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"Twilight isn't exactly a social pony." Could win me the Understatement of the Year award.

However, what most ponies don't know is that Octavia, a high-class socialite, isn't exactly much better herself, despite countless rumours about a liason between her and a certain DJ.

Now, drawn back to the upper-classes that she tried so desperately to get away from, can Twilight Sparkle find solace, and companionship, from one of the very socialite ponies of her past that she is so desperate to escape?

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It's a good story with no spell errors I've seen so far :derpytongue2:
Spector? :pinkiehappy:
Keep it up though. I like :twilightsmile:

I can't add as favourite? Aww :fluttercry:

Yeah, that's too bad.
Story looks very promising, I can't wait for more!

Oh this is excellent. You've done it again, Numbers.

I loved Octavia's argument with herself, reminded me of this:


Oh, one thing, though:

like losing an arm wrestle to a migraine that could bench lift a steam engine

Well, two things, actually.
1. It should be "bench press", not "bench lift".
2. That should be "like losing an arm wrestling match"

NOW I can add as favourite :pinkiehappy:

"I think I got it all, but just to be on the safe side, if something appears to be really sweet when it shouldn't be, it's probably going to try to kill you."

And then the timing. Oh my. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, Octavia rather stole the show in this chapter. Enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to reading the rest.

It's a relatively rare pairing, but I always enjoy seeing what authors will do with stories revolving around Twilight and Octavia. I certainly hope this one keeps going on through to completion, as its lively, fun and I'm looking forward to more!

TwiTavia?! NO. This ship is not allowed to happen. It is FAR too dangerous! Don't you realize that a shipping of this magnitude will make every single other ship obsolete?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

Despite my stories shipping Twilight with Luna and Dash (not at the same time), I do have a soft spot for TwiTavia. Stories like "Private Gig" have always been fascinating to me. I'll definitely give this a read.

i have to disagree with you, i prefered the Twilight-parts. The Mushroom and the Rainbow dash-part exspecialy.

I can see why that would work for some people. I just like the image of Octavia being violent with a smile. It makes me grin.

she kicked him in the balls... he he

huh you just made me realize that the sentence

"I think I got it all, but just to be on the safe side, if something appears to be really sweet when it shouldn't be, it's probably going to try to kill you."

is a reference to the following Octavia-part :twilightoops:

Omg, a Twitavia ship fic! So gonna read it! 8D

When i find the time for it... :fluttercry:

no no no, it's TaviLight


That entire scene was a set up for that single line, and an homage to "The Study of a Winning Pony".

I couldn't stop laughing as I wrote it guys, I swear.


You can now, and I'm hoping to have the third chapter up by the end of today!

Liking this. It's well written and has a great blend of Crazy and Random. Now, ONWARDS! To the second chapter! :pinkiehappy:

It was an awe-strikingly awful experience, like losing an arm wrestling match to a migraine that could bench press a steam engine.

That Line! :rainbowlaugh:

Great writing. I look forward to reading more of this story!

2126515 That was hilarious wasn't it.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


It's only 11:45am here, and I've already got nearly 3,000 words done on the next chapter since i woke up today.

Brisbane, Australia.

Twilight huffed, more than a little offended, but for the moment relieved to know that, no matter how hetero her pegasus friend was, she wouldn’t be singled out by her for liking mares.

It wasn’t until Rarity started banging a hoof to the floor, tears in her eyes, begging for mercy when Twilight realized she had just thought that out loud.

Yeah, this is about where I lost it. :rainbowlaugh:

Wanderer D

I'll be keeping my eye on this one! Shows a lot of promise!

liking it so far, cant wait for the romance to pop off :pinkiehappy:


Sorry to reply to my own story so many times, makes me feel so narcissitic-


The next chapter is done, I wrote 5,000 words in 5 hours, but I'm halted by my lack of pre-readers at the moment, so it's in limbo, and because of the way the plot turns in this one I can't simply write the next chapter whilst I wait.

2125884 cmon, it is fun shipping Twilight with Rainbow and Luna at the same time :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

Well, despite the excessive build up with filler I didn't feel was totally necessary, the story certainly has character and has been interesting thus far. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it picks up in the coming chapters.

2129159 Found yourself some pre-readers, edited and posted in a two hour period? ;)


Four pre-readers all got back to me through delays within five minutes of each other almost immediately after your reply. Destiny, man.

I finished reading this little treat, tracked it, and proceeded to check my other updates. In that 20 seconds, you updated. You monster.

Postscript: Noticed a couple small grammatical errors. Nothing big. The one that really stood out to me was "Performing for a crowd of the Country's* elite"

I Ike this chapter...a lot. Twilight's rant on high society really gave it...reality. Bravo

great story so far didn't see any grammatical errors though I do find AJ using the phrase "slab of meat" a bit out of character for any pony considering ponies are supposedly vegetarians but given that other races probably eat meat i guess that saying could have crept into pony vocabularies.

Aw high society, the worst of the worst gathered together in one giant classist ball of hate. Isn't it wonderful, makes me shudder and want to vomit.

and my own ability to vaporize stuff just by thinking about it hard enough

i call this a lie, you couldn't even set a Dragon on fire:twilightangry2:

“What’s Rainbow got to do with anything?” Twilight asked in genuine confusion. “Rarity mentioned her too, but, she’s like the straightest pony I know, and Rarity says she isn’t a homophobe. Is it her parents? One of her best friends?”

you know, the more you use this joke, the more i imagine how hillarious it would be if Twilight would be right and RD is straight :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

i liked this chapter not as funny as the previous ones, still very interesting and thought provoking

okay i have reread this and i have to ask

stepped on a few hooves

how do you do that?


It's....odd, but I didn't find this chapter to be dark at all :-/

Maybe it's because I try to take a pragmatic view in social interaction but...why wouldn't people try to suck up to their superiors and so forth? The average shmuck has everything to gain and nothing to lose (percentage wise; we can consider Twilight to be an outlier) by spending time and complimenting somebody who has something they want.

Rereading what I just wrote, I can see it doesn't really convey my message really well, so I'll use an example:

Suppose you are an artist, or a grad student. You're out for drinks with your friends, when you notice that the person next to you is, if you're an artist a critic (famous or not) and if you're a researcher it's a science journal's editor (maybe they've brought their work to the bar, who knows).

What do you do?

If you comment on their profession, you can get to know them, build a rapport, and when they have to judge their work they can have more information to give a rounded judgement; maybe they know that the lab next to you tried to synthesize C2N14 because they're insane and there was an explosion, or that your roommate destroyed half your paintings in a fit of drug fueled madness because he thought they were looking at him/her.

Compare that if you didn't try and become their friend; all they know is that you're late in your work, and will judge you accordingly.

See, knowing people is power, and power is useful :twilightoops:

Now let's see things from the critic/science editor's point of view: somebody just accosted based on what they do for a living on not on who they are. Except that what they do for a living is a part of who they are :rainbowderp:

And yet, it's still perfectly understandable for them to feel resentment for this; I know I feel pretty resentful when beggars ask me for money because they see me as somebody who has money, instead of as a person.

It's the tragedy of the commons. :raritydespair:
Nobody is at fault, and yet bad feelings are spread all around :applecry:

It's the main reason that when guy tries to woo a girl at a bar he has such a big obstacle in front of him: because said girl has probably had to fend off dozen of suitors who were only interested in sex without knowing anything about her.

Anyways, that's my two cents :coolphoto:


You're absolutely right, but it's absolutely devastating to a pony like Rarity, disgusting to a pony like Twilight and unbelievable to a pony like Applejack.

Pinkie wouldn't care, Rainbow Dash would empathize due to her Wonderbolt Worship and Fluttershy would agree because, hey, most of the reasons you said.

Huh. I wonder what the author was thinking when he chose to focus on the characters he did.

Love the internal dialogue

I like this looking foward to more.

well, dang, that rant was just about perfect. Poor Twilight... :twilightoops:

Oh. Oh yes, this is good.


I've always thought a background like the one Twilight reveals here is part of the reason she grows so upset in "The Ticket Master" as her new friends try to curry favor with her. It had to be somewhat traumatic to suddenly doubt the sincerity of her newly found friendships.

As for Rarity though, I don't think she should be quite as upset about her experiences. Some of it *was* her that ended up making her the toast of Canterlot. That other layer may overlay interactions, but she drew attention with her hat design in the beginning when all things were equal, and her social grace undoubtably catapulted her further than average when she had everyone's attention.

Regardless, it was an excellent chapter with some heartfelt moments and fun humor on the train, ending in a rather electric scene where the two leads find each other. Beautifully done!

I actually don't think Fluttershy would agree with what I've said; or, at least, I don't think she'd grasp the underlying problem (good people can and will do bad things under certain conditions).
During her days as fashion model she was probably subjected to a treatment similar to Twilight's, and so her emotional reaction would be biased :-/

As for what the author was thinking, I have absolutely no clue, and I'll have to send him a personal message to gain some insights :-P
but I'd say it's probably to set up a scene later in which Octavia and Twilight can bond and/or discuss their personal grievances, or perhaps to make Octavia and Twilight's meeting more awkward by casting aspersions of ulterior motive on Octavia, which are both valid choices.
As a matter of fact, I must admit that one of the things that made me read and favorite this story was the desire to see how the absolute initial part of the relation would be handled, considering that the prologue precluded most common approaches (which is a good thing; most common approaches are lazy, uncreative, and unrealistic)
(seriously, does nobody on this site write romance in a way that could actually happen in real life? I've lost count of the fics in which -I WUW YOU!! (tearful confession)- jump started a relationship out of nowhere, when most people faced with such a situation would slowly scoot away, creeped out and fearful)
(I've just realized that this site contains a disproportionate amount of young males writing romance novels, something that usually appeals to older women. That is odd,weird, and interesting).

Anyway, so far you've gone with the "instant attraction/lovestruck gaze", which is good but not exceptional, plus however, which is very good, social consideration and minor personal epiphanies (in the case of Twilight) and major ones (in the case of Octavia).

I can see a couple of ways the next chapter could play out, and I am very interested in how this story continues.


They hated the hat when they learned where she was from, mate.

Yes, I do admit to taking a bit of artistic license with this, I didn't actually plan that scene at all, but for reasons mentioned and even illustrated by you there I just couldn't write anything but the lines shown.

It's like Steven King, IE an actual author who I have no right to compare myself to but will anyway, damn it, says: "I don't write the characters, I simply write what they do".

I think, for its flaws, this is really my first foray outside of my comfort zone of comedy, and as a result I'm finding that I'm writing characters that feel a lot more genuine.

Sorry for the wall of text, your comment just intrigued me.

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