rainbowkiss:

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