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You'll find, my friend, that in the gutters of this floating world, much of the trash consists of fallen flowers.


How to Twist (and Shout) - Kishotenketsu · 6:31pm August 2nd

Did you know there's only one story in the world? It's called the Hero's Journey, or Hero With A Thousand Faces. Literally every story you write is a repackaged form of this traditional myth. Right? :trollestia:

Nahh, of course that's ridiculous. People want to believe it's that easy, so they'll squeeze every story into that model, even when it doesn't really fit. It's an effective set of themes, but hardly the only option.

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Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks for adding Rarity's Fashion Alman-yak to your favourites. I appreciate you taking the time to read my work, and hope to see you back again. :twilightsmile:

It was great chatting with you, hazey! And of course, puking fluttershy and ponies sniffing glue have been eternally seared into my mind.

you'll never get me lucky charms!


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