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I'm just a human being who likes human things. I also like complaining that the bus is late.

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Do you guys actually want a sequel? · 11:04pm Oct 12th, 2018

So, Blow your cover was very well received to my surprise, and nearly all the comments are asking for a sequel which I never really planned to do. So this post is basically asking what it is you guys want to happen per se and how you see this story continuing.
I'm opening up the floor here for suggestions on what you want to see, be it merely a type of fetish or dictation of where you want the story to go.

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In that case I am so looking forward for it

Basic premise a human runs a Stip club (humans are rare but present) but it is a front for a government funded spy ring. Story goes that someone important dies and up to him to find out how and why. later uncovers a plot to break down equestria. Some romance and comedy here and there. No bullshit OP main character though, making a stand on that.

Serious story? What’s it about?

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