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Godzilla vs Desghidorah · 4:50pm Jun 14th, 2018

Godzilla: Monster King

Part 3: Godzilla vs Desghidorah!


San Francisco International Airport (Temporary Anti Godzilla Attack Force Base)


Miki landed the helicopter in the middle of the airport with a massive thud. Hughes came out of the helicopter holding his head to stop it from shaking. “There made it safe and sound.” Miki said as she climbed out.

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No problem I like the mixing of the monsterverse and the original toho universe along with the mlp verse.

Thank you for the fave.

The Lost Hero has been updated.

2264690 Mistake on my part, still had some nostalgia for the Heisei Series.

2264660 Just one thing that won't be to big of a spoiler Miki's last name isn't Saegusa. It's kind of a surprise that I hope people find funny when I put it in.

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