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Proofreader Looking For Work · 2:31pm Jul 12th, 2014

So after a couple lackadaisical attempts to get in to the proofreading side of fanfiction from just reading, I'm finally making a bigger effort. I applied to the two groups I found, The Proofreader Group and Looking for Editors. The second one intimidates me a bit, largely due to the volume of stories; the first has a form to fill out and I'm not sure if they're backlogged on accepting applications,

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Hi! "An ordinary sunday for Rarity" was accepted by Twilight's Library! Thanks to you! I couldn't have made that without your help! You deserve part of the Ribbon!

Happy birthday you half-bird-nerd. :twistnerd:

Oh, wow! Thank you very, very much for the Watch! I hope that I can keep doing my best to deserve it. Sorry for the late note, but I've been gone all month.:twilightblush:

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