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I've moved on from Fimfiction. New works on AO3!


Years ago, two unicorn prodigies attended the same school without knowing it. One became changed by friendship at an early age--the other far later in life.

At a fashion show gone wrong, the two prodigies at last meet. Being who they are, it's impossible for them to resist comparing notes...

(Companion image graciously provided by TurboSolid on DA. Thanks!)

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I shall give it a read later, but the concept seems promising.

To you and others who give this concept a chance, you have my appreciation, whatever your final thoughts on it. I know what territory I'm venturing into here--yet at the same time, I sort of don't. :twilightsmile: If that makes any sense!

Oh, hey! Haven't seen you around these parts for a while! Hi! :pinkiehappy:


Yep. Been all stressed from being between jobs. Ranting a lot. Got the new one so all good now.

Just so as not to waste the space, I'll post my story comments here.

Oh mercy, that picture is so adorable!

You, sir or madam, have an interesting story on your hands/hooves!

Sure thing! Glad to hear your stress levels are back to lows. :twilightsmile:

ISN'T IT THOUGH :raritystarry: I didn't think anyone had ever tried the concept--at least not with her!

Oh wow okay, I didn't expect this.

The conversation, the characterisation, the prose... they're all brilliant. They could be having a conversation about doing laundry and I'd still read it and love it, purely because the way you're having the conversation flow is so natural and fun. Also, this version of Vinyl is brilliant.

Liked, favourited, demanding more naoi

This is really damn good. Keep writing it, please.

Aaaaaand there's all the blood rushing to my head. :twilightblush:

Thanks for the kind words! This will be finished, so don't worry about that. All new stories have been put on hold until I've finished my ongoings, and I've had a map for this story (and quite a bit of the prose already typed out) for months now.


Finally, after an OctaviaxTwilight fic, a VinlyxTwilight fic! Gonna it! <3

Hm, a slow start. Binary Match as Vinly´s name sounds really interesting though. No wonder she wanted to be called Batch.^^

Oh, so right into the show, first season even. Another interesting angle. Though i find it a bit sad that you didn´t used this as a chance to make use of Vinly to let Twi see a way how to help Rarity out, maybe even without her noticing it at all(vinly giving the help that is).

Still good though, it´s pretty clear that Vinly got a crush on Twi which makes me wonder did she had that for years, right when she saw her in that library or after realizing she´s Twi/had that mind music concert?

You'll have to wait for later chapters, but you're asking all the right questions. :twilightsmile:

(Also, someone wrote an OctaTwi? Where?)

Wow, I'm loving this interpretation of Vinyl!


That´s weird, i´m sure i had that fic under favorites but it´s not there nor is it in the romance when looking for it. Did it got deleted? o.o

Original. Check. Intresting. Check. Well written. Check

By my math this fic shouldn't exist...


(You know, I saw your story as I was uploading mine last night and feared someone had beaten me to something like this at almost the same time. Almost hit the ceiling, I did. :rainbowlaugh: Then I read it and was both relieved and pleasantly surprised. It appears we both have fun unique takes on her. :twilightsmile:)

A most intriguing concept. :twilightsmile:

1287498 And yes, I think that story was deleted about a month ago, sadly. :pinkiesad2:

Original. Fun. Interesting. And well written. What's not to love? And what's stopping me from favoriting this and eagerly awaiting more?

The answer: Nothing.

I'm tracking this. I love running into alternate interpretations of "established-fanon" background ponies.


You've come to the right place, then. :twilightblush: Are you saying there are more out there?

Vinyl is unexpectedly very interesting, I Like ! :heart:
Twily + Vinyl = cute :twilightsmile:
Must Read More!

I like the look of this, will definitely be watching for more.

Stay tuned. It's going to get even cuter. :heart:

oh my GOSH thank you no one's ever given me a poni this big before!

...imma hug it

By Luna's flowing mane this is amazing! This is definitely worth following :twilightsmile:

Wait, music, magic and math combined?
Did you just... invented pony mathrock/mathcore/mathmetal?
Bookish Delight PLS. :rainbowwild:

Indeed, I'm going for something, and quite honestly, it's going to take all of my skill to realize it without it falling in on itself. Like one of those Jenga puzzles. :pinkiehappy: Thanks!

Oh, those genres aren't slated to appear until Chapter 4. Today was pony mathclassical. :scootangel:

1288724 They are quite rare, even harder is finding good ones. I've seen a number of attempts at taking Vinyl and Octavia in only slightly different directions and most have, in my opinion failed quite badly for various reasons. None have been quite as off-beat as making a nerdy Vinyl like you've got here and that already has my attention as I love seeing her be things other than the stereotypical partying DJ.

One of the better alt-fandom fics I've found is Finding Your Voice featuring a mute Lyra.

If you make Twilight sort of Tosin Abasi from Animals as Leaders you will become a paragon of DJENTelbronies. :twilightblush:

I haven't read it yet, so tell me- Is the fic shipping or clop.

Light-hearted shipping. No clop present or planned.

Phew. I'll just skip over the actual ship parts. I'm not a fan of shipping. Or Clop. Or Gore. Or R63. Or R34.

I loved it, and hope that you will write many more chapters. I can associate with both characters and they feel so real it's astounding.

wow at first i didnt think of the pairing that much but you have convinced me

Never seen this combo before. I like where this is going. Can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:

I WILL READ 500 WORDS AND I WILL READ 500 MORE! AN I'LL BE THE MAN WHO READS A THOUSAND WORDS and I forgot the rest...:twilightblush:

what was the point of the begining part? all I got was
1. Vinyl hates her name
2. she's from Canterlot and went to the highschool.

was there anything else i should have gotten out of that?

9 out of 10 Twilight Sparkles say: giving away the story is never a good idea!

You read a shiping story and skip the shiping-parts ... :applejackconfused:

I will walk 500 miles, and I'll walk 500 more, just to be the man who'd walk a thousand miles just to collapse at your front door.


Got it wrong, homeslice. Magical Melody's name. Binary Match is Twilight's (Batch's) pseudonym, presumably where Magical Melody would get the idea for her stage name, the name we all know and love.


Now, Bookish, I don't do this often, but you're getting an immediate follow and fave for this story. I thought I (and some person that happened to like my TwiNyl crack-ship fic) was the only TwiNyl shipper out here. Now, I know you may not necessarily support the idea and are just experimenting for the purposes of this story, but seeing that somepony else has written something else that I thought only I supported warmed my heart immensely. I love how you've started this and the direction this is already beginning to take. Keep this up!

I don't want you to think at all, that when my story eventually ends up here, that I stole from you. The Vinyl headcanon in my fic states she's also a graduate from Celestia's School, and that they were friends way back when.

I feel shamed reading your work. I had an idea and a ship, only to find out that my idea parallels this one (so far) almost to the point of plagiarism. That, and it's splendidly written.

*hides back in hole underneath a rock*

Thanks for the praise. :) And based on what you've already told me, your story and what I have planned/written down for mine may start at similar places, but they go in entirely different directions.

HERE'S THE THING. Even if they didn't, who cares? Fanfic is for fun, and let's face it, in the end the score would still be Twinyl 4, OctaScratch 8,000,010. :rainbowlaugh:

So get out from under that rock, you. You've got a story to write! Oh, and show me your Twinyl fic while you're at it.:twilightsmile:

Mine's more...adult-oriented, if you will. The original submission is here, while the published (seen on the Net) version is here. Enjoy, and hopefully next week I'll be able to post it here properly.

EDIT: The published version has an author's note that has a musical accompaniment. The original submission has proper formatting, which is why I posted both.

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