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You'll find, my friend, that in the gutters of this floating world, much of the trash consists of fallen flowers.


Studio Ghibli, Part 1: How Miyazaki Directs Slapstick · 1:03pm April 1st

I used to think quality animation entirely boiled down to how detailed and smooth the character drawings were. In other words, time and effort, so it's simply about getting as much funding as possible. I blame the animation elitists for this attitude. If not for them, I might've wanted to become an animator myself. They killed all my interest.

It took a really long time to figure out there's something more important going on: direction. Just like in live-action film, imagine that.

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i'm trying to find someone that doesn't

why thank you! :twilightsmile:

I like yours too

Your avatar is rather adorable.

It was great chatting with you, hazey! And of course, puking fluttershy and ponies sniffing glue have been eternally seared into my mind.

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