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Twily loves to read fillies' and colts' adventures, and would love it if you have something to share.

This is foal-centric group! Any submissions not centering around them will be rejected.

This groups has submission folder, so please submit there. We don't aim for quality as high as Twilight's Library, but we'd still like to keep the stories organized.

Things you need to know:
Story submission rules are here (version 1.2, updated June 17th, 2014)
What goes where?


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Where is your submissions folder?

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Sep 4th, 2018

So, not accepting new stories?

I love how the filly Twily in the banner and icon has a Minecraft Creeper hat :yay::heart:
Overall very cute group with pretty cute stories. :raritystarry:

can someone tell me if this would be okay for this group, the mane six are fillies in the story:

393090 Then it is only silly rules left in the way. If they prevent you from posting the stories.

Since I amnew here, I haven't had all that much time to read anything here yet. Maybe I will get to them some time soon.

393086 I don't know, it sure isn't a lack of stories to post here at least.
Speaking of, i guess I need to post another story right now.

371028 Yay, that sure is adorable.
359446 I guess that is a new one for me, now ponies are wagging thair tails like puppies, not just sitting down and scratching behind their ears?
351208 Yeah, you sure could, what is holding you back?

359446 That's adorable! :heart:

Oh wow, 'Past sins' is here.
I'm sure I've read it, and enjoyed it quite Royally.

I guess I could submit a few of my stories here.

Well, in my story "Celestia's Tiny Student" Twilight is filly until chapter 5 and for next several chapters she is a young mare.
Do this count or it must be about fillies or filly for majority of the story?

What have I done! :raritydespair:

I like it. :raritystarry:

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