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An adolescent, and starving, Changeling Princess has captured Princess-to-be Cadence, and on the night she was supposed to start foalsitting, too. Cadence refuses to feed her love until the job is done. Chrysalis knows what she needs to do.

(Chrysalis Vector Artist): weegeestareatyou
(Cover Creator): Psyga315

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funny interpretation. I would like to see more stories in this universe.
P.S. It turns Celestia wrote a story where he and his sister were swapped?

Cadence sighed. This again. What was this, the eighth or ninth time, Chrysalis had kidnapped her? She’d lost count. Usually, she would gladly let Chrysalis enjoy the taste of her love, but Cadence was supposed to foalsit for an advisor to the Canterlot Royalty; Twilight Velvet. And she was supposed to be there by sundown. The adolescent alicorn began to try and reason with the up-and-coming Queen.

I love how this is a somewhat regular thing, like a "Same time next week?" type of deal.

And that ending, who needs Cadance's love when you got an adorable filly?:twilightsmile:

Huh, that went much better than expected. Who would have thought it, Chrysalis has a real gift for this.

adorable:applecry::heart: i love stories with cute lil filly twilight <3 the comedy just made it better! :derpytongue2:

Sequel! Longfic sequel! You did well enough with this that I’d really enjoy seeing how the rest of this ‘verse goes! :raritywink:

Ahh this was so cute! I'd love to see how this au develops!

okay yeah I need more please lol:twilightsmile:

Okay, that was adorable. Would love to see a sequel that ether continues this or explores how this version of Chrysalis and Cadence meet.

This is adorable

cute well written little fic, although how the hay did Chryssie pull that off :P

and if she'd just remembered the shake dance for later Equestria would be under her heel by now. Silly changeling queen.

The one thing that worries me is that when Cadance was playing herself up as a meal it made it sound like Eros rather than Phileo she was discussing. Might I inquire what your authorial intention was Doug the Loremaster?

Comment posted by DougtheLoremaster deleted May 13th, 2022

Love is love, after all...
As far as we know, Erotic love is like a full course meal it a fancy restaurant, while phileo is like a giant pot full of warm, homemade stew.
Both will leave you satisfied, but they are fundamentally different.

Also, seeing the attitude of her mother. none of these are the usual feeding methods, but chrysalis is bending the rules to keep interacting with cadance. Maybe she got tired of fast-food-like stolen love.

Now all we need is an A.U. follow-up story where Chryssy has always been Twilight's foalsitter.

By the way...

her throat seemed to ungulate

The word is undulate. It would be slightly horrific otherwise.

What an interesting idea. I would love to see this scenario explored in future stories. :)

simply adorable, really great story:heart:

This needs a full story.
Chrysalis and Cadance switching who does "Cadance's" work for the day. Maybe both dating Shining; without him knowing.
Chrysalis feeding the whole Hive off of Twilight's love for books, and Cadnace's and Shining's love for her.

That was adorable. I'll repeat those that have said they want more of this 'verse. Not only would I love to see how Cady and Chrissy met and interacted the first time, but it'd be great to see future babysitting gigs. I like 11243913's idea of the two of them swapping each one. :rainbowlaugh:

And then, once Cadance was freed again, she practiced the secret hoofshake with Twilight. And a few years later, A Canterlot Wedding (Season 2 Finale) happened.

If Chrysalis would forget about the hoofshake after that story, this would fit the canon very well.

Good story, mate. Definetly gets a fav from me. :twilightsmile:

“Yeah. I’m really sorry Chrysi, but can we reschedule this torture? I’m sure it is really well thought out and I can’t wait to see what you have planned, but my heart isn’t in it tonight.”

“Your heart isn’t….So, no love?”

Cadence shook her head slightly, rattling the chains that held her. Chrysalis looked down, clearly sad at this revelation.

“Ok...So...no love, because your focus is on your assignment. I was really looking forward to this meal all day.”

Oh now I see what this "torture" is. Cadence you sly, kinky bastard :rainbowlaugh:

cadence seducing Chrysalis because she thinks she has to and it's easy, also clearly she would bring chrysi into her relationship with shining if she thought she could get away with it

:twilightsmile: LOVE it!

I like how Chryssi is actually smart and skilled at her job in this!

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