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The blog post before this one is over.

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*Clap Clap*
Props. Props to you! :moustache:

4032 One morning, NachoYEAH was lying on a cloud with her laptop. She saw a comment that was posted by mrhappyface on her page, then she heard mrhappyface down on the ground, walking. Nacho was furious about the comment he posted on her page, so she flew down to set happyface straight. So she turned to mrhappyface and pulled out the Epic sword of Nachoness, and chopped the alicorn's horn off so he couldn't use magic, and he said, "FUCK YOU!" then jumped at her, trying to pin her down, but alas, she was to fast for him, and she jumped into the air,and while she was in the air she threw her sword, and it went through the base of happyface's wing, pinning him to the ground. Then, she flew down to him and pulled out a stick dynamite and shoved it all the way up his ass, only the fuse was coming out. Once she finished doing that, she laughed and said "THIS is what you get for sayin' that about my parents!" (If you don't know what he said, read the comments on my page.) "Please! Please have mercy on me!" happyface cried out. Nacho heard his plea and said, "I don't give a damn," then lit the fuse. She pulled her sword from his wing, which made it fall off, and flew away, as the explosion sent bits of happyface all over the place. She then got back on her cloud and ate a Nachobelle Grande from Taco Bell.


4085 No, I'm.... Nomad MORE DETAIL IS NEEDED, :flutterrage:

4032 It was a rainy day outside, so everypony was inside in the internet. well, everypony except mrhappyface. mrhappyface was going around, threatening to rape/kill everypony who is christian with his piece of crap, satan. he loved his crap so much, that he called it "lord satan". but then, one day he ticked off his crap, so it raped him, beat him, and raped him some more until mrhappyface died. Then, the crap went off, to deceive someone else until they tick it off. the end.

Well, i know this story sucks, but oh well.

u mad bro?:trollestia:

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