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You'll find, my friend, that in the gutters of this floating world, much of the trash consists of fallen flowers.



All of them. Every pony. They're all sad.

Proud winner of the "most controversial" award of the June 2016 Writeoff competition.
It did not make the finals. This made some voters sad.

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A triumph of the human spirit!
-Lawn Care Monthly, August 2016 issue

this is very silly

That was... erm... something?:unsuresweetie:

:pinkiesmile: I love something. Something is my favorite.

7324109 yeeeaaahhh:trixieshiftleft:... Something is good:trixieshiftright:

Remember, kids, don't buy drugs. Become an author and it's almost the same thing.

Truly the greatest art peice of our generation.

I want to say:

That this is the best chapter.

But you know what?

They're all the best chapter.


7326379 Bull**** Johnny Cash sucks and every knows it! Just like that whole HD plasma tv b******s that everyone falls for too!

7326379 And you have a really nice avatar by the way too. GAAAAAAH!

Applejack is sad. Because she can read.

Their Small, their quick, they're fill with a little bit of wit. They're not so bad, they're not so sad, they were written by a swell young lad. Who knows if he's lazy, who knows if he moves, but wrote us this story; Thank you HazeyHooves.

She was sad because she can't read.

These were great fun. Nightmare Moon's was a very clever inversion.

I ask myself 'why am I reading this'. I never get an answer.

what, was all I thought through out this story.

God this is surreal

And my mind is numb...and it takes loooooong time to reboot I guess.

Now I'm sad that I can read this.

You are all alicorns. Why are you caring about the death of your friends, they can't die either!

I wish I could ignore this whole story....WHY AM I READING THIS AGAIN?!

Oh, now you are not even trying.

It is midnight here. I will go to sleep and hope I can forget I read this...

This may be the best one. :rainbowlaugh:

Typo alert!

the an intense

Okay, I admit it. The first two chapters, my reaction was "Okay, this is pretty good mockery of overripe sadfic cliches, I guess."

But this one, here? I lost it laughing. :rainbowlaugh: Well played!

We need a Maud non-emoticon.

too many typos like that and it'll drop below 1000 words. that would be the an worst :raritycry:

If you introduce an OC in Chapter 7, you have to fire it by Chapter 10.

Surreal. Every chapter was like a bad fanfic, yet somehow the story was good...

Comment posted by CatBoiVin deleted Aug 2nd, 2016

I laughed heartily. This is going to be good.

I've reviewed this story HERE! Follow me for more reviews to follow.

Haze, I think this is too weird.

Something something Chapter 10 is best chapter because changelings.

Bleh, it’s midnight. I too tired.




This is the best story I've ever read.

No one has commented on this chapter, and that's sad. :fluttercry:

So I did. Now I'm sad. :raritycry:

Superb story. Especially the Fluttershy chapter.

She may look melancholy..

but secretly, she's feeling

🚬 S T O N E D 🚬

This is the saddest chapter yet.

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