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This story is a sequel to Twilight Discovers Nuclear Explosions

Twilight is staying in the Crystal Empire, when a hooded pony comes into her room and steals her crown.

Celestia reveals that it is her old student, Sunset Shimmer. Twilight immediately goes after the thief.

What happens next involves chemicals and a lot of science.

Set in: "MLP: Equestria Girls". Not to be taken seriously.

An entry in the Sci-Fi contest

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Whatever happened to you being done with the explosion's :rainbowlaugh: not complaining just pointing it out :pinkiehappy:

He has me and a number of others egging him on giving him lots of love and support for his works, as is well deserved.

Sin, I like how explosions!Twilight got over turning human a lot faster than the original. Then again it seems you set this one further along the timeline since she already handled Tirek, whereas the original EQG is set right after Magical Mystery Cure so Twilight has barely had a chance to come to grip with things, and then she transforms into something completely alien--no wonder she freaked out.

Twilight rolled her eyes. “Oh, don’t worry. All I need is Group One Metals. They react with water violently. I can use that to blow whatever I need up. Pinkie, do you know where to get Rubidium?”

“I’ve got something better,” Pinkie’s grin widened. “I have Francium.”

“...now I’m concerned,” Twilight looked at Pinkie. Pinkie’s grin only widened further.

Pinkie Pie scares me.

Aww but poor Sunset... exploded and then blamed for illegal Cesium... she's going to juvie she is.

Twilight's gonna have someone hellbent for vengeance she is, making this mistake with Sunset. Jeez.

But at least Twi can have fun blowing up a hydra with Discord.

Now we wait for the stories where Twilight blows up the Sirens, her parallel self (better yet, blow up Crystal Prep), Gloriosa Daisy, and anyone else that she would bother to make a bomb against.

I'm pretty sure the Storm King story will involve Hiroshima proportions.

An orange unicorn mare was revealed, streaks of auburn in her mane. “Sorry it had to be this way, Princess,” the mare said, before she and the horn disappeared in a flash of magic, only to reappear on the other side of the corridor. She kicked open a door, before rushing inside. Twilight promptly teleported after her, the runes on her horn spinning, ready to activate.

Did you mean the crown?

Later, Pinkie cut a deal with the cops, agreeing to expose her manufacturers in exchange for Sunset's release. In the months that followed, their helpfulness and kindness to Sunset let her "reform", although she does harbor some anger for Twilight.

Pinkie also may or may not have promised the cops several weeks worth of donuts.

why have I done this

For beautiful reasons, friend. Beautiful reasons.

Oh good. My poor dear Sunset. I am very protective of her you know.

“I’ve got something better,” Pinkie’s grin widened. “I have Francium.”

Wait what the fuck- isn't that shit fucking RADIOACTIVE?!

I do know. Which is why if I continue this Sunset will be her "better self"

Whelp, lavander dynamite strikes again

THANKS FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY! DON’T WORRY, I’M NOT A TERRORIST. I’LL SEE YOU AGAIN, GIRLS!” Twilight yelled at the alternate world’s version of her friends. She jumped into the portal, and Spike quickly followed her.

Not sus at all.

The pure chaos this Twilight makes will never get old to me

Might be why she gets along with Discord.

True, if this was a romance then they might be the main stars only one i can see beat Discord is Luna, For she seems to Love a Big explosion Just as much as they do

It's nice to see that CHS has been turned into an irradiated hot zone. Only purple dynamite can do that! What's next? Twilight shoots the Dazzlings with an 88mm anti-tank artillery rifle?


(better yet, blow up Crystal Prep)

Story title: Twilight becomes a Terrorist

“I’ve got something better,” Pinkie’s grin widened. “I have Francium.”

If this weren't Pinkie, I'd question how someone got an element that undergoes radioactive decay in less than 20 minutes to be stable.

I mean, if she can get ahold of some thorium....

This is BRILLIANT! More please!

This series is my serotonin production center

“Stop, you!” Twilight yelled, galloping after the cloaked figure as her horn lit up in an array of explosive runes. “I will blow you up!”

Oh my god, I'm laughing already :rainbowlaugh:

At least francium only undergoes alpha or beta decay. Otherwise, the fragments of that crown would be deadly.

Not only is it radioactive, it has a half-life of just 22 minutes at best — which just begs the question of just how she got hold of so much so quickly, and in solid form at that (it’s believed that any significant amount would self-vaporize from its radioactive decay heating).

Add Sunset Shimmer to the list of villains that got blown up. Poor thing.

I can only wonder if the Sci-Twi in this continuity is as boom-boom happy as Princess Twilight.

Wow. Wow wow wow.

Well the police seemed quite quick and recognised what explosives are used so...

You have set a new saga off. I wish you well

thank you for the entry into the contest!

...can't she just blow Cinch up?

“You know that’s how I problem solve, Spike,” Twilight smirked. “If I can’t use my spells to do so, I’m looking for the one source of magic I know is constant in every world. Pinkie Pie.”

She's got a point. An existentially terrifying point.

“...now I’m concerned,” Twilight looked at Pinkie. Pinkie’s grin only widened further.

The pink sees all and knows all.

Now all we need is one more story where Tempest Shadow arrives in Canterlot expecting to just find the three Princesses, only to run across Twilight Sparkle and proceed to fan-girl over the Lavender Alicorn (I will expect that the broken horned mare will refer to Twilight Sparkle as "The Princess of Explosions", while Celestia groans loudly at this level of recognition she did not want for Twilight in the first place) and that results in Tempest immediately helping Twilight to blow up The Storm King and his entire army.
As a result, due to Starlight Glimmer in this Canon still being enemies with Twilight, Tempest Shadow would become Twilight's Apprentice.

The destructive potential of two Golden Pans colliding in TF2 is the end result of this union.

This Twilight seems to take to heart the maxim of “If at first you don’t succeed, make a bigger explosion.”


I just had a glorious image pop to mind. One that would probably make Celestia (and many others) run and hide...

This Twilight Sparkle meets.... The Mythbusters

Megumin Pone strikes again!

Can wait to see Twi blow herself up soon.

Irradiating a magical artifact, especially in a low-magic universe, still seems like a very bad plan. This Sunset may have to deal with much stranger incidents than just sirens, war dryads, and a slightly saner Twilight.

For those who don't know why this is scary, Francium doesn't like to exist. In fact, if you had a gram of it you'd only have half a gram after about 20 minutes of it due to it's 20 minute half life (rate of radioactive decay). What happens to all that mass? Well some of it becomes other stuff, the rest becomes some form of radiation. How strong is this radiation? Very. It would melt from it's own decay heat without being in a reactor. In short, that shit is not just highly reactive, it'll also give you cancer. However, due to this it's also the second rarest natural element known to man. Th largest amount ever observed was made in a lab and was a measly 300,000 atoms of it.

The situation is set up like this "Jamie want big boom." And POOF! Lavender Dynamite appears "Jamie want big boom I can make big boom!" then Adam and Spike start running because of the implications that makes.

“Sunset Shimmer. A former student of mine. She began her studies with me not long before Twilight,” Celestia paced the room, a worried look on her face. “But when she did not get what she wanted as quickly as she liked, she turned cruel and dishonest. I tried to help her, but she eventually decided to abandon her studies and pursue her own path. One that has sadly led to her stealing your crown.”

Sunset Shimmer turned to Tai Lung the angry rejected student

“Looks like she went to that room where the mirror is, Sister,” Luna smiled grimly. “I fear more for your student than she at this point. Remember what she did to Tirek?”

Luna is Alive

Rolls newspaper Angry with eyes turned Red .

Bad Twilight Sparkle (smack!).
Exploding your Element crown (smack!)
and fucking with the timelines (smack!)
leading other universes to to take the burden with the Shit you had cooked (smack!)
exploding , (smack!)
your Element representation (smack!)
with the crown (smack!)
YOU !(smack!)
HAD! (smack!)
JUST! (smack!)
BLEW !(smack!)
UP (HEAVY smack!)

Leave a link where Twilight bew Cristal prep Twilight Sparkle becomes terrorist .

I smacked this one with newspaper . What would be that one

Love the series completely, just waiting for the next one

I see her more as an "Anakin" rather than a Tai Lung.

Why you see Sunset as Anakin?

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