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Bronies with an interest in the concept of modenism/futurism Victiorian tech, ideals and cloths.

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Why didn't I think of looking up a group dedicated to steampunk ponies?

Hello! I am a new writer to Fimfiction and have a story that I'm currently working on, but since I was looking for more input than I've been receiving, I figured I could join groups of like-minded people and ask their opinion and critique of my story. Thus, I've joined this group, but I'm not sure what to do next.
To submit a story to a group for critiquing, do I simply post it as a comment on the front page like I've seen others doing, or is there another, more formal, way of adding a story to this groups' "que"?
Thank you for your time and I hope to find (and share) many stories via this site!

332711 I could have a crack at this, after I'm finished with my own works, of course.

I like your concepts and will certainly enjoy writing it, steampunk has interested me for years and now I just want to write about it!

Message me with a few expanded ideas like characters and a reference for how it should be written, 'kay?

Now then, time to get things... steamy...


Hello, I have a fanfic idea that I can not fulfill due to "outside life" and such. But, before I lay it down, this is all based off of a particular wind band ensamble piece that I enjoy. After you listen to it, here is the little foregrounds I would like.
-Give a structures storyline. In this case, history, life's, and rivalries of the sailors.
-Make it exciting. The song was programmatic, make the tale no different.
-Creative characters and story elements. Make it deep.
:twilightsheepish: Sorry if it's too much, but yes. The only absolute things that will not change are
-the title (The Great Equestrian Steamboat Race)
-the subject
That is all, my fellow steamers:yay:
If you think you can meet these guidelines and make an intriguing story, tell me.

Oh wow, that's really excellent.

Got a story of my own I can contribute soon, admittedly it's only got steampunk as a light element, but I hope you guys will still find it worthy.

294380 Oy, I'm just getting people fired up:pinkiesmile:


Aw, I was hoping this group was alive :(

I just wanted to ask, can we put here steampunk fanfic of other authors or can we submit only texts written by ourselves?

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