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Hello ladies and gentlemen!


Youtube · 11:27pm Sep 15th, 2014

If you would like to request a story to be read, please PM me!


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Happy Holidays, hope you get to enjoy today to the fullest. And I wish you and those in your life a wonderful New Year's Eve.

Can someone make a comprehensive list of all his old videos/readings. I saw the one on pornhub but I think it might be missing a story I’m looking for. It was one where a bat pony mare tries to get pregnant so she can have a child but learns that almost all bat ponies are sterile. I remember there was a weird scene with belly button licking and I want to find this story because I’m pretty sure it started the genre of of stories where ponies are infertile and something has to be done to save the species.

Good meeting you at the con my guy! At least, I think it was you whom I ran into.

WHat happened? Your read of my story vanished!

Dang, forgot about you! Your readings are what got me on here!

  • Viewing 93 - 97 of 97
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