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A fan club/group for all fans of myself, Mike Vespa.

Basically a place for me to pick OCs (Considering the depth of my latest 6Fl fic i'm going to need alot of them) and take suggestions from said fans.

For those who don't know me i am the writer of the "6 Friends and Luck" series, which has gained moderate appeal and more then 40 thousand views in total.

I love comedy (My life is a comedy show) and it is all that i write (Succesfully)

so pull up a chair, a beer, or a funny pic and feel free to talk


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my name is avespid michael ccientcxa and i googled my name because of a post on tumblr and what do i find but this. an entire club, dedicated to me. the earth is a beautiful place.


Nope still a baker

Hey, quick question, what exactly is Conor's occupation in SFLW, did he stop being a baker?


great but please post him on the thread using the template!

Thanks! :D

Hi, I'd like to post my OC here. The name is Shrouded Silver. Here's the link.!.JPG


Sorry i have enough groupies

I want to fuck your ass, Vespi.


So i guess your one of my fans huh?

I was so pleased by the response to my last letter that I decided to write another one. Don't worry; I have plenty of new stuff to say about Mr. Vespi and his faithfuls. Here's my side of the story: Vespi may have access to weapons of mass destruction. Then again, I consider him to be a weapon of mass destruction himself. I recently overheard a couple of biggety-to-the-core morons say that his debauches are the result of a high-minded urge to do sociological research. Here, again, we encounter the blurred thinking that is characteristic of this Vespi-induced era of slogans and propaganda.

I have the following to say to the assertion that we have too much freedom: Baloney! Vespi wants to control every aspect of our lives. He wants us to rise, fall asleep, work, and live at the beat of a drum. Then, once we're molded into a uniform mass, we'll be incapable of seeing that all of the bad things that are currently going on are a symptom of Vespi's unimaginative, contumelious plaints. They are not a cause; they are an effect. The question, therefore, must not be, "Where is his integrity?" but rather, "When he promotes one social program after the next to take care of some segment of society, is he doing it for that segment of society, or is he doing it because he seeks power and position?". The latter question is the better one to ask because he should work with us, not step in at the eleventh hour and hog all the glory.

We can't stand idly by and let Vespi expose and neutralize his adversaries rather than sit at the same table and negotiate. Only a true-blue goofy degenerate or one who is utterly clueless about animalism could claim otherwise. It seems to me that, as others have stated long before me, "he's a pathetic excuse for a human being." Back when our policemen were guardians, not enforcers, they would have protected us from Vespi's cabal. Today, it seems that most officers of the law are content to sit back and let Vespi violate his pledge not to contaminate clear thinking with his flippant, inattentive press releases. That's why we must bring important information about his macabre, officious flimflams into the limelight.

I once read an article about how Vespi wants nothing less than to practice human sacrifice on a grand scale in some sort of two-faced, fatuous death cult. It was the powerful and long-lingering momentum of the impressions received on that occasion, more than any other circumstance, that gave definite form and resolution to my purpose of convincing the government to clamp down hard on Vespi's circulars. Although he of course has a right to express his opinion, Vespi really doesn't like extending that right to people whose opinion is that he used to complain about being persecuted. Now Vespi is our primary persecutor. This reversal of roles reminds me that his statements such as "A book of Vespi's writings would be a good addition to the Bible" indicate that we're not all looking at the same set of facts. Fortunately, these facts are easily verifiable with a trip to the library by any open and honest individual. His criticisms of my letters have never successfully disproved a single fact I ever presented. Instead, Vespi's criticisms are based solely on his emotions and gut reactions. Well, I refuse to get caught up in his "I think … I believe … I feel" game.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why Vespi wants to abuse science by using it as a mechanism of ideology. Maybe it's because he plans to prevent us from recognizing the vast and incomparable achievements, contributions, and discoveries that are the product of our culture. When asked to mend his ways, he will give people a wink and a smile, but when the wheels begin to turn, it's business as usual.

I enjoy the great diversity of humankind, in our food, our dress, our music, our literature, and our forms of spiritual expression. What I don't enjoy are Vespi's logorrheic, hectoring paroxysms, which support those for whom hatred has become a way of life. Vespi contends that the rest of us are an inferior group of people, fit only to be enslaved, beaten, and butchered at the whim of our betters and that, therefore, arriving at a true state of comprehension is too difficult and/or time-consuming. This bizarre pattern of thinking leads to strange conclusions. For example, it convinces impertinent egotists (as distinct from the unprincipled pedants who prefer to chirrup while hopping from cloud to cloud in Nephelococcygia) that Vespi would never dream of instilling distrust and thereby creating a need for his obtuse views. In reality, contrariwise, he is too furciferous to read the writing on the wall. This writing warns that he is frightened that we might help people break free of his cycle of oppression. That's why he's trying so hard to prevent whistleblowers from reporting that it is more than a purely historical question to ask, "How did his reign of terror start?" or even the more urgent question, "How might it end?". No, we must ask, "Do his fibs appear reasonable to anyone other than unbridled dissemblers?" Here's the answer, albeit in a somewhat circuitous and roundabout style: His latest diatribe is Vespi-style lunacy at its very finest. Every despicable word of that diatribe paints a perfect picture of Vespi's hysteria and reveals that we must stop tiptoeing and begin marching boldly and forthrightly towards our goal, which is to make Vespi pay for his crimes against humanity.

Vespi combines greed and bloodlust into a single persona. The same might be said of judgmental rubes. His besotted convictions disgust me. However true that is, I undeniably hope you're not being misled by the "new Vespi". Only his methods and tactics have changed. Vespi's goal is still the same: to paint pictures of furacious worlds inhabited by cuckoo, picayunish schlubs. That's why I'm telling you that I have never read anything Vespi has written that I would consider wise, logical, pertinent, reasonable, or scientific. His statement that all it takes to solve our social woes are shotgun marriages, heavy-handed divorce laws, and a return to some mythical 1950s Shangri-la is no exception. What's more, I act based on what I think is right, not who I think is right. That's why I try always to expose injustice and puncture prejudice. It's also why I say that Vespi complains a lot. What's ironic, though, is that he hasn't made even a single concrete suggestion for improvement or identified a single problem with the system as it exists today.

How's this for a Vespi apophasis: By claiming that he has no intention of adopting approaches that have not been tested to try to solve problems that have not been well defined, Vespi is in fact acknowledging just the opposite. Specifically, he's confirming that he maintains that pea-brained lunkheads have dramatically lower incidences of cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, and many other illnesses than the rest of us. This is hardly the case. Rather, there is growing evidence that says, to the contrary, that I would love to be a fly on the wall near where he and his coalition meet. I'd love to hear how those vengeful lackwits come up with their pathetic schemes for lowering this country's moral tone and depreciating its commercial integrity. Then, I'd finally be able to back up my claim that Vespi is obviously up to something. I don't know exactly what, but it doesn't really matter why he wants to pollute the great canon of English literature with references to his headstrong subliminal psywar campaigns. Whether it's due to a misplaced faith in revanchism, bribes paid to Vespi by profligate, sniveling paranoiacs, or nagging from some of the temeritous politicos in his camorra, the fact remains that that's what Vespi wants. What I want, in contrast, is to notify you that if we let him sow the seeds of diabolism we'll be reaping the crop for quite a long time.

We must feed the starving, house the homeless, cure the sick, and still find wonder and awe in the sunrise and the moonlight. To do anything else, and I do mean anything else, is a complete waste of time. Vespi once said that he acts in the name of equality and social justice. His backers and others capable of little more than rote psittacism are now saying that too. In contrast, I say that Vespi believes that it is everyone's obligation to force women to live by restrictive standards not applicable to men. That view is anathema to the cause of liberty. If it is not loudly refuted our future will be dire indeed.

Any rational argument must acknowledge this. Vespi's treacherous, rebarbative homilies, naturally, do not. Even if one is opposed to condescending credentialism (as I am) then, surely, if Vespi manages to conduct business in a mingy, small-minded way, our nation will not endure as a civilization, as a geopolitical entity, or even as a society. Rather, it will exist only as a prison, a prison in which scabrous, abominable converts to libertinism put some possession-obsessed weirdo up on a pedestal. It's easy for armchair philosophers to theorize about him and about hypothetical solutions to our Vespi problem. It's an entirely more difficult matter, however, when one considers that his rejoinders are rife with contradictions and difficulties; they're totally nit-picky, meet no objective criteria, and are unsuited for a supposedly educated population. And as if that weren't enough, just the other day, some of his hotheaded cat's-paws forced a prospectus into my hands as I walked past. The prospectus described Vespi's blueprint for a world in which the worst types of postmodernist knaves there are are free to push our efforts two steps backward. As I dropped the prospectus onto an overflowing wastebasket I reflected upon the way that Vespi has been trying to convince us that the worst kinds of lackadaisical schnooks there are are more deserving of honor than our nation's war heroes. That argument fails to take into account the reality that it's unfortunate that Vespi has no real education. It's impossible to debate important topics with someone who is so mentally handicapped. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Good choices

Never heard of prototype!? I'm surprised, then again, not really, it really is not heard so much.

The Binding of Isaac is a computer game made by Edmond McMillen, thensame guy who created "Super Meat Boy", "Gish", and "Time Fcuk" (Yes, it is actually spelled like that. It's kinda like a demented, religious Zelda game in which you play as a little boy running from his mother who is trying to kill him as a sacrifice. I mean, to put it briefly. It is rather bizzare, to start off. The weapon you use mainly through the entire game are tears, human, tears. Yup.

Like you, MW3 and TF2; TBOI and Prototype are my favorite rated M games.


I've never heard of Prototype and don't really know alot about binding of Issac. I stick to MW3 and TF2 on the local pony servers

Anyhow, here's a more interesting question.

Have you ever played Prototype, or the binding of isaac?,

Nope sorry

Just look up the answers on the internet and study alot

Doing better, biggest problem at the moment is Chemistry, the worst weapon my grade has to offer.Vespi, have you ever taken it before?

Pretty good, how about you?

I'm fine, how is everything?

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