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Scy Storm here. Long time fanfiction writer, now writing MLP stories. Chat moderator for FIMFiction. 2-time enshrinee on Equestria Daily, 3-time on Canterlot's Finest.

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One Day, They'll Throw Flowers (EqD post)
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One Day, They'll Throw Flowers (CF post)
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My First Party: Chapter 4 - Drama

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Hi, I'm Scy!

Welcome to my page. I've written fanfiction for a decade, and now I've gotten into pony stuff. I love these ponies and it's pretty fun to write about them! (even if I'm not a very fast writer...) Check out my stuff by clicking my "Stories" button on the right. If you're interested in my non-pony works as well, you can check out my personal website, or one of the gallery sites I frequent (links are in my short bio to the right). You can also chat with me in the FiMFiction chatroom, if I'm around (I'm a moderator, so behave~). Hope you enjoy my work! Leave comments!

Scy's Featured Stories

  • One Day, They'll Throw Flowers Lyra's performances fail to draw the crowds she needs. She finds solace once more in a certain pony. by ScyStorm 5,417 words · 8,067 views · 266 likes · 13 dislikes
  • My First Party Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash go on a journey to reconnect with Pinkie's estranged family. by ScyStorm 23,859 words · 8,547 views · 175 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Cadence of Memories Princess Cadance visits Twilight by surprise, and the two share a day together in Ponyville. by ScyStorm 7,381 words · 5,001 views · 240 likes · 9 dislikes

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  • Merely a Mare A tale of regret, redemption, and romance starring Luna, Applejack, Celestia, Twilight, and all their past mistakes. by Ebon Mane 51,235 words · 8,569 views · 476 likes · 18 dislikes
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I remember it too! Maybe one day I'll write more of it.

Also hi~

Haha. Wow, saw you post on the now deleted thread on Clopfics about his "loopholes" to get around the CP ban. I'd never expected to run across you here; I still remember all your old pokemon stuff!

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