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Artist and Writer from Florida. I draw art commissions, role play online, play video games, and watch Pony cartoons.


Shadowtrot Rewrites & Future Postings · 5:44pm May 11th, 2017

According to Fimfic, I haven't posted a blog in like... two years. Wow, that's gotta be an academy record. Right, so if you're a reader of my latest work, Shadowtrot, I wanted to let you know that I am still writing this story! The reason for the delay is that I am studying up on my writing skills and making a few rewrites to the story's two present chapters. See, I had made an attempt to submit Shadowtrot to Equestria Daily, but it was rejected. However, the feedback from them and some

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Happy New... wait, February already?! · 1:52am Jan 22nd, 2015

Where does the time go, honestly?

I've been busy working the art scene, doing commissions to pay the rent. So far it is working out, but I want to write more, so I got to figure out how to make that happen. I have the last chapter of Outlaw Mares about a third written down, though the other two-thirds is fleshed out in my mind so it's only a matter of getting it down in text. I wanted to say "get it down on paper", but that's my old fashion 20th century thinking.

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Outlaw Mares now on TVTropes! · 12:24am Dec 15th, 2014

I had gotten one of my holiday presents early-- Outlaw Mares on TVTropes!

Man thanks to Juntao112 for setting it up! I'm not well versed on setting up TVTrope pages, so if any of you readers would like to help get it organized and filled, please feel free to do so! :raritywink:

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Ace Gets an Adventure · 2:09am Dec 9th, 2014

My friend Juantao112 has posted his next fanfic story. My OC changeling Ace Gambit plays a role in it. So if you're into a fun adventure with changelings, check out Spectre of the Past!

In other news, it got cold here fast! Been raining all day and the temps are dropping. Time for some hot cocoa and warm socks.

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Art n Stuff Update VII · 12:59am Dec 7th, 2014

Whoa, it's been HOW long since I wrote an entry?

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Art n Stuff Update VI · 2:10am Nov 19th, 2013

While it has been a long time since I've blogged, or even posted a story, I can assure you that I haven't been idle. Somewhere in that sea of hours eaten up by work and house chores, I have managed to get deep into chapter 3 of my next Outlaw Mares story. Depending on how fast I can keep the writing flowing from my brain into my word processor software, I should be able to start posting chapters online!

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For those who know Verdigris · 10:59pm Sep 28th, 2013

The user Verdigris is currently recovering in the hospital after a stroke. He's doing well and hopes to be out in a week or so once the doctors are doing their doctor-y thing (I visited him and was disappointed that none of the doctors own a blue police box). Verdigris just wanted me to pass this along. No worries and he'll be back when he can.

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Art n Stuff Update V · 2:55pm Sep 14th, 2013

I finally got that Tumblr blog started: Outlawmares.tumblr.com

It still needs work, but that's a given. I'm sure it'll expand at a decent rate. Maybe not as good as the universe but then, not much does. Keeping to my own art style with that blog. Nothing wrong with show-accurate vectors, but I want to showcase my style. Follow about and we'll see how it goes.

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Art n Stuff Update IV · 1:44pm Aug 3rd, 2013

I've been working on a 7-page guest comic for "Friendship is Dragons" which will debut at the start of September some time. Alongside that I am working on art to finish the chapter headings for my first Outlaw Mares story. I want to go back and improve it a bit before submitting it to Equestria Daily (They got high standards so I have to be on my A+ grammar game). Hopefully Outlaw Mares gets a bigger following from m efforts.

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The Ensemble of "Team Trixie" · 1:50am Jul 8th, 2013

At the conclusion of Outlaw Mares II, we saw that the changeling Zeeps joined what Trixie liked to refer to as "Team Trixie". The group dynamic has been pretty strong and the addition of the 4th member added a good bit of interesting humor. I had the four-pony dynamic planned out in the middle of writing the first Outlaw Mares story, but Zeeps was not mentioned in my previous ensemble cast post because it

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