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Hi, I'm GRYFFINDOR123456 and I'm legally an adult. I love my little pony, Equestria Girls and G5 and I also love Harry Potter, Wednesday and Barbie!

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  • 16 weeks
    Update for all my stories 2

    Hi all,
    I said A while ago I would stop writing on here for a while. I’m sorry to say I will be deleting some of my stories

    Hamlet will be deleted, so will ACOBAB and many of the older stories. Hogwarts year one is staying- but I will be updating it later.

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  • 23 weeks
    update for all my stories- URGENT

    Hi all,
    As mentioned in one of my posts, I said I was starting to write a novel. Most of my stories will be on hiatus, apart from Hogwarts year one, which is on my list of to finish stories.

    Once I have finished the following(most of them are on Fanfiction.net), I will return to FimFiction and finish Hamlet: The Rightful Sunset Shimmer, A court of Beasts and Beauties and some others.

    Here is the list of stories I need to finish:

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  • 24 weeks
    Hogwarts year 1

    finally! after all this time, I’ve updated! Check out the new chapter, Gryffindor Vs Slytherin!

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  • 40 weeks
    Hamlet: the Rightful Sunset Shimmer

    Firstly, this is going to be a huge project, along with Book 2: Heal what has been hurt, so I’ll be flicking between the 2 stories. True Love 2 will be on hiatus, as will Hogwarts: Year 1.

    Secondly, I’ve got a question: In act 2, we meet Rainbow and Pinkie(Rosencrantz and Guildenstern) and I was going to base this moment on Hakuna Matata. Do you think the 2 mares should play a prank on Sunset(Hamlet) when they see her for the first time?

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  • 53 weeks
    true love

    reason for PMV choices
    Phantom of the opera and all i ask of you reprise- original videos are very dark
    I see the light- don’t want to repeat the video again

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  • 55 weeks
    Holidays unwrapped

    Does anyone know what the last episode of holidays unwrapped is?

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  • 63 weeks
    Hogwarts year 1 update

    Hi all, 

    I'm going to bring Sunset back to life in this story! Initially, she was meant to die in this story, but I've decided, she could live a little longer so I could build the romance between Blaise and her. Please tell me if this isn't right. I posted this story on another website too and it seems to be a trend that readers want Sunset alive. 

    For those curious, Sectumsempra will be a key spell in this story. Thanks.

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  • 64 weeks
    Hogwarts year 1

    Hi everyone!
    don’t read this if you haven’t read the first day(Part 2)I killed Sunset off straightaway because she doesn’t play a major role.
    If you would like me to change this, please comment below or to the story or send me a PM.

    Also, there are references to the other HP books.

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  • 76 weeks
    never let go

    hi all
    just to let you know this is my first story in a long time. So heads up. Sorry if this is a bit scratchy.

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  • 80 weeks
    a court of beasts and beauties

    Hello all,
    Just to let you know, in case you don’t already, This story is going on hiatus because I want to finish another story. Once I have finished my Flashsets and Starblazers, I will carry on with it

    Thanks so much!

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Update for all my stories 2 · 8:23pm June 1st

Hi all,
I said A while ago I would stop writing on here for a while. I’m sorry to say I will be deleting some of my stories

Hamlet will be deleted, so will ACOBAB and many of the older stories. Hogwarts year one is staying- but I will be updating it later.

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Thank you for checking out No, Maybe, Yes and adding it to your bookshelves!

Thanks for the picture. It’s beautiful

Thankie for the fav on One Sprout, Many Buds! :pinkiehappy:

Edit: And now on Mayonnaise Ghost too!

Thank you for the follow

Hehe, thanks for the watch, friend. I'm glad you've been enjoying DRIHW so far and i hope it keeps entertaining you. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fave!

Thank you very much for favoriting my story, "Full Circle"! I really appreciate it!

that alright. Um, I knew that due to lockdown and I know I suffered slightly from it. I also want to be a doctor or go into medical biology at least when I am older

Thank you for the faves! :heart:

(And thank you for the good advice in your Sunset's Despair comment.)

Thank you very much for the favorite on Danganronpa: In Harmony's Wake. :twilightsmile:

Me too. I have all the Harry Potter's books.

that’s alright. You have really good manners by the way. Most people don’t thank people(probably because they don’t notice anything) and I’m one of those.
The unfortunate thing is that I never check my emails. So, if that’s the case for me(and a lot of people), the few people who do check(You fall into that category), will thank their followers.
Excuse me for the HP picture. I love HARRY POTTER!!

Thanks for following me

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