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Days after Tirek's near-takeover of Equestria, The Great And Powerful Trixie travels to Ponyville, intent on settling her rivalry with Twilight Sparkle once and for all. No trinkets to fudge her abilities, no megalomania to apologize for -- just pure and simple magician's honor!

Upon her arrival, however, she quickly learns that the information she has on Ponyville -- and Twilight -- is more than a little dated.

Edits (as well as a bit of scene inspiration) courtesy of nanashi_jones.

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Do you wait till you have the whole story completed to publish it? :D


Depends on the story. I've got got ongoings and completed works all over the place.

I waited for this one to be fully completed partly because the story wouldn't have as much meaning if I hadn't... and also as a special gift to my followers who've been putting up with unfinished works (or humanized one-shots) from me for a while now. :twilightblush:

Looks like I have some pony reading to do tonight!

Something from Bookish Delight? My favorite author and it's complete as usual?

Oh yeah. I'm reading this.

4492526 I see. That makes a lot of sense, though. I'd love to have all sorts of ideas come to me, but then they'd all be put off cuz I'd never have the time to work on them. :/

Great backstory for Trixie.

And the room joke, the room joke! :pinkiehappy:


Go nuts, y'all. :twilightsmile: I'm just glad I don't have to keep this one under wraps anymore!

I will shamelessly promote this tomorrow. Just you watch. :pinkiehappy:

What a excellent job of finding the silver linings, Trixie.

Fun tour, and nice handling of the lost library.

Just liked this and it went from eight to eleven...

And no dislikes, thats a bonus...
Brilliant work, I have to say I am surprised I'm the only comment so far?

Nuuuuuu Trixie :applecry:

Nice! I hadn't considered that Trixie is possibly the pony who knows best what it's like to lose your home, studies, and livelihood at a single blow.

I know in the beginning that you are not saying that Trixie found the Alicorn Amulet on the rock farm? The show says otherwise.

Again? Only commentator?
I loved this chapter...
Looks like its shaping up as a Twixie though. Not sure if I'm gonna like that part of it, but you never know... Depends how far you take it I guess.:heart:

Friendship, the game where everybody wins. What a great story.

And then they went and found some Ursas for old time's sake.


Indeed, that's not what I'm saying. :twilightsmile: The "fossil" is simply what set her on her way to searching for the Amulet.

This sounds like an interesting read. Plus....it's trixie c'mon people. :trollestia:

I'll give out my thoughts on this story tomorrow since I'm going to work with my parents tonight. Bet this fanfic is pretty damn good Trixie fic. :twilightsheepish:


Wow, thanks for reading it all in one shot. Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, no kidding! :rainbowlaugh: It was like a rubber chicken to the face when I realized it.

Technically another author beat me to it, but I was inclined to treat it as a jumpoff point for a larger thing, so balance, n' stuff.

Yay! :heart:

Twixie... Twixie... oh, those are those candy bars, right?

Personally I never see the downside to candy bars, but to each their own. :raritywink:


That ribbon. How I've missed it so. Thankee. :pinkiehappy:

Okay. This was good. No, this was magnificent.

Honestly, when I first read the description I wondered if this was another "Trixie comes to Ponyville to challenge Twilight again, gets curbstomped, runs off humiliated while Twilight's friends gloat" story. Then I figured that such a premise couldn't last long enough to cover four chapters, so I decided to give it a shot. I was not disappointed.

Absolutely wonderful. Intensely emotional, and really delving into the psyches of the characters. It showcases how different they are, yet without painting either as better or worse. Twilight even admits that for all her accomplishments, she recognizes that Trixie has done things that impresses her. And it doesn't come across as hollow or insincere or flattery to make Trixie feel better, but genuine respect.

Friendshipping is beautiful, and this presents it very well. This Twilight, here, shows why she's earned the title of Princess of Friendship.

I'm putting this on my Favorites of the Favorites list so I can read it again. This completed my evening.

You're very welcome, and it was definitely earned. :twilightsmile:
I also added it to a few other groups as well...

If you excuse me, I am going to go and fave this now!

This. This was pretty good.

Sequel of romance sounds very good

Princess Bride reference...all my yes! :D


All of my thanks. :heart:

While I had no idea "Trixie coming back to Ponyville only to get run out of town" fics were a thing, I definitely knew that I wanted to explore Trixie's potential as a character -- I've loved her for years now! I also like the thought of her and Twilight interacting, even though (especially since?) there's always that tension hanging over the both of them. Though if I'd known before I started that trying to get her and Twilight on "equal terms" would be this hair-pulling a task, I might not have attempted it. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh and I also absolutely love the whole "Twilight Princess of Friendship" deal and wanted to explore that through as much as possible. I'm glad this made your night, and thanks for the follow too!

It was a good story simple and nice nothing grand etc just a reconciling between these two and it felt quite natural the only thing which was unneeded was that twixie shipping at the end with the Kiss that was no it felt unnatural in that situation Because if you really wanted to show a Twixie there it was a too fast development which happened in 1 day inside that story a Kiss even on her forehead? even if twilight is the Princess of friendship that felt OOC

If you write a sequel my words to it
I think the Twilight X Trixie shipping is done far far too much why not write a simple friendship story ? and personally most people cant write Romance stories because most times the Romance is written over the Top. I think i have only 3 times seen a good romance fanfiction story
I think one was a Warcraft story on Fanfiction.net and the other was Here on fimfiction The story "The Wheel and the Butterfly" because there it felt right but beyond that nope


Ahaha, that line at the end-- Trixie is still Trixie! And I'm totally wagering that Twi went with the 'oh, the other rooms, so far.. Look, fluffy bed!' gambit on purpose. :twilightblush:

Well done!

This was brilliant! Been awhile since I've read a great Trixie fic, and this sure hit the spot. Well Done! :trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

Had she come up with some sort of magical soundproofing solution?

Why yes Twilight, it's called "carpeting and tapestries".

Your good friend Rarity might be acquainted with it. :raritywink:

It's all well and good to say that a magical tree castle doesn't matter when you live in one.

I doubt very much that Twilight, despite her supposed admiration of Trixie's cartage, would be willing to trade for any lengthy period of time.



You'll give away the sequel!

Twilight made a huge deal about giving her little dragon whelp "his own bed, finally. And with soundproofing!

Spike's not so bad. Wait until you have Rainbow for a sleepover. :rainbowlaugh:

Ok, I love the way you are handling Trixie so far. Conifdent, yet falliable, I also love the way you are looking at Twilight's position and what it means for her and her friends as well as how to add about a billion books to the thing.


After careful consideration, I've revised the ending. Twilight now gives Trixie a salute and makes her sleep on the floor.


I kid, I kid. Thanks for your honesty in your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it, at any rate! As far as the ending goes, I knew it wouldn't be for everyone, but I'm a retired-shipper-turned-friendshipper, and old habits die hard you don't even know. Couldn't help myself. :twilightsmile:

I think she's still trying to get that other castle right. You know, the one we all thought we'd be working with? :pinkiehappy:

> Twilight
> Rainbow Dash
> Sleepover
> Sleep

:rainbowderp: ...sorry, I'm just not seeing how that last one fits in, I...

Okay, so last time was Khan, this time it's Kenshiro...

...a-am I doing better or worse I'm gonna need a Rosetta Stone here :pinkiehappy:

As a diehard Trixie fan, I've read a lot of stories about her. I can say that many of the ideas here have been done before. However, few stories do them in such a concise, sincere, heartwarming package as this one.

This hits all the notes, both high and low. I love how Twilight and Trixie's characters work with each other since they are so similar, yet different enough that you never know just how the other will react. I like how they slowly come to understand each other, and grow together, even if the journey is a little bumpy. This type of development is not easy to convey and I'm glad you had help to flesh out the story. It's very beautifully constructed.

And that trembling feeling in Trixie's heart? Well, a little magic.

Again, let me say how much I enjoyed this. It was perfectly paced, well edited, and packed with enough feels to get my crusted heart to beat a little faster.

Well done.

Forget the Princess Bride reference, that G Gundam reference. :rainbowlaugh:

This story already has my attention. Moving on...

Darn it. With that ending theme, I want to see a Kamen Rider Wizard crossover with Trixie as the main rider.

Don’t worry, Bookie. You’ll understand my image moods soon enough.

But trust me on this. If you ever do worse… you’ll know.

One of the first jokes I could think of after reading this chapter:


Hey, congrats, you're on the front page! I'm going to read your story and do an in-depth review on it later. :pinkiehappy:

4493847 Its not the sleeping in the same bed just the KIss the rest with sleeping in the same bed and even a royal size bed that can happen

4492687 She didn't find the Alicorn Amulet, she found an imprint of it, and the trace of its aura. At least, that's what I made of that part.

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