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Just here mainly to comment on and like other peoples stories. Might right a few myself because I love the show and want to give back but I am also lazy so we'll see what happens


As Spinel watched Steven and his friends celebrate, she realized that she had done too much to them and everyone on this world to be their friend, and ran off to the warp pad. But even after she set foot on a new world she realized that no one would be friends with the person she was now... it's a good thing she had another Rejuvenator.

Pinkie is in for a big surprise and a new best friend this birthday.

picture created by GlamourCoffee, go check them out on DeviantArt

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Wait huh? A Steven Universe movie fic already?

Sign, me, up!

love this. more plys

Spinel needs love. I am all for this

Edit: You got a new follower!

“How much do you like Steven Universe the Movie?”

Me: Yes.

This is tooth-rotting level of cute and sweet!

YES! Spinel needs a Best Friend like Pinkie, she deserves at least one good Pink friend in her life, unlike a certain Pink jerk who caused a war because she was a spoiled child who decided dumb actions were better than thoughtful words.

She started the war because words failed.

And then she faked her own death, meaning that they could never come to a peaceful resolution through words. Her faked death caused the war, leading to thousands, if not millions, of gems shattering, bing turned into the cluster, or becoming corrupted. Granted, she saved humanity but that doesn't excuse her actions. She could have been more persistent and, I don't know, NOT fake her death so that a war wouldn't start. The war would have ended in a day if she revealed herself. Blue and Yellow wouldn't willingly attack her, White would just let her do her own thing until she, "Got it out of her system" and she could have had Gems like Jasper on her side because of their loyalty to Pink Diamond. She never considered how her actions would affect her sister/mother figure Diamonds or the Gems that looked up to her as a mother figure like Jasper did.

She tried to convince the diamonds to stop the colonization, they ignored her. She started the rebellion against herself as a way to convince the diamonds the earth wasn't worth the trouble. When that still didn't work she faked her own shattering in hopes of finally convincing the diamonds the earth wasn't worth it. Her shattering ended the war, the only thing she didn't expect was that the diamonds actually cared enough about her to commit an act of revenge on their way out which lead to the corruption of all the gems on earth. But the earth was saved and Rose made sure she and others would continue to keep the earth safe from then on.

Remember the important thing is that the gems don't really have any concept of love of affection so pink didn't think the other diamonds cared about her in any significant way especially since they always treated her like an annoyance. So no it wasn't as simple as revealing herself because she was convinced that they would never listen to her as pink diamond and revealing the war was fake would just convince the diamonds to continue the colonization.

The war Intensified after her shattering, leading to all of the corruption that happened as a last resort in the war as the Diamonds then left because they thought, "Out of sight, out of mind." Heck, they were prepared to genocide every single Quartz after the war and never start production again. And it's not like they had no concept of love on Homeworld, it just wasn't expressed as much in public. From what Blue and Yellow said they did try to make sure Pink knew they loved her when they weren't busy with work. They would play in the tub, talk, watch the stars, all the stuff people who love each other do. Heck, they even gave her Spinel as a present to make her happy and gave her a colony to make her happy, even though they knew she wasn't ready for one yet. Her faking her own death was far too extreme, and worst of all she never even attempted to clear it up with the other Diamonds or let her son know. She couldn't have recorded a message for Steven saying, "Hi Steven, I'm secretly Pink Diamond, show this video to the other Diamonds if you ever meet them so they don't try to shatter you since you're my son and I care about your safety and how me being both a Diamond and a War criminal may effect it. Love you~." Instead she just dropped all her problems on Steven and let him deal with it, because screw being a responsible parent and being a reasonable adult.

Look, I'm sure we can both keep at this all day, neither one of us convincing the other. Can we at least agree that her actions did end up hurting the Gems whether she meant to or not.

Yes, that's kind of the point of her character. She made mistakes but it doesn't make her monster or invalidate the good she did. You can't just claim there was an easy way to fix everything because that easy fix only exists in hindsight when we have all the information we possess now with no way for the characters to have known those things at the time.

I never claimed it invalidated the good she did, only that she made a mistake and hurt many in the process. And while it's her character that doesn't excuse her for never owning up to her mistakes. Heck, she never even tried to get back to Spinel and see if she was ok. Monster, hero, Diamond, Rose Quartz, no matter the name or label she is still childish and leapt before she looked.

Even if she did remember Spinel (and after thousands of years of fighting it's understandable she would forget) she couldn't get back to her because the warp pads off earth had been destroyed and they had no way to get back into space.

True, but she also had a fully functional space ship that could get there. Heck, she probably had dozens of space ships. I highly doubt Bismuth only made weapons and buildings during the war.

Sure but if the diamonds knew the crystal gems were still alive on earth they would just come back. You know like what happened in the show. They couldn't take any risks like a trip into gem controlled space.

Possibly, but seeing as how Pearl nearly took Steven off into space in a ship with no weapons or anything on board, something tells me a small ship could get through Gem controlled sectors, and that's assuming that the Garden was far away or even in Homewworld controlled space. Seeing as how it took Lars months to get to Earth with the fastest and most advanced ship in Gem history, and Spinel was able to get to Earth in about a day or two at most, I would say it's safe to assume that the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole wasn't part of Gem controlled space and that Pink's garden was somewhere inside the Milky Way Galaxy.

Homeworld already knew about them at that point so it didn't matter. I'm done derailing this comment section with what has basically become me explaining things that were explained in the show.

Your reasoning is flawless. Right now, all the internet's love is reserved for precious cinnamon roll Spinel.

Wow, what Spinel did was pretty... depressing like a damn.

May God help that universe


Well, Pink was a pretty horrible person in general

Also... Spinel was perhaps one of her greater sins

Well, I would argue that being forgotten doesn't exactly justify global genocide nor is it really the worse thing Pink ever did.

It's basically what happened to Starlight cranked up to 100.

Not saying it does. I'm saying though that she was, in essence, a toy for Pink's amusement and still a sapient being. She was made and designed for that sole purpose, and Pink, as she was want to do, left her behind when she ceased to amuse with no explanation or even a fuck you very much.

I'm astonished that people are even able to defend Rose at this point:facehoof:


I'm astonished that people are even able to defend Rose at this point:facehoof:

Because context matters. Gem society itself was messed up, Pink's behaviour wasn't really her fault. In Gem society, Spinel was just a toy and many would argue there is nothing wrong with getting bored with a toy and abandoning it.

There is if that Toy has emotions, feelings, wants, and desires. If she was a robot with those things it would matter, if she was a turtle with those things it would matter. In the end she was sapient, toy or not.

Gem society didn't understand the concept of such complex emotions despite being capable of feeling them or the idea of what makes someone a person. A gem was simply whatever they were made to be no more no less. Again it was messed up but that's not really Pink's fault.

And again, I'll say they did understand it. If they had the ability to sing about it, then they probably understood "Hey, this feeling that feels like the opposite of fear must be called something."

And wasn't "Rose" the one who argued that all Gems are equal and should embrace their emotions and who they are? Clearly she didn't really mean all Gems since she decided to not let Spinel be happy or be herself.


And wasn't "Rose" the one who argued that all Gems are equal and should embrace their emotions and who they are? Clearly she didn't really mean all Gems since she decided to not let Spinel be happy or be herself.

Okay, I'm gonna stop talking to you because you clearly didn't watch the show but those were things she learned from her time on Earth she didn't think that way at the start and she spread those ideas to other gems.

True, but she learned them and never even tried to apply those lessons to a Gem who thought of her as her best friend. And if I didn't watch the show then how do I know any of this, do you think I have a Wikipedia page up and am reading from that? You're just making claims trying to debase my argument because you can't actually prove that "Rose" or "Pink Diamond" or whatever you'd like to call her, was a nice Gem. And then using the argument that it was part of her character destroys both our arguments and our reasons for debating this. You essentially said, "It doesn't matter because it's a tv show."

Edit: And if she didn't think that way before Earth then why did she play with her original Pearl and let her be happy? Pearl was also a tool to be used, like how Spinel was a toy. Why did she treat Pearl nice if she didn't know Gems have emotions?

I also think it's interesting how you say Gem Society is the reason why Pink acted the way she did and it gives her a pass, but said that Pink abandoning Spinel to 6,000 on a dying rock in the middle of nowhere space didn't justify her actions. Technically speaking, Gem Society is the reason for Spinel's actions, so if you say Pink should get a pass, then so should she.


You're just making claims trying to debase my argument because you can't actually prove that "Rose" or "Pink Diamond" or whatever you'd like to call her, was a nice Gem.

I don't have to prove anything we've seen her be a "nice Gem" as you put it because guess what, people are complicated and doing bad things doesn't make you a fundamentally bad person especially when those actions are done out of ignorance which could be applied to most things she did.

Why did she treat Pearl nice if she didn't know Gems have emotions?

Because, and say it with me now, she was a nice person! Just because she viewed gems as tools doesn't mean she went out of her way to be cruel towards them for no reason.

Technically speaking, Gem Society is the reason for Spinel's actions, so if you say Pink should get a pass, then so should she.

I do give her a pass its why I don't hate her for it. It still doesn't justify her actions.

Now seriously I'm done.

Oh yes, she was such a nice person that she abandoned her best friend, traumatized her family by faking her death, started a war, bubbled another friend and kept it secret from her friends, let an innocent Gem be imprisoned inside a mirror for at least two to three thousand years, and then let all of her problems be dumped onto a child who she didn't tell any of this to or prepare in any way aside from saying, "Hey besties, take care of my baby. I'm not going to leave anything for him except an old VHS tape that says I love him and a pink lion that may or may not find him later if you ever travel to the desert.". Yes, truly she is the nicest person ever.

Damn..when you put that way she's kinda worse than Princess Celestia. And old sun butt made a lot of mistakes during her rule.

Spike better not eat her

YES! Great to see this! However, I am hoping that Spinel does get her memories back, just so we can have her sing her 'Drift Away' song to the group. Let's introduce the girls to Pink Diamond in the rose way possible so when Steven inevitably shows up, he'll be surprised that yes, even in a place the diamonds have never officially been, Pink Diamond is HATED.

P.S. The greatest sin I think Pink ever did, was LITERALLY cause the genocide of innocent Rose Quarts' across the empire. Remember, because she put on that disguise, an entire race of gems were basically wiped off the board.

I'm all for Spinel getting a fresh start, though really not sure if using the Rejuvenator on herself and wiping her memories like this is the best way to go. A part of me hopes she regains her memories and our favorite ponies help her with her pain and trauma.






Thank you, glad to see others sharing in my love for Spinel and will try and get out a new chapter as soon as I can

Lol, why do think Spike was absent from the party


Don't worry Spinel will indeed get her memory back, as well memories we haven't seen already because well... as the story said the Rejuvenators where in Pink Diamonds garden, why do you think that is?

I honestly 100% agree there, my friend.

Take your time bud. We will wait for Spinel~


100% agree. Oh, and maybe Other friends too. Not sure how the author could work that song in though, I just love Other Friends.

I also LOVE other friends and will try and work it in if I can (though I doubt I'll be able too)

Drifting Away will definitely be in here though

I'm pretty sure the rest of the rose quartz gems weren't actually killed.
Being mass bubbled isn't the same as mass genocide.

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