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This story is a sequel to A Stallion for the Time Being

Minuette likes strong drinks, good-looking stallions, and Twilight Sparkle (who upon occasion has been known to be a good-looking stallion). Oh, and she's the physical embodiment of the metaphysical concept of 'Time'.

Twilight Sparkle likes books, rationally-developed hypotheses, and Minuette (in any form). Plus, she happens to be the incredibly powerful alicorn Princess of Science (totally a real thing).

Together, they have a perfectly happy (if complicated) relationship. But Ponyville has more than its fair share of mysteries, and when trouble comes knocking... Minuette is there to pretend she's not home.


This story is a continuation of sorts to A Stallion for the Time Being, though reading it is not strictly necessary. These short standalone stories are a change of pace for me, focused on Twilight and Minuette dealing with a variety of supernatural shenanigans. More to come as ideas strike me!

Edited by: Exuno
Preread by: barbeque
Cover image by: Ghost

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 176 )

Twilight should have business cards that say

Twilight Sparkle
Princess of Science
(totally a real thing)

Twilight carefully broke the seal and unrolled the scroll, finding a list of potion ingredients. The other two mares jostled for position trying to read over her shoulder.
“Hm,” Twilight said. “Black pepper is easy. And I know those herbs, this shouldn’t be hard...”
“Uh. Except for this?” Minuette pointed a hoof at the last item on the list. “The heart of an orphan (freshly harvested),” she read out loud.

Sounds legit. I know where Scootaloo hangs out during the day.

Alcoholic pony? seems legit.

Then a rabbit hopped out from behind a tree. Followed by a squirrel. They kept coming, until the three ponies were ringed by a huge assortment of woodland critters, including chickens, songbirds, chipmunks, and a confused-looking housecat.

“This is your army of evil?” Twilight said, doubtfully.

Someone's been taking lessons from Sunset Shimmer :facehoof:

Minuette doesn't have a problem! She just works better when properly 'inspired'.

(oh god, the next story of these is not going to help my case)


Anypony making an M Bison reference is a friend of mine. :twilightsmile:

3051283 :yay:
Friendship is Magic.
Ergo, we are wizards! :twilightsmile:

But sloshed Minuette would be funneh. :trollestia:

This is awesome and you should feel awesome. Keep them coming!

I have to wonder if Minuette and Berry Punch hang out?

i sense that this is going to be a series of one shots sorta thing

bravo bravo bravo

I like it! I demand more!

Also, got to love Minuette, Princess of Snark! :D

Twilight solves mysteries! Minuette drinks!


I'm pretty sure there should be a Romance tag on this. I mean, I know there's not much of an emphasis on Minuette and Twilight being together, but the rule is "if two characters are in a romantic relationship".

No, humans, and even Snips and Snails, are capable of basic sapient thought, and speech. If she gave the instructions on what to say, they could manipulate her foes into whatever state she wanted, while she does something else. Zomera, on the other hand, has an army of sentient, but not sapient, CUTE LITTLE WOODLAND CREATURES.

I guess the second story is still in the review phase? I mean, it says it got posted but when I click the link it asks for a password.

*sits and waits for more stories from his new favorite writer... *

Someone is peeking behind the curtain!

The second one will go up this Thursday at the latest. Just trying to pace myself... I have some more ideas that I'm being slow in writing up, and I'd rather aim for one a week than everything at once.

3066385 just impatient :D and I totally understand that, just wanted to let you know you've got me waiting at the edge of my figurative seat.

3060738 or the woodland critters thing could have been a call to that South Park episode with the demonic devil worshiping Christmas critters, I forget that episode's name but now that i think back on this chapter, I do see a bit of it in there

Bwahahaha loved it! Nice twist at the end too! "Pinot Noir", brilliant!

So, am I correct in assuming that Minuette's BAC was high enough to get Berry drunk, and thus back to "normal?" :rainbowderp:

Pinot Noir, huh? If that was an intentional reference to her originally-intended name, then I applaud you.

Well, that was a good name either way.

Anyway, I'll be favoriting this as well, of course. It obviously doesn't really involve the shipping that got me interested, but hey, it has Twilight and Minuette. And is funny. So that's enough for me.

“The heart of an orphan (freshly harvested),”

My mind immediately went to the Scootabuse tag. :pinkiesad2::raritycry::unsuresweetie:

“A-and the heart of an orphan?”
“Oh, me me me!” Pinkie said cheerfully. “So a couple of days ago I got this great idea to have open mic comedy night at Sugarcube Corner! Only no one really wanted to go first, so I did, and I’ve been practicing super hard for the baby Cakes, so I’m pretty great, but then I think everyone was still uncertain because no one was laughing even though it was amazingly funny! I mean, don’t you think that—”
Twilight nudged her gently.
“Oh, right! Anyways, then somepony threw a tomato at me and I caught it because hey! Free tomato! Only it was a little bit rotten and that was a couple of days ago so...”
Zomera took a step back. “S-so then, my concoction of ultimate power was... was...”
“Vegetable stew,” Twilight said.
“But... but...” Another bright red spot broke out on Zomera’s coat, followed soon by a third and fourth. “But I’m allergic to tomatoes!”

Oh for the love of Celestia...:facehoof:

That dun dun duuuuun...

Was it more of a


“Right, so, I figured what she really needed was some practical help. It’s a hard thing to quit cold turkey. That’s what I was doing at her house. I... sort of snuck in and emptied out her liquor cabinet.”

“You... you monster,” Minuette said.

And that's where I lost it. :rainbowlaugh:

“Vamponiesh. Totally real. Called it.”

Favorite quote in entire story so far, can't wait for what's next!:twilightsheepish:

“But... but...” Another bright red spot broke out on Zomera’s coat, followed soon by a third and fourth. “But I’m allergic to tomatoes!”

Enjoy your anaphylaxis.

Cockamamie. You've got my attention.

Looking forward to seeing more Starlight and Minuette interaction. That's what drew me to your stories in the first place.

At first I thought you just weren't good at rhymng. But after a line or two I realized that Zecora's awful rhyming had to be intentional. Then you rhymed "hear" with "here" and it was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Just now. About 5 hours after reading the last chapter, I just got the title pun...


Just an FYI in case you didn't know already, but if a story is on Equestria Daily then any sequels to it don't require moderation by the pre-readers. If you submit this just as you would any other story and make it clear in the additional notes what it's a sequel to, then it'll get added onto A Stallion for the Time Being's post right away. As long as it doesn't break any of the normal rules anyway.

So.... Why is Minuette's only character trait suddenly that she's a drunkard? The original story had a few mentions of drinking, but suddenly it's the only thing she does. Flanderization much?

And remember, kids! The only way to keep the vamponies at bay is to KEEP THEM LIQUORED UP

Oh, thanks for the info! I'm not sure if I want to, in this case, as these are more similar to little side-stories than a proper sequel. I feel like I should have to have some real plot, and probably get back to more genuine romance first!

Well... It is more symptomatic of the 2nd story necessitating Minuette being very very drunk. I intended it to be a character trait that Minuette enjoys drinks of an alcoholic disposition, but she wouldn't normally get as ridiculously sloshed had the story not called for it.

She likes drinking about as much as Twilight likes books. They have an understanding. :twilightsmile:


Side-stories qualify too, but hey, whatever you're comfortable with.

And by the way, since I just realised I failed to comment on it, well played with Zecora in the first mini story. I was going to comment that I didn't feel she was very well written, and then you just pulled the ultimate turn-around. You're a sneaky one.


She likes drinking about as much as Twilight likes books. They have an understanding. :twilightsmile:


Nah man it was her plan from the beginning

for some reason this didn't show up as a favorite update.

anyway loved it, though i question how it is possible for a pony's blood to be alcohol then again considering that Minuette is the embodiment of time, normal pony biology probably doesn't apply to her.

also never get a drunk to go cold turkey, they apparently turn into vampires

Ha! great chapter

"you just rhymed up with up - you're really phoning this in" ;)

So - the tone of this series is wildly different from the Time Being one. Well, it's definitely a wacky comedy, but it really ups the 'wacky' bit. Perhaps a bit too much to be really funny.


Still, I'll follow and see where it's going I suppose.


"Somebody better pick up that phone."
"Le wha-"
"Because I fucking CALLED IT!"

No, Twilight, you have it all wrong!
To fight vampires, you must.... IXA-cise!!!!!

I giggled through both of these stories. I hope the project isn't abandoned.

Naw. I'm alive and working on plenty of stuff, including another bit for this. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist though, and inspiration is a fickle thing.

But I appreciate your interest! Maybe there will be a new chapter soon, after all.

3066385 This will be continued, right? :fluttershysad:

“Twilight Sparkle! I hope you’re well,” Zecora said, her voice dark and portentous. “Because it is a dark and dreadful tale that I bear.”

Alright, I don't know who's impersonating Zecora, but this is just obvious!

“She rhymed ‘hear’ with ‘here’,” Twilight muttered. “That’s... you can’t do that!”

Wait, you can't? :unsuresweetie:

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