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Goodbye · 5:36pm May 5th, 2012

Ok people, here's the deal. I will still be on fimfiction, but I am making a new primary profile. Don't ask for the name, I won't give it to you. This new profile shall host all my new stories from now on, and chances are I won't be on here anymore. It was a good run, but I want to start over, maybe make myself look a bit more professional this time?

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So.... How's about that heart!fucking you were gonna give me? :D


Naw it's fine. :twilightsmile: I'll just finish up myself and with a few others.

I'm real sorry, but I'm undergoing, let's call it, an existential crisis, so I can't focus on much... so sorry.

Hey. :twilightsmile: Not to be a bother or anything, but I just wanted to see if you read the doc yet. If not that's fine I left it open for you to still go over it, though I will post the next chapter tomorrow. So if there are a few errors I or the others missed then feel free to find them. :pinkiesmile: I also put your name at the bottom already.

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