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This story is a sequel to Sunset's Despair

Sunset Shimmer continues to feel depressed and won't admit it to anyone. However, Twilight Sparkle begins to take notice of Sunset's unusual behavior. Not knowing what to do, she and her friends try to figure out how to help their troubled friend.

Can Sunset admit she needs help?

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It is, as they say, short and sweet.

This story was really good. i agree with what Twi said to to Dash about not cornering Sunset to make her talk to them. i have some depression and my sister has corned me when angry and yelled and forced me to talk to her and let me tell anyone who reads this it only made me feel worse in every god damn way i had struggled so much in the past and then having a break down and getting cornered between a counter and oven being forced to look into the person eyes who is yelling at you to talk to them but you can't because you can't think straight or formulate a proper sentence without stuttering because all you can think about is how little you can move and how much you just want to die at the time. it never helps. it's always taught at schools to walk away from bad situations but what about when you physically can get away when your made to look into the eyes of someone who is standing there belittling you what are you supposed to do then. home is a place where you are supposed to be relaxed and not have to worry as much but for me i had always felt more at calm in school. but again when your working to bring up your self-esteem and your own family tears all your work apart calling you waste of space and telling you not to cry so much you actually train your self not to cry it not great and then having a family member in therapy and your parents telling you that if you need to go and see a therapist tell them and not being able to because all your problems stem from childhood problems sucks. well that's the end of my little rant for today

This story really reminds me when I'm down and my friends understand me. Heck there was a one time my friends understood about something that was caused by my parents that even they weren't sorry to me for what they did that upsetted me

A user named Holy has posted a Suicide Note. If anyone has any information as to her wearabouts, please go to Estee's page here and render aid.

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Thank you for your assistance, please feel free to copy/paste this as much as possible.

I saw this note right after I read two fics that is based on despear

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