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Princess Cadance drops in on Twilight Sparkle in a surprise visit. The two old friends, now sisters-in-law, spend a day together in the town of Ponyville, reflecting on memories of their pasts. Along the way, some new revelations work to forge a stronger bond between them.

Featured at The Round Stable on May 10, 2012.
Featured at Canterlot's Finest on December 1, 2013.

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Comments ( 35 )

Oh look, more for me to read at work tomorrow. :yay:


Now, to read!


Read later, meanwhile, I'll go finish my oneshot.

Aww that's so sweet

Hmm...... to emotional....

this should be in one of the episode where twilight and cadence remember bout their childhood days.. great story. i seriously give u an A+ for this one .. it feel jus like watching one of the episode of mlp fim

I like this. Not only is the relationship between Twilight and Cadence well captured and believable, you actually gave Cadence a personality - something she sorely lacked - without making her seem out of character or forced. The funny moments are awesome, and the mental image of Cadence dashing off like an excited kid amuses me greatly. The touching moments are beautifully done, and don't feel corny. But above all, you've got me wondering what the Giraffe empire would be like,

I am impressed, good sir.

That was so sweet! And adorable! Like, it hit me right in the heart yo! :heart::heart::heart:


That was so sweet. :) I really love Cadance and Twilight's relationship, and you've captured it innocently and beautifully. Well done! :)

Curse you and the fact you can write, you massive green sexy lizard.
CURSE YOU.:twilightangry2:

Hey! That was good! I liked it.

There are no words to express how much I love this story. Yet again, you weave an intricate story laden with emotional brilliance.


There really needs to be a d'awww emoticon.

That was just too sweet and heartwarming. I was getting misty eyed reading this. I just want to hug you for writing this. I hope it gets featured.

It hasn't been generating enough attention in a short enough time, lol. I haven't been able to get above #8 on the popular list.

Heh, this was a nice feel-good read, Scy. I haven't read any Cadance and Twilight sisterly-bonding fics yet, or Cadance fics in general, so this was a great start to doing that. Thanks for the story!

Here, have some d'awww:


Bro i gotta tell ya
That was a cool story

My head, it is full of D'AWWWWW.:twilightsmile:
Well done!

Very nice and pleasant read; this was a true feel-good story. :twilightsmile:

Amazing work. A++

564688 Problem solved... and not too soon it was. Take all my internets. All of them. They belong in the hands of one such as you, not me. This... this story made me want to cry in happiness, and I agree with 561994 said... it should be an episode. Why do people hate on Cadence and Shining Armor anyway? Just accept that they exist and are canon. That being the case, we should at least respect Faust and Hasbro's wishes and do them justice. We are only imitators of their art, and while I grant that imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery, we are still copying from something else. Give credit where credit is due.

I have to admit, this stand-alone story is really something that I expected from Twilight and Cadence! I love the fact that I read it, and it really felt like true emotion was put into it also! THE A+ HAS BEEN DOUBLED

Oh wow, how I loved this story! :heart: :twilightsmile:
Seriously, this is now my headcanon (and I've never said that about any fic before) for past and previous events. Excellent work! Thumbs up.

:twilightsmile: That was really nice and sweet.

Ahh; pleasant, well-paced stories like this are the best way to unwind.


Cool story bro... please tell it again



I was reading this because I needed examples on friendshipping and showing vs. telling. :U

i love this kind of stories!! felt so happy reading this fic. Great job!!:pinkiehappy:

It was really nice story, but far to short, there was so much more you could add to this story, like more interaction between Cadence and Twilight, more character development, Cadence and Twilight visiting Twilight friends, I think this story end up to fast.

I'm glad to have found a sweet and fluffy story like this, had finished one of the longest stories I've ever read last night and even though it was good, it was pretty darn depressing.

Good work. :twilightsmile:

something I hate about fanfiction is that most of it is crap and it can be really hard to find anything actually worth reading. Every now and then though you find a story that leaves you feeling good inside and makes you smile from ear to ear, this is one of those story's, thank you for putting a smile on my face.

these two truly are the best sisters ever, I loved this

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