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just a guy. who likes ponies. And decided to write some stuff about things with said ponies. CONCEPT MADE. MIND. BLOWN.


That's right, I'm back. · 4:43am Oct 31st, 2012

Well, it's been... several months... with chapter 6 rotting away on Google Docs, and quite a great deal occurring within the editing & pre-reading department.

I've been working recently with Sethisto and that lovely band of merry folk... hosting servers of all things... and although hurricane Sandy knocked EVERYTHING of mine out here on the eastern sea board, you will soon be able to connect to those servers if you want to poke about.

Minecraft server: mc.simplybrony.org

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sooooo H&D chapter 5 is being posted tonight...

brony? were did you go? still no update :fluttercry:

7565 no more waiting? :pinkiesad2:

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