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Flim and Flam find themselves down and out in the Fire Swamp after another failed attempt at entrepreneurship. Turns out the inhabitants there aren't their typical kind of customers either...

A short, silly story written for the January Writeoff - The Best Medicine

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Comments ( 13 )

Faved, liked and wondering why this is tagged "Slice of Life" instead of "Comedy". Have a :moustache:.

Ha! I remember reading this.

Bravo, the ending was perfect!

This was really good.

The really impressive thing is that at no point do you actually say the words "snake oil".:moustache:

Having the entire joke be a secret just makes it better. :raritywink:

Well, I'm happy to see this one expanded. Most entertaining. Remember to oil your snakes every 10,000 miles, folks.

Ya gotta love those two. Great to see this posted, btw.

*snerk* That was delightfully evil.

Hee hee, wonder who got devoured for the bag of bits. I like to imagine it was Blueblood... :raritywink:

This was really funny. I love the chimaera's design, to be honest, and this story is an example as to why.

Decent little story.
The concoction that doesn't do anything good for a pony works wonders on snakes and since Flim and Flam aren't emotionally prepared for actually helping somepony they just don't know how to handle it.

:duck: Oh?
:raritydespair: Oh!
:raritycry: Ooooh. Right, yes. I get it now.
:facehoof: How did I miss that?

*snickers* Very nice, Poor Flim and Flam

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