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Just here mainly to comment on and like other peoples stories. Might right a few myself because I love the show and want to give back but I am also lazy so we'll see what happens


Every night since the friendship games Twilight has been having nightmares about her time as Midnight Sparkle. She dares not tell her friends about them, I mean what would they think if she told them she was scared of the very magic that brought them together?

Regardless these nightmare's have unfortunately made her oversleep and miss the bus to Camp Everfree resulting in her and her faithful dog Spike having to figure out a way to get themselves and wait... since when do trains stop at bus stations?

Twilight and Spike now have to make there way through a number of dangers, challenges, and corgis if they ever want to get off this train.

Picture created by dan232323 check them out on DeviantArt

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 97 )

Another cool story, big fan of Infiinity Train and eager to see where this goes.

I LOVED Infinity Train. This story looks to be pretty cool.

what a coincidence because season 2 just started and today episode 2 came

Interesting idea are you by chance going to put the others on the train. You probably get a lot mileages with zephyr breeze

I might do sequels with other characters going aboard for the train, but for now it's just Twilight and Spike

Awesome can’t wait.

O boy, dis gon be gud

Can't wait to see more and see how Twilight's friends react to her disappearing, especially Sunset.

I bet Starswirl is the villain in the story

The red is good but I'd suggest making the blue darker, for better contrast.

Something like this: One One (That blue is #265daf.)

To be honest, I thought you use pink for Glad One and Blue for Sad One. Because red is use for anger, in my previous experience before fanfics

I like it
Can we see the chrome car some time that's my favorite

Thanks for the advice. Just finished changing it :twilightsmile:

Yeah... that might have been better. I've just never used color text before and went with my first instinct and I've always found blue to be very calming and soothing color, whereas red is just negative in general not just anger. I think I'll keep it that way for now, but I'll keep your suggestion in mind :scootangel:

Don't worry. While I plan on doing a lot of original cars for Twilight the Chrome Car is definitely one I'm keeping as I like it too

Twilight seems to be adapting far better to this situation than Tulip did.

I like it, but did the train’s door stand in the middle of nothing? I thought they were always attached to a wall or something.

Though I kind of like the attached to nothing but as it makes it seem like the inside the cars could be huge worlds.

I'm pretty sure there where a few that stood in the middle of nothing like this but I could be wrong.

Either way I agree with you that having them just attached to nothing is cool as it shows how each car is like a separate world, and will have more doors like that :scootangel:

Okay, can you add the Fart Train Car from the pilot? I want to see Twilight and Spike gagging by the smell of farts😁

If this is Twilight's reaction to the train I can only imagine how she will react to the number on her hand.

You’re welcome. I thought about that Fart Car because it would upsets Twilight’s sense of logic. Oh! How about a 8-Bit Video game Car!

Spike would probably get a kick out of The Corgi Car.

If you're mixing up both seasons, they could run into Alan Dracula, maybe even in the Family Tree Car.

And surely they have to run into The Cat at some point. Maybe in her car, with all the tapes.

85? If I remember correctly, Tulip started at 105. Looks like Twilight doesn't need as much growing. As for possible cars, I like the idea of a car filled with the night sky; constellations, a giant (possibly blue) moon, sheer night-time beauty. The catch? It's clearly labeled 'The Midnight Car'. Yeah, it's rediculassly on the nose, but as an end goal, I think it could work.

Sad One is as hilariously morose as ever.

Idea for a big, important car for later on, maybe a superhero car based on that one MLP episode where they get sucked into a magic comic. Twilight doesn't trust herself with power so a car where power is being thrust apon her might be good.

Radom ideas that Twilight speeds throw, fruit fly war car, lazy hippo river car, a restaurant car maned by fire people that don't allow water and only serve super spicy food and you have to eat a full meal before they can leave (some-one has to eat One-One's for him), Spider operated Marionet car, a maze/hide and seek car with a crazy hunter guy who pelts you with paint-ball from a way too realistic gun if you loose, the Build a better mouse trap car.

Remember in the finale of season 1 I mean book 1 numbers do go down but it was revealed that they also go up. 85 may not be Twilight's highest.

I think the book 1 was awesome and the way they reveal a critical fact was epic.

I believe it was something like this:

True numbers can go down, but they can also go up.

I think Amelia's number is in the quatilitions or higher.

Much higher. Numbers up to the elbow would be in the hundred quattuorvigintillion's (10^77). Now Amelia's number is a lot higher then that, well over a Googol (10^100), and that was one of the highest numbers that I could find a name for.

It didn't go all the way around

Would it be alright if you added the Family Tree Car?

Wait, it’s over? Aww... I miss the fart car!

It’s heavily implied that Alan Dracula was made after One-One was back as Conductor, so I’d have mixed feelings about Twilight meeting him. Besides, he can be saved for the sequel.

This concept makes perfect sense and I want more

I hope midnight becomes her own person and gets redeem with the help of twilight and explore the train together

Could she visit the Kaiju car!

seethe (as in for a blade)




maitre d'

Thanks for the help, just fixed it :twilightsmile:

Very funny and Here’s a car that Twilight will hate; A Fitness Car.

"Look Ms. Twilight, cool swords maybe they can end this show we call life," said One One as he attempted to grab one of the sheathed blades.

Sad-One must never change.

This story is pretty good so far. As it happens, I’m actually trying to write my own EG x Infinity Train story. I’m hoping to get first chapter done by tomorrow.

I am doing a miraculous ladybug and infinity train crossover over on AO3 but the problem is that I don't have ideas for cars. If you want to help I'll pm the concept to you

Awesome. There needs to be more Infinity Train crossovers and I'm really enjoying your SAO crossover story so I'm more then eager to check out your take on this :scootangel:

You can PM me if you want and I'll do my best to help, but I caution you that I haven't really watched Miraculous Ladybug so I'm not sure how much help I'll be

Is it wrong that I want to fight my shadow self?

I love it, the only sad part is spike didn't get his doggie bag.

Pretty good job on this so far. You're doing well depicting Twilight's Legend of Everfree conflict in the context of Infinity Train, and have some fun original cars. Your One-One lines are good, too. If I have one suggestion, it's to work on writing in body language and facial expressions. This will let you show character emotions and thoughts without having to outright spell them out.

I'm publishing my own Infinity Train crossover tomorrow, FYI, written before reading this.

I am making two infinity train crossovers. One is a crossover with Miraculous Ladybug and which will be featured over on Archive of our own. And the other will be a mega crossover following sci-twi from a yet to be released story trying to stop human world and equestria merging. The story is a prequel to the mega crossover. But whichever one reaches chapter 10 will be uploaded first

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