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This story is a sequel to Twilight's Final Salvo

Sunny and her friends have brought back magic to Equestria, and they want to celebrate. Suddenly, Sunny is blown up. What the phoney pony full of baloney is happening?

Takes place in My Little Pony: A New Generation(Movie). Not to be taken seriously.

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“Those are magical constructs, Discord,” the alicorn chastised. “She’s not an actual alicorn-”

Oh, I SO hope this will turn out to be true...

“...I’m in. Raven, cancel all my appointments for the day!”

“Your Majesty, what-”


Silly Twilight, you can time travel and be back immediately after leaving!

Xalok #2 · Nov 2nd, 2021 · · ·

Its good to see Lavender dynamite still kicking, tho i wonder how in the seven hells did Celestia talk Twiligt into not blowing more stuff up?

God damn it Sin.

Well done, you magnificent nephew of mine. :rainbowlaugh:

I approve of the branching timelines. Makes quite a lot of sense. Poor Sprout though. And poor Canterlogic. That was the primary source of jobs!

But it's not like Twilight cares. Blowing things up is her prerogative. I wonder what's next. Going back in time far enough to blow up a few Gen 1 villains?

Sprout gets blown up, I'm on board with that!

Screw it. it's my thing now.


I wonder what's next? Going to various alternate Equestrias created by fanfic authors and Starlight Glimmer and blow up those worlds?

Absolutely magnificent and a great addition to your series of crazed Twilight goodness! Just can't ever get enough of this! Hope ya didn't mind but I couldn't resist making a reading of this nuclear fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/6L7WaLF1O0E

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Dude... Lmao the title alone made me laugh, and the story... Lol that was pure comedy gold, the only thing this is missing and is a nitpick is that there's no Luna in the story


"Lavender Dynamite"

Now that's a nickname, a series name and a group name for this series

glad you like it

I, for one, welcome our anachronistic, explosive overlords.

That gratuitous blowing up at the looked like a finger poke of doom. And that was great.

There can only be one
Seriously though, for a brief second I thought my profile pic was on the feature page

The two Sunnys are staring at each other in shock

:duck: Thank you again Twilight, I hardly know why I was called out as the villain in the future...
How can I ever repay you?
:twilightsmile: ...

:moustache: Wow Rarity our first date.

:facehoof: How would I know her hormones would be activated by him.

:ajbemused: Dang she burped and burned down my barn

:twilightangry2: and ate the crystal castle all by herself

:trollestia: Bye bye magic , retirement? Not after that crazy unicorn ate that too

:moustache: I did that?

I would be shocked too if I saw a clone of myself

BYE BYE SPROUT! :rainbowlaugh:

I would assume it involved a lot of begging, lectures, and massive guilt trips.

might work tho i take it mostly guilt tripping for i am not sure how well the first two will work, might be how she controls Luna as well

I was thinking the first two would wear her down just based on how much time they would consume. You can only listen to a moral lecture for so long before you start questioning what it will take to make it stop.

ah alright i can see how that might work

It also included a lot of reminding that she had responsibilities + a lot of guilt tripping that she blew a lot of stuff up that needed her to fix

One thing I'll always love on this series is the comment section chaos

It looks like Twilight and Discord are still having a "blast" together!

Hey, no one else used that pun yet, so someone had to make it:rainbowlaugh:

I know I said the previous one was the finale.

But like, G5.

How could I not?

Do it... more... G5 needs to burn more.

So every thing that went wrong was cake butbutt's fault. If she had not stop twilight, from blowing stuff up, friendship would still be around?

Just when I think it's all over, they pull me back in again.

Nice job. :rainbowlaugh:

Ditto on the “Lavender Dynamite” name for the series — it’s perfect!

i wonder how in the seven hells did Celestia talk Twiligt into not blowing more stuff up?

:trollestia: “Twilight, now that you’re the ruler of Equestria, you can’t go around blowing things up anymore.”
:twilightoops: “What! But the… And the… And what about…”
:trollestia: <sigh> “Twilight, you wouldn’t want to blow your own stuff up, right?”
:twilightsheepish: “I suppose not, but what does that have to do with…”
:trollestia: “Equestria belongs to the Crown, legally, correct?”
:twilightblush: “…”
:trollestia: “And as ruling princess, you are now the Crown, right?”
:twilightangry2: “I don’t like where you’re going with this…”
:trollestia: “So, legally, Equestria now is ‘your stuff’. Thus you can’t blow it — or anything, or anyone in it — up. Q.E.D.”
:facehoof: “I did not think this through.”
:trollestia: “Oh, look at the time! I’m late for a spa session with Luna. Have fun!” :: slams door while teleporting out ::
:moustache: “You know…”
:facehoof: “Not. One. Word.”

"Silly Twilight, you can time travel and be back immediately after leaving!"

But Gastredner, to quote Discord, "Where's the fun in that?" :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Actually... if you buy a game, it belongs to you. It's yours, and you are free to play it, give it away, poop on it, blow it up, stuff it in a blender when you realize you bought the wrong game...

Point is, once something is yours, it's free game. She can legally blow the whole kingdom up now if she wanted to, since it's her property. And if the Nobles complain about it, she can just blow them up, too!

:duck: "Twilight, Darling, are you sure you want to blow Nobles up? I don't think it would be good for your reputation if-"

Prince Blueblood steps into the room and grins at Twilight, holding an Engagement Ring.

:raritywink: "... On second thought, go for the throat, Darling!~"

:twilightangry2: "After teasing me in Magic Kindergarten all those years ago?! Buck you, Blueblood! Your life belongs to ME, now!"

Twilight blows Blueblood up.

But, why is there a phoney pony full of baloney? :twilightsmile:

...she exploded.

Up next....

or twilight start blowing up heaven or the afterlife
no place is safe

And then, at the highest point yet, above even the former height of her lighthouse, Sunny raised her head and, in a great release of light…
...she exploded.

The End.

“You’re not mad at us?” The lavender alicorn blinked.
“Well, you did blow Sunny up,” Izzy shrugged. “But you fixed her! So I guess that’s all good!”

Yup, certainly sounds like Izzy.

But how can you be who of you two is the original?

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