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Just a friendly reminder that I'm not dead · 11:10pm Sep 27th, 2013

Yep, I'm still writing. Let me whore myself out a bit more.

I don't know if you actually have to be following a story or just its author to be informed about updates to it, but I've managed to finish off part two of this story. Mayhaps you should take a peek, if you would be so kind?

Also, I now have 10,000 story views. That's... incredible.

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The Masterpiece Theatre

Coming soon: A library of the greatest badfics and trollfics I've ever had the (dis)pleasure of reading.

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Hey. I just got done reading "Fluttercrinkle" by Oliver-England and a story of yours is mentioned in the comments of the first chapter. I really wanted to read "Mother's Don't Need Manuals" after Oliver said it's one of his favorite fics on the site, so I'm wondering why did ya delete it?

What happened to the Padded Ponies group?! It's been deleted and I don't know why!:raritycry:

Why did you get rid of your Padded Pony stuff? :pinkiesad2:

Hello! How are you today?

You may not know me, but I ask you for a big request.

I would like your permission to continue your story "Lil Baby Blank Flank" in my own story. If you say yes, 1 extra follower for you. Plus, of course, I will say that the story was all your idea, I'm just continuing.


more padded pony fics! :rainbowwild:

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