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This story is a sequel to Twilight Blows Up Nightmare Moon

Princess Cadance is revealed to be a fake, and Queen Chrysalis in her place. Twilight rescues the real Princess Cadance, and prepares a plan to win.

Will the plan work?

Set during "A Canterlot Wedding; Part Two". Not to be taken seriously. Sequel to Twilight Blows Up Nightmare Moon.

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I take this entirely too seriously.

So, like... did they die? Or is this one of those deals where nobody dies, and they just get really big boo-boos?

I’m… concerned that I like these too much.

Well done!

Hm, how about arrest her for murder in three cases since she killed the mind controlled bridesmaids?

Well I can't say I blame celestia for trying to stop twilight, but I also understand twilight wanting to show her friends and mentor that she was right, I hope that you do one for Discord, and our one true ruler king sombra.

God i love this Cross of Twilight with a Bit of Megumin

Twilight beats Discord with a baseball bat, uses a 5,000,000 candle spotlight on Sombra, does a Hiroshima on Tirek. Then that leaves Cozy Glow. Maybe she makes her the first pony to orbit Jupiter without the benefit of a space suit.

Best sequel ever!!! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::yay:

I just recently discovered Rick and Morty, and now I can't not imagine Twilight burping and drinking while she blows stuff up.

It is interpreted the way you want to see it

Can't say i know much of Rick and Morty that show was not for me so i only seen 5 Episodes of it and then i drop it, now what i see was more this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXjr05MqH2g style Twilight just puting everything into Blowing stuff up

I mean..

I really don't see the downside of blowing villains up.

I get it for Luna, since Celestia had a plan and all that, but all the other, spontaneous villains? What's the problem?

There isn't a practical problem. However, there is a morality problem with someone whose mindset is that the first solution is to blow stuff up.

You forgot Starlight and the Pony of Shadows.

Future villains better just reform now because Twilight's enjoying blowing up villains too much. Although if they don't, then at least we can have moar of this stuff! :rainbowlaugh:!

This and the last story reminds me of a series of stories I wrote with Twilight owning villains that got her too mad. Just with less explosions.

I mean shit Celly you have no one else to blame but yourself for this - I bet Sunset's somewhere rn laughing hysterically until Twilight blows her up at least

If Violence is NOT the Solution, you simply were not using enough of it.

Apparently Twilight didn't do a good enough job blowing Luna up since she was able to accept her apology. I mean if you are going blow something up why would there be intact pieces left

Twilight Sparkle, Warrior Princess of Equestria!

Clearly blowing Chrysalis the fuck up was the only possible solution. I mean we all knew she'd never redeem herself anyway. Save yourself and Equestria the trouble of her two other attacks in the future and just blow her to shit now.

Really, Twilight blowing Chrysalis is the best thing she could possibly do. I can't wait to see how she handles Sombra and Tirek. I wonder how much blowing they'll take.

Perhaps. But alicorns are strong, and I'd think that Luna would be able to survive.

10982101 Well I don't think she used enough explosions on Chrysalis then again there would be collateral damage in the castle

Celestia: Twilight no!
Twilight: Twilight YES! TWILIGHT ALWAYS YES!!!

She does the same to the Pony of Shadows as she does with Sombra. Starlight blasts off again.

Yeah she considered Shining Armor and innocents

This just goes to show that 'more explosives' will not solve all problems. Sometimes you need properly focused explosives.

I can see it now. My Little Pony: Explosions are Magic. Kinda surprised Luna forgave Twilight for blowing her up. But minor details.

And this is my Doctor Who fan talking, but I'm sad Twilight didn't embrace her inner Dalek and say "Exterminate!" at least once here. That title demanded it be said.

My mindset is that Luna forgave her because she did worse things

Personally I think Celestia is to quick to judge an incredibly effective technique.

Jest #31 · Sep 19th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Blow em all up, let god sort it out.

Guess what spell Twilight prepared this morning? Explosive Runes!

BTW, your writing really made me think of this story...same idea, different authors, different contexts...I want more.


Twilight already blew up Tirek in Canon... how can she one up herself in this continuity?



The Sun is just one big ball of continuously exploding gas right?

Why waste a perfectly good explosion?

More is very possible. I originally intended for the sequel to be Trixie, then I reconsidered. Blowing Trixie up is not a very good idea. Although, you can have this.

An explosion sounded off in the distance, around the area Trixie's cart was in.

"Twilight, what was that?" Spike asked.

"Nothing," Twilight grinned. "Nothing at all."

But I do have plans for Sombra, Tirek and such, it's just when I find the energy to write it first.

For all time, ALWAYS!

Really looking forward to Twilight blowing up Discord. If course it doesn't harm him in the slightest, but it might be funny enough to get on his good side.

And here I thought Luna's logic for forgiving her would be, "She believed me to be a villain who sought to bring ruin to Equestria - which under the Nightmare's influence I was - and used exactly the amount of force necessary to render me incapable of battling her for proper capture! I couldn't be more proud of you! And here I thought any student of my sister would be too much of a soft touch to understand the requirements of proper protection of our subjects!"
...and that's why Celestia hasn't let them meet yet.

When in doubt, blow it up.

Demoman would be so proud of her.

That would've been golden.

I can see the start of a wonderful friendship!

And because this is Mythbusters, we couldn't end the show without a explosion as large as possible.

That works too, tbh. Even better than my mindset lol

Twilight Becomes a Bug Exterminator and a Demolitions Expert.

Twilight should have been a railroad engineer, she's got a one track mind.


Somewhere, an escaped centaur in a cloak comes to a hesitant stop in the middle of the forest...

"Why do I hear music?"

Also, Trixie's theme...

:moustache: You blew Rarity up!
:twilightsmile: Yep, She's Nightmare Rarity
:moustache: You know it's a another comic arc
:twilightoops: Oops wrong arc, Well there's always Fim Fiction!
:moustache: No not Sparity!
:facehoof: You're such a wimp

“Let me blow more villains up?”

I mean, it's working so far


I would like to note that you skipped event:discord

Discord didn't escape because he knew what was in store for him 🤣

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