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Protect the ones you love...

Trixie isn't the perfect pony.
In fact, sometimes she's a downright awful pony....
And she knows it.

But there's another side to her
One behind the flashing lights and magic tricks.
One born and raised in the dark side streets of Canterlot. Where a painful past and a waste of what might have been a glorious future haunts her every step.
A world of regret and loss, with pride and dignity gone in a life-long struggle to make ends meet.
This is the life of a pony who has sacrificed everything to try to save the pure, innocent soul that is the only joy in her life.

This is the life of the pony who calls herself Trixie Lulamoon

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Nice story I'm looking forward for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:
apparently Sunset Shimmer is in this as well I'm curious how it'll play out.

...also FIRST! :P

Very interesting start to a trixie story. Tracking and looking forward to the next chapter.

Nice first chapter; I'm curious to read more of this :pinkiehappy:

Great start! Looking forward to the next chapter, a like and favorite for you.

I'll keep an eye on this. I am interested in how Twilight and Sunset will show up in this story. Plus, I find it ironic that Trixie has a sister named Sparkle.

Insta-fav, if not just for the fact Sunset Shimmer's showing up later.

lets see where this goes oh and if you want more views you may want to add this to the great and not obsessive trixie group

Let me guess. She had a chance to apply to Celestia's School of Gifted Unicorns, but gave it up for her families well being?


I will reveal nothing :moustache:

You are on the right track though :trollestia:

Another great chapter, keep 'em coming!

she crashed to the down.

This is wonderful, can't wait to see more.

Aww Shining is taken. I love that ship.

I feel so bad for Trixie. Unfortunately, other foals can be so cruel. It will only be a matter of time before her sister finds out about what her sister did in Ponyville. I hope Trixie is able to find employment, but I have a feeling that isn't going to happen without help (from Twilight). I see Sunset Shimmer as a character tag. When is she going to show up?


She might not be properly introduced for another chapter or two, but pay attention carefully and you'll start to spot her :twilightsmile:

Am glad to see this fiction updated. I like where you are going with Trixie's character so far. Nicely done.

Also, love the cover art. :eeyup:

This is one great Trixie fic, but sooo sad :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

Colour me interested. Hope it updates again sometime soon! :pinkiehappy:

“Ummm…my nam is…uhhh…”



>four periods instead of three
>eye twitches

So Trixie has a drunken mother, a father who is missing, a little sister, and Sunset Shimmer is also involved somehow? Huh.

Trust me, It’ll be there.


Trixie I know better than most people about what newspapers can do

Direct addresses need to be set off by commas. So a comma should be after 'Trixie.' You do this a number of times.

You’re a good pony,even if life hasn’t dealt you a good hand

You accidentally a space.

“Slim,” she whispered suddenly, “Did you ever have a dream?”


watch another filly walk away with the prize.


Ah, I imagine Trixie's dream is Sunset's involvement in the story.

Again, quite a few issues with direct addresses and commas. Also, I noticed this chapter that your dialogue punctuation was suffering. I'm not sure if it was a problem in previous chapters, but I definitely noticed it this time around. If I'm remembering correctly, though, it was mostly fine in Eternal, so fixing it up should be easy enough.

Hopefully this story isn't dead. I'd love to see it continue.

When will be the net update? :scootangel:

I aww'd the second I read that Trixie had a little sis named Sparkle.
Too adorable for me.:ajsmug:

This is REALLY interesting and I hope for more. Really curious how Sunset will tie back into this too.

I don't like the mother. I'd get rid of her due to my outside involvement and viewpoint

Does anyone else think it's wrong to insult a magician or a story teller just cause they find out or suspect it's not real? Also if it were not for Rainbow Trixie and Starlight would have been the strongest unicorns of that time

She didn’t mean to dislike Twilight, honestly. Trixie couldn’t find a fault with the mare that was obvious, at any rate. It was simply…jealousy. It was a fickle thing, but it could drive ponies to do terrible deeds.

I can find a lot wrong with Sparkle. The older one.

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