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Konnichiwa, nakama no sakka! Ganbarou!


Twilight Sparkle has decided to start a vlog so that she can share some of her first experiences with you!

Told in 2nd person with only Twilight's lines to you and others.

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Ahahahaha!! That was great! :rainbowlaugh:


Nice! What about her trying to play buckball or trying to give a massage?

Exotic fruit. Not sure what is considered exotic in equestria though. Maybe something like dragon fruit.

Twilight tries gardening, not sure if she's ever done gardening though.

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Wow, so many great suggestions already!

Let her eat a chili! XD

erm vodka? erm shes legal age right?

Oh so many ideas! :pinkiehappy:

Have her try: Eat a chili pepper or drink hot sauce, drink iced coffee, do ziplining, perform a magic show, bake a cake, paint a picture, lifting weights, driving a cart, do rock climbing, play an instrument, playing a slinky and solving the rubik's cube.

Hope that's not too much.

Watch try not to laugh challenge?

Twilight tries gambling

'Twilight tries a blind date' or 'Twilight tries fencing'.

Spike! How do I use this thing?!

I get that Twilight doesn't have a plan because comedy. But seriously. This is a pony who would absolutely want a manual.

Twilight tries the prison challenge

I mean, she IS a Princess. She can decide what the "Legal Age" is.

Make her do the Ghost Pepper challenge 😈

Purple Smart is my spirit animal.


Nothing more exotic then raw zap apples.

Preferably with the spa twins.

For me: Twilight tries to play an instrument.

Twilight and special guest Pinkie Pie try different sour candies like warheads, crybabies, toxic waste, etc...

Check out Collins Key’s sourest candy videos for some ideas. Warning, they’re pretty hilarious and a bit gross at times.

A new story from Peni Parker? Yes please!

Twilight tries wingless skydiving or bungee jumping

This is why you add cream and sugar, or take the more unique route and simply add sweetened condensed milk to taste.

Yeah, just your típical sugar/sweet drinkers, I abandoned sugar entirely a decade ago, best decision ever :D, now I can really sabore the real flavor of teas, herbs, juices, and best if all COFFEE, I like it black and strong, wonderful stuff, of course, to get there you need to practice, suffer it up, but when it's done, a new flavor is discovered.

Now for ideas, Twilight Tries to prank Ponies in the street, Twilight Tries reacting to horror movies, Twilight Tries to imitate pinky in the streets., and a lot etc. XD.

How about she tries tacos next time?

Twilight tries not to rage at Uno

twilight tries a sun and moon pokemon randomizer nuzlocke

Twilight tries paintballing

Knowing Equestria, the dragonfruit there probably objects to being eating by breathing fire.

Most unicorns can't teleport, but life-or-death situations do tend to bring out incredible feats so that bit isn't quite as implausible as the first part of this sentence implied. Binding the wings that would save her if something went wrong is significantly more eyebrow-raising.

As for suggestions... I can't figure out a way to shoehorn my usual joke into the proper format, so maybe a "special episode" containing suggestions she can't use because she's done them before, with criminally brief not-quite-explanations of how it went?

She already said she's not a gamer.

Some ideas:

Climb a mountain
Cook a new recipe
Foster a shelter/rescue pet at home
Stay at a haunted house
Give blood
Have a mud bath
Scuba Dive (can use magic to talk)
Go to a wine tasting class
Babysit the Cake twins
Go on a marathon
Get a tattoo
Play paintball
Try Acupuncture

Twilight eats chili, a strong one, obviously. :rainbowkiss:

Oh, I got it; they reached havoc with my digestion. Hehe.

I think you mean "wrecked havoc".

D'oh! :derpytongue2:

Thanks for catching that.

So happy someone got that reference!

Lol I didn't even know you were referencing that :D

Dang, sorry Twilight :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight Tries: Paintballing

Twilight tries learning another language.

Oh yes, please do this

Not even sure what to try to suggest: everything else in the comments sounds so good!

ok but it's "wreak havoc" tho

not "wreck havoc." that would be if, like. you destroyed havoc, like smashed it to pieces and stuff. wreak is a different thinglet.

Poor Twilight! :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmm it seems to me she had a allergic reaction to something that she didn’t like

Yay! Chili idea!! Thank you! Another great chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for the idea!

I agree with Twi on her views of the subject.

Rather a nice cup of tea with just a dash of milk.

Twi is such a cutie.

This series is brilliant.

Very charming.

Glad I took time to read. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! :heart:

Is there anything you'd like to see Twilight try?

Twilight... crap um.... goes a full day without magic.

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