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Scy Storm here. Long time fanfiction writer, now writing MLP stories. Chat moderator for FIMFiction. 2-time enshrinee on Equestria Daily, 3-time on Canterlot's Finest.

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One Day, They'll Throw Flowers (EqD post)
My First Party (EqD post)

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One Day, They'll Throw Flowers (CF post)
My First Party (CF post)
Cadence of Memories (CF post)

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MLP: Friendship is Benefits (EAD post)

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Discord & IRC chat moderator
Founder of Lyra & Bon-Bon
Founder of Clopfics

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My First Party: Chapter 4 - Drama

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To Be a Hero
MLP: Friendship is Benefits - Story #3

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Lunar Lament

Hi, I'm Scy!

Welcome to my page. I've written fanfiction for well over a decade, and now I've gotten into pony stuff. I love these ponies and it's pretty fun to write about them! (even if I'm not a very fast writer...) Check out my stuff by clicking my "Stories" button over stuff. If you're interested in my non-pony works as well, you can check out my personal website, or search me up on a gallery site or two (Deviantart, FurAffinity, etc, just ask me I guess). You can also chat with me in the FiMFiction chatroom or Discord, if I'm around (I'm a moderator, so behave~). Hope you enjoy my work! Leave comments!

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PRECIOUS BUGPONE · 6:13am Aug 21st, 2016

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Comment posted by SLASH AN ASSASSIN deleted February 15th


Sounds good, I'm on the discord, same username as always. Hit me up sometime

Hello fren~

I can't think of anything right now, maybe we can chat later.

Hey Scy, how you been?

I'm going to be more active in the clopfics group in the future. Let me know if there's anything you've been wanting to do with it that you haven't had time for and I'll see what I can do.

Hope things have been going well for you.

Better late than never. Am I right?

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