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Just here mainly to comment on and like other peoples stories. Might right a few myself because I love the show and want to give back but I am also lazy so we'll see what happens


Life at Canterlot High has been going pretty well for Sunset Shimmer ever since the Fall Formal... well, as well as it can when most students are still giving her side ways glances and expecting her to break bad any second. Still though life seemed relatively normal, that is until her friends start noticing changes in how she looks and acts, that only seem to be getting worse. Now Sunset must venture back to Equestria and beyond in order to find the parents she never knew in order to find the answers to exactly who or what she is.

Coverart made by Xan-gelx check them out on DeviantArt

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Aye! My big brained offhand comments do work!

Hopefully everyone else can agree how great the duo work as parents. Glad to see this live, and breathe!


First! :p

Don't be sorry about the flashbacks! I liked them. :yay: They were fun and made me smile.

Glad to hear it, and I hope I can keep making you smile with this story :twilightsmile:

One crossover is dmc i guess. But I have no idea what the other one is. Maybe an anime? Still looking forward to read more.

By the way, how is your steven universe crossover coming up?

"King... yeah, here's your crown."

Based on this as well as some of the descriptions of Sunset's behavior I'm gonna guess this is a The Owl House crossover.

Won't say whether you're right or wrong as not to spoil

As for the Steven Universe fic, it's going alright I suppose... I have most of what I want to do figured out I just need to figure out some of the finer details and actually write it which is... challenging, but I'll get through it eventually :twilightsmile:

Eda and Dante? That would explain demon arm and strange behavior. Even though the demon arm is nero, but since those people in the visions were wearing red, it can only be eda and dante.

Well, obviously its a DMC cross as for who Sunsets parents are? I'm guessing Dante's the father but I am drawing a blank on who the mother could be, I'm assuming the mother is also a DMC character?

"OOOOOHH D$#@" I can already tell Sunset and a few Princess are going to be PISSED OFF at Celestia

Can I just say that I love that you’ve written Sunset understands/speaks a little bit of Spanish? I love that detail!

So Celestia knows about Sunset’s parents... I wonder how Sunset would react to that.

Found a small typo:

She watched as the substances began to form near the red blood cells, only to be completely ignored by them as she said, "Qeu? Imposible."


I’ll be looking out for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Hmmm, have to wonder if the good doctor will spread her search outside of human (primate?) norms with Sunset's bloodwork to find a match ...

The Owl House crossover? now this is getting interesting.

Yup, it's dante and eda. It has to be. I also have a feeling Dr.Noceda knows something too.

Ohh this is story is pretty as Rainbow Dash says it AWESOME 😎

I hope only the yellow streaks turn white. It doesn't suit sunset to have an all white hair.

I actually do have a Displaced who has been revealed to be related to a certain demonic Knight with silvery white hair.

is this a cross over with owl house?

Yes, as.... well I guess I can say with a spoiler tag at this point, since it's already been guessed by several people

Sunset's parents are Eda from the Owl House, and Dante from Devil May Cry

Aw, I was hoping it was Stan from Gravity Falls as the Dad. Seriously, I like the fan theory that says she's his ex-wife(She does fit the description of golden eyes and dusty hair)

I love demon sunset hybrid. I immediately click

Why isn't there a Sunset Shimmer (Demon) tag?

Because I didn't know that was a tag. So thank for telling me, and I just added it :twilightsmile:

Is Bill somehow a part of all this?

I would give that a non zero possibility.

I’m adopted as well, so I know how it feels to get news about your real parents and you want to cry

Cadence chuckled at that before she was interrupted by a slight fake couch intended to get her attention. This brought her back to reality as she turned back towards the table and began walking, and it was then that Twilight finally got a good look at the others. Luna seemed normal enough, kind of serious but she was always kind of serious thought Twilight. It was Celestia that was really upsetting as she had never seen her look the way she did now. Her mouth was stern and resolute but her eyes seemed to be unfocused, as if her mind was constantly wandering to somewhere far away or to a time long past. Whatever it was, it was enough to get Twilight to straighten up as she also made her way over and said, "It's good to see you two as well."

Slight fake cough.

Cadence nodded as she said, "As do I, I may not have known Sunset for long before she went to this other world, but at the very least I also feel I deserve an explanation if I'm going to hep you help her."

Help you help her.

Oh right this is before Rainbow rocks. pore Sirens wont know what hit them.

Problem when did twilight fix the portal last we heard she was told to work on it after forcing it open long enough for celestia to get here so between the last chapter and the VERY BEGINNING of this one when was it fixed :applejackconfused:

Celestia's initial plan was to force it open, however when she was told to calm down and explain everything she allowed input from the other princesses and thus Twilight messed with the portal just like she did in Rainbow Rocks (I meant to imply that with how the Princesses said forcing it open was a terrible idea, followed with the time gap in between Celestia telling the other princesses what's going on, and showing up, but I'm sorry if that was unclear)

Susnet in the description lol

I have a bad feeling about those sirens. :applejackunsure:
But fortunately, SUNSHYNE FOREVER!!!!!:pinkiehappy::fluttershyouch:

Oh no:facehoof:
It's Lumity all over again.

This has to be Devil May Cry. Why is everyone saying Owl House? What even is that?

Cool, but what is Owl House? I've never heard of it.

It's a Disney cartoon that's really good and is about a girl named Luz who ends up in a world of magic and demons and is learning to be a witch
The first episode was actually officially uploaded to YouTube, so if you got the time you should check it out

Many thanks, friend of friends.

Sunset looked up at the concerned look, before blushing as she turned to the side, or at least tried to but found she was much weaker then she thought at first and couldn't manage it. She instead looked away saying, "Just weird monster creatures and crazy dialogue, that doesn't make any sense." Sunset briefly smirked as she tried to lighten the mood a bit saying, "I remember one time I heard someone yell 'I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiggttthh,'" as she started a laugh that quickly turned to a cough.


Dante exists.

That, totally isn't a disaster waiting to happen.

Comment posted by Hobbestc deleted Mar 11th, 2021

So. How did Celestia know about guns?

I like many other think guns are probably still a thing in Equestria we just don't see them in the show for various reasons

Equestria has cannons, so I'm pretty sure it has guns. Plus Celestia is thousands of years old. Who knows where she's gone.

Good enough for me.

Of course the master gunsmith would be her. So is this Nico pre 5 or post 5?

Ah, cool. Guess that means no surfing on rocket punches, but oh well.

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