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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.


This story is a sequel to MLDC Next Generation: Know Fear!

Anthea, in the wake of Starburst departure, wants nothing more than to find the mare she called friend, and reunite her with her mother, Twilight, and her newfound love, Golden Delicious. But Annie knows that in the face of the overwhelming power that Starburst possesses, she need power just as great to rival that of the Fear Lantern’s. Unfortunately, during a harrowing event, Annie’s plans may be skewed slightly when a delegation to the Mintoaurs takes a turn for the worst, to keep love alive, and to find the missing mare Annie must shine with violet light…

Nidra, having lost her best friend, and angered by the actions taken by her fellow Royals, seeks comfort in the dragon-pony stallion, Turquoise. Seeing that Annie is away on a mission with High Princess Twilight, Nidra sees this as an opportunity to show Turquoise Blitz just how much she loves him. But, when things don’t go as planned, Nidra will need a little help, and that help comes in the form of orange light. After all, avarice is just another form of love, right…?

Update: Now with its own TV Tropes Page, courtesy of DarknessRising.

It is highly recommended that you read "Know Fear!" to keep the continuity straight. Based on kilala97's Next Generation OC's and DC Comic's Green Lantern universe.
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So, what was the reason behind this war again?

4862082 This is just feeding their egos that "might makes right" and "they are ponies, we are griffons, we're predators, they're prey!" mentality.


Ah, "Gryphons are dicks". Works for me!:pinkiehappy:

I have to say I was a little surprised that Gilda turned out to be the King's daughter, but then again I suppose that's who she gets her ego from! I'm seriously hoping she doesn't become just like Nox though...

4862229 Oh Darkness, you should've realized by now, I never do the expected. :pinkiecrazy:

I could kiss you for posting this so soon after I finished the original.

I am allowed to say this.


This is awesome. Good luck with the next chapters. This is going to be great.

4862250 not quite to the level of kissing you, but I am quite excited about the quick release of the sequel, regardless if it's just the into. And in all honesty I think Gilda Is a good fit here (obviously, you picked her) kinda interested in seeing how she will react to killing ponies. Will her soft spot for them guide the griffins to a less violent war? Or will Nox keep feeding her horse shit till she does what he wants. Either way, can't bloody fucking wait, do not disappoint us Ravencroft, or my sniper buddies will find you..... and possibly give you a stern talking to, not sure yet

4862606 My friend, since when do I ever disappoint!:rainbowlaugh:

The way I see this this war will not stop until one nation is either degraded to a weaken state or utterly destroyed

Either Equestria is enslaved or so many griffins are killed that they become an endangered species

So really this is not War....it's Extinction


Given what the Black Power rings can do when fully unleashed, as well as the possibility of Nekron or the Anti-Monitor showing up, it's also possible that they'll end up being allying just to survive. Though Nox is so far being amazingly subtle for a Black Lantern.

Barring that, the Lantern(s) could make quick work of the Gryphon empire by destroying their infrastructure and keeping it destroyed long enough for the inevitable collapse. Oh, the Gryphons will likely attack again in a few generations but hopefully the royal family will have pulled their heads out of their plots by then.

I do hope someone gets a Red Ring at some point. Gotta love a Corp who's motto boils down to 'Burn, motherfucker, burn!'

Prism or Claire as a red lantern

So Gilda actually thinks about killing Dash's family and making her her own


Prism did earn his 'beat up an Alicorn' achievement. And Claire could have the necessary levels of pissed off, given all the pain thats been inflicted by the Equestrian Royalty and the Gryphons.

Dragon fire + Rage Plasma would be *sunglasses* bloody terrifying.

4866742 Del would make a good green lantern

greed is suitable for nidra, its no wonder her color is closer to the center of the emotional spectrum

I can't belive i forgot to fave and like the story here on fimfiction :facehoof:

4897481 No worries, happens to all of us once in awhile.

I knew it, Gilda had/has a crush on Rainbow Dash! I had guessed that she was griffin nobility too. I just hope the ponies (and others) can get a happy ending out of this.

Nice chapter. I think you did a great job showing how Star's family misses her. Good luck with the next chapter. I guess we will soon get a chapter from Nidra's perspective.

Still cant see the truth Twilight, war changes ponies.

4911099 She just keeps wanting to believe that the ring is corrupting her somehow, problem is she isn't completely wrong for thinking that. :twilightsheepish:

4911080 We'll be bouncing from perspectives, I'm trying to time certain things together so that all hell brakes loose at just the right moment.:pinkiecrazy:

4911121 That makes sense. Great job.

whacking off twelve Royal Guards


4911562 Don't even go there, I see what you're thinking!:trixieshiftleft:


Hey man, it's your Freudian wardrobe you just let slip there.

Comment posted by Michael_Ravencroft deleted Aug 27th, 2014

4911596 Oh who am I kidding, I've read way too many clopfics for this not to happen!:rainbowlaugh:

4911914 I'm referring to what Mad Maudlin quoted in the above where I said

whacked off twelve Royal Guards

as to where I was speaking the sense that she killed the Guards, as opposed to the other kind of "whacking off".

Why am I discussing this?:facehoof:

4912004 im just kidding, i cant resist clop fics they lure me in easily

Control, that will become relevant I wager.

Annie, living in a place like Ponyville, haven't you learned not to tempt fate?

But, that has nothing to do with Twi asking you to be her apprentice.

You know, every time I read fics featuring Starburst and Anthea I get the feeling that Twilight sees Anthea as a 'replacement daughter'.

Could the Princess protect them both?!

Maretonia raises the question of whether she can protect herself.

Of course, High Princess Twilight wanted the best, and she’s got it

Best lawn ornaments? Or will we be meeting the mercenaries they must have hired later?

C'mon Nox! We know you're smarter than the Princesses(combined). I look forward to seeing whatever wonderful trap is about to be sprung.

Nice chapter. I like it. I wonder what is going to happen next. Good luck with writing the next chapter.

Another great chapter as always! Good to see the Troublemakers getting in on the action too(even if Hot Head is my least favorite character)!


A) Minotaur Spartan Marines? +1!
B) Thunder Fist must have taken a few levels in BAMF. As a WoW player, I was getting sudden flash backs to Cairne.
C) Shame he over estimated Twilight though.
D) The Violet ring showing up gave me pleasant tingles.
E) What is Nidra's father anyways?

4985462 Nidra's father is a bat pony/threstral (whatever the correct name is) who was once a part of Luna's guard. His name is Supernova and he can be found HERE.

Nice chapter. So now Athena has a Ring. After she uses it, I wonder what everypony will do to her. Good luck with the next chapter. I can't wait to read it.

4985201 Well of course they were going to get into the mix, I wouldn't just bring them in for a one time appearance, especially when Annie is involved. They'd want to protect her like the adorable little sister that she is. :rainbowkiss:

4986361 Oh yes, reactions will be fun :pinkiecrazy:

4986400 Amber I think will be supportive. Hot head will freak out, in a bad way. The Mintoaurs will praise Anthena, and Twilight will distant herself from Athena. I'm only guessing, I have no Idea how everypony will react. I wonder what is going to happen in Canterlot though, now that Nidra will have the Greed Ring.

Hot Head smirked confidently, to which Amber and Lucky mirrored. “Who said we weren’t armed?”


Question: How do the Rings affect the users mental state. I'm not very familiar with GL lore, but I was under the impression that Yellow and Green were the only to colors that don't affect the users mind. Will Orange and Pink (i know its technically violet, but its totally pink) mess with their minds?

4988116 First of all...MY CHILDHOOD!:pinkiehappy:

4988151 Second, this is where it gets semi-complicated.

The light of Rage does alter the mind, driving the wielder to focus solely on their hate and vengeance towards the source of it.

The light of Avarice turns user into a greedy monster, hell bent on getting anything and everything that they want.

The light of Fear can perceivably alter the mind, since the rings (Pre-Wrath of the First Lantern) were focused on finding those who could instill fear, and many of the Sinestro Corp were sadistic maniacs to begin with.

The light of Willpower sets at the middle of the Spectrum and is the most stable of the seven.

The light of Hope is also the same way, it only seeks out those who can instill great hope and fills them with its light, giving them a more optimistic perspective on almost any situation.

The light of Compassion is a little tricky. It was created to seek out sociopaths, beings without any compassion whatsoever, and force compassion onto them, turning them into a tribe of stoic beings. However, if one truly feels compassion genuinely, then a ring will appear before them as was the case with the superhero Atom.

Love does tend to alter the minds of those who wield them, since it is on the far end of the Spectrum like Rage. It drives them to be more overzealous in protecting love and spreading it across the universe, it also goes to say that this is the only Corps comprised of all females as the Zammarons believe that only women can exemplify love.

The thing to remember when it comes to Red and Violet is that while they can alter minds, there are some individuals who can rise above this and take control of themselves, Atrocitus, Bleeze, and Rancor of the Reds just to name a few. As well as Carrol Ferris, Fatality, and a number of other Star Sapphires likewise. Orange Lanterns are more about being persuaded, the only reason Larfleeze joins the other Corps in battle is mostly because the others have persuaded him or made a deal, but he has once - and ONLY ONCE - shown restraint by giving Lex Luthor back to the heroes of Earth and not killing him after the Blackest Night.

Not sure how much of that helps, but when it comes to mind control it mostly comes down to will and inner strength of the ring bearer to overcome the ring's influence.

Oh I can't wait to see everyone else reaction when they get back home!

I can SEE Nidra being sealed on the moon at the end of this story

This is awesome. I wonder what Twilight is going to do now. Scratch that, think of Fluttershy. Then imagine the two mares after T. Man, he is going to need a ring to escape this mess. Great chapter.

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