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Iris, the God of Darkness, comes to life once again after scientist disturb his rest. Now he is in search for a new host to feed him and after her power outburst during the Fall Formal Sunset Shimmer may fit the requirements. Now only two heroes can save both her and the entire world from a fate worse than death. The King and the Guardian.

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Comments ( 40 )

Nice, the movie version of Irys was a total badass.

Ryu was an asshole and I'm glad he's dead.

Is Emily still alive?

7160895 Thanks and unfortunately when someone isn't compatible with Iris he usually ends up using them for food.

"Gamera called out to his old alley his roar was serious."- you spelt ally wrong.

these two chapters are so good! i truly hope this story continues! godzilla gamera and the girls it does not get any better!! congrats on this exciting story of yours!!

7184954 Thanks and don't worry the stories not going any where. But for now I need to reconnect with my inner Godzilla fan to get ready for the fight I have planned out. Then I may go do some more research on Sunset Shimmer.

Okay, so the Kaiju are still in their true forms?

7193026 Yeah I figured since there were only three kaiju going through the barrier this time they would be able to stay in their true forms. Plus I kind of have a really big fight that would damage the barrier so when X and Hyper enter in the winter they would become human.

Critiques: You spelt Angel wrong on multiple occasions.

7207249 Thanks that rabbit has been killing me since writing this chapter

what a fun and exciting chapter! you are telling one fantastic story herethis is pure fun to read! well done!

Did you spell the chapter title wrong, or is it deliberately spelled that way?

So it looks like Demon Sunset is going to help her in the name of survival. Nice.

that was one awesome chapter!

Comment posted by Godzilla2020 deleted Jun 4th, 2016

7275188 No the title should be that way.

7275921 Is it some kind of secret message, because I'm lost.

7275936 Lol no it's not it's pretty much what happens when I type at midnight and can't think of a title. Maybe when I finish the story I'll change it.

Fallen Light... Nice touch on the name.

A bit annoyed that Gamera are allies instead of rivals but, let's read. :twilightsmile:

I like it... But you need an editor.

Hurray for Applejack saving the day. Looks like there were consequences for merging with Fallen Light.

7582348 Glad you liked it! Also I'm really enjoying your Superman story.

7582800 Could you please comment on The Lost Hero, then?

Quick question I'm just now starting reading because I looked up GAMERA and this looked good WHICH IT IS But,.....is the legion in this story?

Excellent teamwork from Godzilla and Gamera, and the plight of Applejack and Sunset is gripping.

I got to ask will Twilight ever find out Sunset came to apologize to Celestia only to find out she was replaced?
Sure was a misunderstanding but i wonder...love to read what Twilight may react to this bit.

7962197 I never really thought about getting Twilight involved or least at Equestria Twilight anyways. But I would say that she and Celestia would need to have a talk about Sunset.

7962112 Glad you liked it. Seriously trying to come up with battle plans for those two is shockingly hard. Same for AJ and Sunset considering I'm basing the fight off Spider-Man comics.


good as long as it get's address. Kinda sounds like Twilight was used to replace Sunset, I'm sure that not the case, with NightMare Moon returning and all, but still.

It something that needs to be address, no wonder Susnet hated Twilight at first, Twilight was replacement for Sunset and seemly Sunset was tossed aside, and stole the crown a move to spite them out of vengeful anger and a broken heart.
Plus Twilight becoming a alicorn.

A few typos like parrish instead of perish and batter instead of better, but still good.

It was pretty cool how Applejack stopped Fallen Light.

Thanks I was worried about how people would react about Fallen Light not being a demon made from hatred but one of fear.


Since it looks like the Godzilla portrayed in this fanfic is the 2014 version, it would make sense he and Gamera would be allies rather than rivals since they both protect Earth.

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