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Before Twilight went to the human world to win her crown back, there was another student of Celestia to travel to Canterlot High School. Through all the trials, tribulations, and mistakes she made along the way, she never stopping fighting to find her place in the grand scheme of any universe.

Cover art by: Brotha Kyo

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I like this story so far. Your writing is good, the plot is engaging, all in all it's an interesting introduction to the character and her motivations. I wonder if everything will turn out the same as in Canon...

This is bittersweet.

Bishop clearly should not be a teacher

Sorry Celestia, but Sunset had you there. You should have pointed out forbidden.

And should have removed Bishop. The stress you put Sunset under here. No wonder she went the route she did.

Seriously Celestia. You epiclly screwed up. That firing should of happened long ago.

This was a fantastic read, enough to warrant a favorite. I think I’ve only favorited about 3 stories or so on my like 6 years on this site. So, please, keep this going. I’m looking forward to what you have in store. Also curious if you plan to just cover the storylines established by the movies, or will you include the shorts and episodes done? For example the time they visit equestria, or when Starlight Glimmer visits them.

I like what you have so far, don’t stop any time soon.

Nice stuff yet again. The description of what a human looks like from an outside perspective without any prior knowledge was great. Good to see this in the updated section of the feature box where it belongs. Hope to see more soon, I can’t get enough.

How are you going to explain the time differences? And how old is Sunset in both pony and human? Twilight isn't enrolled into the school yet so it might still be years apart. As far im concerned Sunset was away from Equestria for over 10 years as Twilight hadn't her surge and thus her cutie mark yet

If you think about the time line logically, Sunset is probably 10 years older than Twilight and gang.

However, since the series itself didn't seem to want you to think about it that way and pretended she was a peer of the other girls, I'm only having Sunset be a year older than Twilight. It doesn't make sense but it's the show's plot hole, not mine. And I don't wanna write about a 28 year old in high school dating teenagers lol

well, theres another theory, that CHS is like the Hyperbolic time chamber, 1 year in the human realm translates to several years in Equestria And it only got synchronized when Twilight uses the journals as an anchor. If you want to ignore the plot hole and say Twilight's not that much older why didn't Sunset mention the dragon growing from a tower or hell you forgot Cadence too.

In other fanfics Sunset knew Cadence and loathed her

"Your recommendation is noted. Now take me there." She looked defiantly at her own troops. The captain and his subordinate exchanged an uneasy glance but then nodded to each other in agreement.

You heard the princess, better allow it or she'll be pissed.

"Oh sis, what have I gotten myself into?"

No going back now celestia.

"Well I for one am fascinated to see Miss Shimmer's progress this year. It wasn't long ago she was breaking records in my class. I think we can stand a little bit of waiting." He rubbed his quill against his cheek.

At least someone here isn't impatient compared to bishop :ajsmug:

Sunset's eyes shot open and a magic ray blasted from her horn onto the glowing plant. In an instant the plant blew up in size and continued to grow exponentially. The clay pot shattered and the table it rested on buckled and collapsed to the floor. In a matter of seconds, the trunk of the plant reached up to the ceiling of the gymnasium nearly 15 meters high. Not satisfied with the results, Sunset furrowed her brow and shot more magic into the erupting overgrowth. The monstrous vegetation shook the entire gymnasium as it's expansion pushed against the ceiling causing the metal rafters to split as it punctured a gigantic hole straight through the roof. By the time Sunset finally relented, the formally potted plant was half the size of the gymnasium and sticking out almost double the height of the ceiling. Twisting vines had spread out wildly around the open court space and outside into the Canterlot Gardens as well. The panel of judges' mouths hung agape as pieces of plaster and debris calmly trickled down from the ceiling. Letting out a huff of satisfaction, Sunset flipped her mane behind her shoulder and smiled at the judges, her former professors.


"Miss Shimmer, please exit what is left of our once functional gymnasium as we assess your score in private ." She shot nasty glances at both of her colleagues. Sunset pranced out of the gym light a feather. She was more than pleased with the results of her work. As she exited the gym doors, she saw a familiar blue face waiting for her. Tempest held her hoof over her mouth and couldn't stop herself from giggling.

Still the same as always bishop :ajbemused: she needs a mood change. It's like she's always in that mood, but I can't argue there nor change anyone, it's her decision.

"Who is your favorite pony in all of Equestria?"

She just had to give her that question, hopefully she's doesn't overreact over Sunset's answer.

"Ding, ding, ding," Tempest hopped over to Sunset and gave her a big hug, "That's the correct answer. Ok you're not cursed anymore." She stepped back and waved her hooves around like she was clearing away fog.

Phew that was too close.

“I will be calling a school committee to meet and determine your punishment up to and including expulsion ." Madam Bishop stated coldly. "You are dismissed, Miss Shimmer.”

But she still passes right?

"Every scroll locked in the Star Swirl the Bearded wing of the library is forbidden magic. I told you this."

Seems like someone didn't 100% pay attention or listen to what celestia told her.

Tempest slammed her hooves down on the dark brown oak. Sunset jumped in surprise.

Now she's done it!!!!

"Good luck Sunset Shimmer. I wish you all the best." Tempest closed the door just in time. Another second and Sunset would have seen the ugly face of Tempest crying uncontrollably.

Now she's done it for worst this time.

Celestia shook her head. She knew Sunset was growing more distant from the world but at this rate she may become a full on recluse.

You can say that again.

"I have to know more. I have to get stronger, and more powerful if I'm going to rule. I can't have any weaknesses." Sunset's mane was ragged and there were dark, puffy bags under her eyes. She was clearly lying about sleeping well.

I think she's taking this way to serious.

"Ok, I'll have some tea prepared for us. It's time we had a much-needed chat." Celestia sighed and exited back up the stairs.

That is likely not going to go well at all once it starts.

“...I have no words for what I've done. No. I suppose there is one word: cowardice. In my cowardice I have saved Equestria but possibly destroyed another world. The sirens were too powerful to stop. Equestria and all nations the world over were in turmoil from their cursed magic. I couldn't defeat them, nopony could. I saw no alternative but to open a dimensional portal. So I did it.. I cast them into another world. But the portal was unstable. They must have exited on the other side. Not only in another dimension, but in another time as well. They can never be allowed to return to our world. They would only want to wreak havoc on Equestria in revenge for trapping them. I've used dark magic to make sure that they stay where they are for good. Another broken promise. But I had no choice. We are safe but who knows what perils I have condemned the future of this other world to. We constructed a mirror infused with a dimensional portal. It is stable but set to a limited cycle in order to properly contain the magic required to do so. One day, this other world will be in jeopardy. And it is our descendants who will be burdened to save them. Because of my actions. I will carry my shame to the grave with me. I am a coward, a liar, and as far as anypony in that other world is concerned, a monster…”

I sure feel bad for the things starswirl has gone through during his times. :fluttercry:

Sunset grinned at the new image of herself. It was the realization of everything she’d ever wanted and deserved. As quickly as the regal image was formed, it began to change. Contorting and twisting. Her complexion turned dark red, and her wings fractured into what looked like leathery bat wings. Her eyes were sunk in and her crown turned into black gilded thorns.

Sounds like a glimpse into the future when she becomes the she demon at the fall formal.

"I… I promise I won't go through the portal." It took every ounce of self-control for Sunset to stop herself from bursting into tears.

She isn't gonna keep it I know it, celestia's promise will soon be stabbed in her back sooner than later.

Of course, it was all to get Celestia off her back so that nopony would notice her slip back down into the catacombs of Star Swirl's magic basement.

And the worst has just begun.

Sunset pivoted around to see Madam Bishop standing just inside the small room.

Woe, didn't figure she'd find out about this. But not surprised at all actually.

"That's enough, Sunset." The princess’s voice was clear and sharp as it echoed through the dual basement chambers. Celestia stepped into the room with two royal guards following in behind her.

Well she's screwed now.

One of the guards was a young looking white unicorn with a cool blue mane who seemed focused but bewildered by his unfamiliar surroundings. He couldn't have been more than a few weeks out of training and the secret lair of Star Swirl the Bearded wasn't exactly a stop on the castle tour.

Seems like that unicorn is shinning armor.

"Mom… mom I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Please don't do this." Tears streamed down Sunset's cheeks.

Oh crap she's done it again.

"Lock her up!" Bishop demanded, back on her hooves. "She assaulted the princess. Send her to the dungeon immediately."

Figured she'd say that :ajbemused:

"I'm sorry, princess. I should have seen it coming." He held his burnt wing in his left hoof.

Oh my god! 😨 Sunset went to far there.

"I've had worse, kid," the captain spat on the ground, frustrated with his oversight. "Let that be a lesson to you, Private Shining Armor. Never take your eyes off your flank."

Figured that was him alright :ajsmug:

"You're fired."

She deserved it.

She tried to walk towards the building, but stumbled immediately. Face planting on the ground as the bottom of her chin scraped the concrete.

Ouch that's gotta hurt.

A blue haired creature sat on the ground to Sunset’s right. It looked like a lanky, gangly mess with massive legs, but tiny arms compared to the rest of its body. It was clothed from neck to toe in blue pants, massive shin high boots, and what appeared to be a yellow and white shirt or blouse.

Now I want to know what tempest looks like sac pony and human now but only in my mind likely.

"My name's Tempest Dream."

Wow, wasn't expecting to see again but I kinda figured she might actually.

"She can live with me." Tempest offered.



Wasn't expecting to see this tempest do this so quickly after knowing sunset for only a few minutes.

"A senior and a freshman?" Celestia raised an eyebrow. Her biggest concern didn't seem to be with Sunset's origin, but rather the social dynamics of upper and lower classmen.

Huh seems like this tempest is older than sunset.

"Here is your new schedule and a map of the campus." Celestia handed the documents to Sunset who awkwardly collected them in her unsure embrace. These bi-pedal creature's appendages were gonna take some time to get used to.

She's not even gonna ask for an id or papers with info on here? Odd.

Sunset spent the next three days in the school’s library. She hadn’t eaten and barely slept. A few times in the early morning hours, she curled up into a ball on the floor and passed out for a few minutes at a time. She would dodge other students and teachers when they would come in and out of the library during school hours. When it was time to turn off the lights and lock up for the night, she would simply hide in the bathroom stalls until the staff had all left the building. At first she worried about them catching on and finding her, but soon realized that no one was really paying attention. Much less expecting a student to stow away in the library of all places.


Sunset could scarcely find a single reference to magic in any text whatsoever. There was no section dedicated to it at all. In Equestria, the magic section was the largest and most subdivided section of the library. In fact, magic was reduced to ambiguous mentions of parlor tricks or entertainment. And all other mentions of magic appeared in fiction. Stories of fantasy, meant as escape-ism, had vastly different, not to mention incredibly wrong, concepts of magic and how it was supposed to work.

Hate to break it with you sunset but the only kind of magic earth has is in shows down by magicians.

No. Sunset thought, as a terrible resolve came over her. She lied to me. She lied about making me a princess. What did I work so hard for, if she was only going to take everything from me? This is her fault. Why? Why mom, why?

It isn't her fault sunset, it's yours.

As school began for the third straight day, Sunset continued to dodge students and teachers alike. She didn't want to be seen or heard. She knew that she needed to get back to the portal but didn't want to risk being seen. What if someone saw her and came back through the portal as well? Who knows what consequences that could have? There was no need to make this situation anymore complicated than it had already been.

Seems like she's forgotten already that 3 days have passed and the portal now won't open for another 30 moons.

"Yeah, apparently some wacky middle school student wants to show her 'great and powerful magic' to the world." Tempest made air quotes about the magic. "The show is over at the park this afternoon and then Flash Sentry's band is gonna play afterwards. I mostly wanna see them but, hey, who doesn't need a little magic in their life, am I right?" Tempest shrugged her shoulders.

Seems like we'll he seeing trixie later and flash too.

"But first we gotta stop by the dorm and get you cleaned up. You smell like a dolphin."

I already got a feeling sunset isn't gonna like where this is going. Maybe we'll see.

Thank you for the reaction comments! I'm glad you're enjoying the read

Yep sure can't wait to see the next chapter when it's out.

"Well after the concert you'll have to tell me all about it. Let Dr. Sigmund Tempest help you." Tempest imitated a foreign accent to Sunset. "Ya ist gut. You have zee nachtigal syndrome, ya?"

Wait, was she speaking French just now? I don't know nor have learned it myself.

The wave of sound that blasted out shook Sunset at her core. It felt like every cell in her body was vibrating. The noise sounded like electronic distortion mixed with the sound of heavy machinery. Each down beat cut into her soul like a savage bludgeoning with a blunt instrument on her heart and ear drums. It came out rhythmically and at a fast tempo. A distinguishable melody rose above the muddy waves of distortion. A forceful organization cutting through the chaos. The drummer rolled on the snare and each tap of the psychotic paradiddle felt like Sunset was being militarily assassinated with music. Cymbals crashed and her vision blurred with sensory overload. It was an experience she was convinced should have been exceedingly painful. But it wasn't.

Guess she's not used to rock n roll.

"You ok?" An unfamiliar voice called down to her. She moved her arms away and slowly opened her eyes. There she was surrounded by people on all sides. Each of them bent over at the waist and extended a hand to her. She grabbed the nearest one and the rest of the group took that as their cue. They all grabbed her by the hand, arms, and shoulders and lifted her off the ground. The collective pull of everyone's strength made her feel weightless as she was launched back to her feet. She felt a few pats on the back and shoulder rubs as perfect strangers threw out well wishes like,

Did sunset just meet the human mane 5? I thunk so, maybe.

Sunset is not entirely wrong here. At the critical moment she fucked up

It's German. Imagine Tempest is doing a goofy German accent :coolphoto:

Yeah she's brand new to rock n roll. I wanted to capture those first concert vibes.

I'll go ahead and spoil this one. That's not the mane 5, just a crowd of metal heads. This scene is based off of my own experience and metal shows. Mosh pit culture is very friendly and crowds really do take care of those who fall, especially if someone gets hurt. Metal fans tend to be really cool in general at shows. A very appropriate place for a friendship lesson.

Rock and Roll is Magic :twilightsmile:

And then, suddenly she wasn’t falling anymore. Her eyes slowly panned up. He’d somehow caught her mid fall with one hand on each shoulder. His hold of her was gentle but firm. She could feel the strength in his grip through her leather jacket. She imagined he could have lifted her into the air with ease. And that thought made her heart skip a beat.

Talk about a close one.

"You know what?" He snapped his fingers and pointed at Sunset. The finger guns making another appearance. It was kinda cute. "On second thought, I'd love to go get smoothies. Let me go help this jerk put his kit away." Flashed pointed his thumb over his shoulder. "And I'll be right back."

Hopefully his friends/band mates will understand.

"Hey no big deal. You should see me in class. I'm a complete space cadet." Flash responded, letting her off the hook. The three of them were seated in a booth at the corner of the smoothie shop. Sunset could see out the front glass windows that led to the busy street. The sun was already beginning to set. Flash sipped his Piña Colada that was garnished with fresh coconut shavings and a juicy pineapple wedge. It looked amazing to Sunset. He caught her staring as he took a sip.

Wait a second isn't one of the ingredients for that drink rum? If so flash shouldn't be drinking that since he's not legally allowed to drink til he's 21.

Sunset gave a panicked look as Tempest pulled away. Tempest simply winked at Sunset briefly before essentially running away from the remaining duo. Exchanging a glance, Sunset and Flash just shrugged their shoulders as they entered the dorm area.

I bet she did that on purpose :ajsmug:

"The portal." She whispered desperately. Pulling away from the unwitting Flash, she threw off the guitar and stood up. Flash jumped at the sudden motion. He stared at Sunset confused and worried.

Well, there went a kiss moment that almost happened.

"No no no no no no no no…" She repeated with each hit. Finally, she gave up and collapsed against the horse monument. She slowly let herself slide down until she was seated on the ground, looking up at the main entrance of the school.

Well looks like she's staying longer than she thought she was.

Wow. This story is incredible. For a few years now I've been holding this personal head-canon on how Sunset Shimmer became the character she was in Equestria Girls. Yours doesn't exactly match mine, but it is so compelling. I'll be pointing anybody who asks about my version of the character to your story from now on.

By the way, I assume this story should be in Complete status. The title promises to tell how Sunset became the first "Equestrian Girl", and as of this chapter that promise is fulfilled. I assume if you're continuing Sunset's tale that it would go in a new story.


You know what... you're right. I'll call this one complete and continue it in a new story

Guess that explains why the story is labeled complete and not incomplete. But, um are you sure you made the right move there? :unsuresweetie:

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