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You'll find, my friend, that in the gutters of this floating world, much of the trash consists of fallen flowers.


Bronycon Traditions · 7:38am July 14th

I've been going to Bronycon since 2015, the year of the largest attendance record. The last one ever is less than a month away. We should honor it by following some of the strange traditions I've accumulated over the years.

some of these are not actually traditions, but by me pretending they are, they become so :pinkiesmile:

Escape Room

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i'm trying to find someone that doesn't

why thank you! :twilightsmile:

I like yours too

Your avatar is rather adorable.

It was great chatting with you, hazey! And of course, puking fluttershy and ponies sniffing glue have been eternally seared into my mind.

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