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Yay! I have a Bio nw! I am a ** year old living in ********** ** ******** I am a communist and when I'm not playing Skyrim or Fapping I'm writing fics on this site. Praise Satan!


Happy Time! · 5:22pm Apr 9th, 2012

The gloryouse Poultron has banned the users nachoYEAH, faithfulchristian, and jas362. We no longer have to worry about being flamed by them. So now I can devote all of my time to my stories. So to celebrate here is George BUsh doing the happy dance. Oh and also I have joined the holy church of the grand and noble Pink one. the church of Pinkamene.

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Was this edgy faggot banned? I used to laugh at his stuff years ago. I just cringe at it now, though. If he is, why?

This guy's a fucking jackass

Why was he banned?

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