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I like my girls how I like my coffee; in a plastic cup.

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Yeah, no; I'm never going to tell you which.

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fingers crossed...

Thanks for adding Her Majesty's Royal guard to your list!

...hopefully it was on the good side... >.>

Thanks for adding my story to, um, whatever the Hell you got going on there. Tell me, what category does my story, Mockingbird, fit into? The good tidbits, or the really horrible stories?

Thanks for putting my story in a folder :twilightsmile: and holy crap that's a funny name, no offence. :twilightsheepish:

Welp, fingers crossed for "Good Tidbits" and not "Awful Crap"

  • Viewing 71 - 75 of 75
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Communism · 1:40pm Sep 21st, 2014

I found this while looking at a cross-over fic with Papers, Please.
Then I found this one.

Yeah, ponies be communists.

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