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Of all the royal figures who lead Equestria, much is known of most of them. Celestia and Luna came from parts unknown and were offered the crown by the founders of the nation. Cadance was an orphan of distant noble descent who was raised by a humble village. Twilight was a lonely bookworm who eventually became one of the greatest heroes in history.

The prince, however, has very little in the way of backstory. How did he become a prince, since the title does not award itself? What is the meaning of his cutie mark? If he grew up with Celestia, as is sometimes speculated, then how did he get on with Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, or with Spike? While few are interested in providing answers for such an infuriating public figure, they nonetheless exist. This is one man's attempt to piece them together.

Cover art created by Chryseum.

Chapters (12)
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Comment posted by AppleBelle deleted Nov 19th, 2014

I feel so sorry for Blueblood :fluttercry: He shouldn't have showed off though :scootangel: But over all the story was :raritystarry:

Comment posted by AppleBelle deleted Nov 19th, 2014
Comment posted by AppleBelle deleted Nov 19th, 2014
Comment posted by AppleBelle deleted Nov 19th, 2014
Comment posted by AppleBelle deleted Nov 19th, 2014

Idk why, I'm just gone mess around with these emotions. Hence why I deleted so many messages

5290795 OK. Thank you for the explanation.

My fave emoticon-:derpytongue2: and you're welcome

I want to see where this will end up.

Even then, it took a traumatic event to cause my condition to develop.

How come I have a feeling that a traumatic event is going to happen to Blueblood?

I hope this story also answers the question of how Blueblood handled Twilight becoming his auntie's student.

5316681 Your foreshadowing sense is tingling.

Also, I hadn't thought of that aspect of their relationship, but I think I have the answer. I'll include that in my plans for coming chapters. Thanks!

Hey, someone else who's read the rules to Monopoly! :D

5321502 Yep. Everyone else I play with actually keeps the rules away from me for some reason. Not just for Monopoly, either.

Sweet. Great chapter. I love this story. Good luck with the next chapter.

Thanks a lot! I was pretty nervous about it.

Confirmarktion. I like it.

5340997 Ah, thank goodness. I thought it sounded odd/too much like infarction, but I thought cuteceanero might've sounded off (that's the actual name of the party in Spanish: a quinceanera has a quinceanero). That, and I just decided to take a chance. I'm glad it paid off.

He's a polymath!

a little pony da vinci!

5365330 Yes, when it comes to his education, he doesn't horse around.

Also, thank you so much for favoriting this story! I'm especially happy you left a comment!

5366133 please dont stop! i love this characterizations of our little douchbag who really isnt :rainbowlaugh:

i hope for more soon

5367837 Will do! It'll just take a little while to get this next chapter up, but it should be done in a few days.

Nice chapter. I love how you pointed out Shining and Blue's similarities. Great job. Thanks for the update.

5379321 Yeah, I noticed it. While writing I was kind of nervous about pointing it out and opening that can of worms. Then I realized someone was going to, so I might as well have an answer waiting.

Those words make me happy. Thank you for reading.

This just goes to show: Not every instance of teasing, arguing, and bickering necessarily means an inevitable romantic attraction. No matter what Hollywood wants you to believe.

... He'd be much better with Rainbow Dash or Applejack anyway...

5381519 Or a deep friendship, for that matter. Hollywood tactics of attempting to tell an interesting story do not always work outside of the movies. Even geniuses have disagreements and different tastes, and nothing's going to make up for that.

Also, thank you for your favorite!

Agreed! Also, I wonder if Blue had any meaningful interaction with Sunset Shimmer.

And no comment about the second note? :rainbowlaugh:

5382047 Rats! I've forgotten about her, too... no, I think I have it. I'm glad you brought that up!

And regarding said comment, I could see it. I actually think that there are several valid interpretations of Blueblood that would make him perfect for any of the Mane Six.
A hardworking bureaucrat who only went to the Gala as a favor to Celestia? Twilight Sparkle.
A high-class, charitable romantic eventually willing to forgive and/or beg forgiveness? Rarity.
A vain but decent pony who just needs a good ol' butt-kickin' to get back in line? Applejack.
A stuffy stick in the mud who needs to learn to get along and live a little? Pinkie Pie.
A prankster with a taste for retributive justice? Rainbow Dash.
A shy guy who was only acting like he thought Canterlot nobles were supposed to? Fluttershy.
There are other possibilities to be sure, but these are a couple I came up with. Part of the reason I love Blueblood's Just Zis Guy, You Know? is due to the number of interpretations that make sense without turning him into a villain.

All very good points! I'd really like to see one, five, or six done well some day.

Out of all of them, I've seen option three the most often. Though never one where Blueblood managed to hold on to some dignity or pride in his life; one of the problems I see with it. We've witnessed that AJ doesn't like ponies trying to change just to fulfil somepony else's expectations and that she has her own prejudices. It would be nice to see them bond on a more even level some time.

And, well, I've been kicking an idea around for ages now. It'd be Rainbow stumbling across Blue, who's come to Ponyville to learn how to be a real hero. Only problem? He's a prissy coward. So Rainbow drags him into numerous, escalating, painful and stupid situations in order to teach him. They grow closer over time and at the end, part on good terms. I think it could even make a fun episode, with the moral that trying to better yourself is good, but you should know your limits as well.

5385693 I'd write such an anthology, but I'm worried that others already have. Aside from which, I have quite a lot of ideas already.

Yeah, I can see the Applejack idea. I can also see the Rainbow Dash idea and I'd love to see how you'd do it.

Okay. So, you made Blueblood's cutie mark represent his ability to use his knowledge in multiple subjects to come up with possible solutions to a problem. He's something like a Sherlock Holmes. In any case, I hope you somehow go into whether or not he was correct with his assumptions and what kind of position that might give him in the future.

5387447 These words comfort me. I was worried that I had erred by having a child of eleven do all that. I think, given your reaction and those of others, that I can proceed as I had planned. Just got to figure out what exactly I'm doing.

... Is... having Spike be the name of a dog, and then later Spike being the name of a dragon (who is put in a pet bed) going to be a joke? Or an insult? Or just confusing?

I feel like the same name is not going to be just forgotten, though.

5393590 I hadn't remembered the basket thing (which is pretty mystifying, come to think of it...)

...actually, you just inspired the next part of the story. Thanks for that!

Amazing how well put BB's theory was. The whole park thing sounds like someone trying to uproot and overturn Yellow Stone National Park for gold beneath it. (IDK if there is I'm just saying.)

Ahh the idea that Celestia tried to force the destiny of the Element of Magic on Sunset, whom it was never meant for, makes Sunsets fall better in my opinion.

Why is it that Celestia's students have some kind of deep problem? Twilight is deeply committed to her to the point she went and turned everypony in Ponyville stark nuts after a doll. Sunset is a narcissistic, self-absorbed pony who saw herself without peer. Kind of makes me worry what previous students were like.

Nice chapter. I think it was nice having the small part about Sunset Shimmer in this story. Great job. Thanks for the update.

5394654 Thank you! I don't know about the gold, but there is something else under there a little less desirable and a little more catastrophic. Thankfully, it's not triggerable by mortal means, but I would love to see the headline "Idiot Mining Company Triggers Yellowstone Eruption".

5394690 Yeah, it does show that even the ruler of Equestria has her own lapses in judgment. And the worst part is that in Rainbow Rocks, we've seen that Sunset could have borne the Element of Magic. Alas, she did what she did and proved herself not up to the task.

It was great to see a more vulnerable side to Celestia, I dig how you made her strife come out of blaming herself for not doing enough, it means the world coming out of the mouth of a character that has dedicated more than a life time to the kingdom

5394861 With great power comes great insanity? Indeed, that trend seems to exist in Celestia's students. Maybe that's why Celestia takes them on, not so much to train them in the greater magical arts but more to prepare them to handle their own magic. Unfortunately, Celestia still has failures.

5394976 Thanks! It's so good to hear that I did a good job.

5395157 Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to give the other characters moments to shine, too. I was a little worried that I was going overboard with Celestia, but I'm glad to hear that it was still believable.

I wouldn't say failures as much as I would say in need of a psych. Or maybe it's because they have such great power, Celestia fears that they could cause untold destruction if not properly guided.

I had to look all over Google to see the sclerae similarities. Blueblood's is quite a bit more bluish than Shining Armor's. I never would have had Shining as the adopted sibling. I have seen Twilight as the adopted one (only because she was Celestia's daughter.)

5395629 I did that search myself. The first image I saw... not what I wanted to start my research with.

And yeah, it's easy to argue if one or both are adopted, since they look different enough from their parents. However, the two do have similarities enough that they could be blood related. I can't really call it, I just liked the idea.

Also, thank you for tracking my story!

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