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rip Scootaloo's Parents Are. · 3:07pm Dec 27th, 2015

Yeah it's not getting finished, sorry.

Don't expect much activity from my account anymore either. If I ever do start writing fanfiction again it'll be with a clean slate on a new account.

This is Ravenguardian17, signing off.

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When could we get an update for Scootaloos parents are...?

The special rule for the 5S/4 sidefics in those times was that they have to be published as "finished"; OR "incomplete AND longer than 10k words" (or it was 30k words?).

If you already reached the 5000 words in your "first draft"; I think you could rework/extended it to fullfill the rule (or release it outside FimFiction as a "beta"); just to get the feedback from your readers from something you worked a lot to produce.


Oh that thing? From a thousand years ago?

I actually wrote about 5000 words for that story. But then I started reading a lot of the other Five Score side fics and I noticed a lot of the things that I didn't like about those stories also featured in my story. So I deleted what I'd written and tried to start over. Yet I didn't have the same fervor I had when I started so the project kinda just fell of my radar.

What about your [unreleased] Five Score sidestory?

I was intrigued in that thread by those snippets of information you give as examples of good writing (making a case for yourself being a decent writer).

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  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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