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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.



For years Trixie has been living with a secret that has drove her to challenge Twilight Sparkle for the title of Equestria's greatest magician. Till now, no pony knew what that drive was, and once it is learned, can things ever be the same for them again? Or will this revelation bring about a change? Whether if it is for better or worse is for fate to decide.

My second entry for the Everfree Northwest 2014 Writing Contest

Featured on 2/27/14

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 234 )

who won?

I really like this story, but I would like to see what happens when Twilight and Trixie confront their father about why he abandoned Trixie ....

I really liked this story. Have a like and a fav.:pinkiehappy:

Use you imagination! :flutterrage:
JK :pinkiehappy:
But I'm still not tellin' :trollestia:

When it's these two how can it not be :twilightsmile:

I'll probably, maybe, follow up with that. Had to keep it to a certain word count for the contest. And once it's over, I might follow up on it.

Thank you kind sir/madam/whatever you are! :pinkiehappy:

Sweet story.

You got the emotions down quite well. I too would like to see this followed up on after the contest is over.

I request a sequel. You should make one...

I'll probably, maybe, follow up with that. Had to keep it to a certain word count for the contest. And once it's over, I might follow up on it.

:unsuresweetie: I'll... track and see.:unsuresweetie:

4008459 good job minor word problems but overall great i look forward to future installments/chapters until then have a like a fave a :moustache: and a :heart:

That was beautiful, simply amazing work. I would love to see this more fleshed out, but I can live with a one-shot...for now. Again, great work!

I loved this on so many levels. I adore any fic that has these two as the main characters. Have a like, fave and a follow. :twilightsmile:

I liked the build up, and how everything was going until Twilight immediately made everything better.
First that was so great with Trixie trying to prove herself part. That dialogue was gold. The dialogue leading up to that point could have been better, but it did it's job well enough. Now again, Alicorn Jesus Christ, you can't just make everything better that fast! I felt it need some more time to get to the forgiveness, more time to sit and brew. The ending, very meh.

4008859 4009004 4009007
Thanks, after seeing this much feedback, I am seriously considering making a sequel. But again it would be after the contest.

4009019 4009205 4009204
Thank you all for the likes and faves, and I appreciate your comments! I was honestly 50/50 with this idea, but I'm glad I decided to do it. :twilightsmile:

this...this feels right i mean they could be sister. this story could be an episode if they ever raised the demographic to teen

I want a deleted scene where all three women of the Sparkle family (four if you include Cadence) kick the shit out of Night Light for not going to find Trixie.

I appreciate your honesty, thank you.:pinkiesmile:

I don't know why, but this thought just popped into my head one day. I was a bit skittish about actually writing it, I mean I like Twixie ships, but I haven't seen anything that put them in this light. Uncharted territory, time to blaze a trail.

4009587 and i along for the vapers

Twilight:Who was that?
Trixie:Better question why was that pony riding another pony?
Pinkie pie:What sunscreen.does he use?

This is adorable:rainbowkiss: can we has sequel:pinkiehappy:

Yikes, wouldn't want to be around for that. Oh wait, I'm the author, I have to be there for it...CRAP! :pinkiegasp:

And so I sally forth.

And Celestia and Luna took home the gold:trollestia:

4009669 I want 1 aswell

4008459 I too, would like to see Trixie meeting Shining Armor and Cadance as well as the confrontation with their father... possibly with all three kids present? :pinkiecrazy:

Celestia damn it! I was writing story with (almost) same plot!
. . .
Oh well... guess you can always be first one....
:pinkiehappy:Good Story, bro!

I love how Trixie was torn between regretting her actions and wanting forgiveness, and hating Twilight and holding a grudge. I don't know if that was planned or if that was just an inconsistency in writing, but either way, I liked it.:twilightsmile:

Aaaand... headcanon has been established.


We did, obviously.

4008294 4008332 400839 4009692 4010131 4010152 4010287 4010370 4010475 4010650 4010713

First off I'd like to thank all of you, for faving and liking this story! And thanks to you all , for the first time since I started writing mlp fanfiction, Michael_Ravencroft have been FEATURED! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay::pinkiehappy::yay:

I'm in tears, I'm crying on the inside out of joy, but you get the gest. :raritycry::raritydespair:

Also sorry to you MoonWriter, I have had those days too.

MrAskPirate I'm glad I've met pirate approval standards! :rainbowdetermined2:

Now since everybody has asked me, and probably will keep asking me till I give a definitive answer.
YES, mares and gentlecolts, Hello Sister WILL have a SEQUEL! Rejoice! Rejoice!! Rejoice!!!



*slowly lifts his coca-cola to his lips and takes a sip before resuming his reading of other stories*

4008294 does it really matter?

Nice, that was a sweet little story. :twilightsmile:

4008294 It's easy, silly...the first one:pinkiehappy:

I loved it, thought, it was a bit TOO fast for my liking, it was an awesome twist! ^^

i've been wondering something for awhile now. how did this "twilight and trixie being sisters" thing even start? i can see how the ship started but how did the sisters thing happen? anyone know where this originated?

i never thought of them being sisters. Great story:pinkiehappy:

And here we see the reader's happy feels in their natural habitat.

It was a tad rushed I will say, but yeah this was nice and sweet.

ARRR!! Keep in mind that me piratical standards be more 'guidelines' than actual rules, :trixieshiftright:

Nevertheless; ye done good, Matey! :yay:

Amazing story!
Can't wait for more!

People shipped them at first, then some people decided to subvert it by making them siblings.

A few missing words here and there
"I don’t want to lose you, now or ever! ..."
Altogether a wonderfully cute story. :pinkiehappy:

oh god please be a another chapter or story for this I cant wait:pinkiehappy:
I love this story

Oh god! Now I cant decide if I like this head cannon better of a Twixie ship! You have know idea how much of a problem this is for me!!! This is so great tho! Well done! :twilightsmile:

this was awesome :rainbowkiss:
nice writing there! I really hope there will be more of this later :twilightsmile:

4011317 thanks, it was fun to make it :rainbowlaugh:

She is Trixie Lulamoon,

should be 'she is, Trixie Lulamoon'. :pinkiehappy:

And also,

Are you ready my little pony?

should be 'are you ready, my little pony?'

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