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A weight has been lifted from my shoulders


This story is a sequel to Please, Starlight, Come Back

Twilight unexpectedly runs into Starlight at the Crystal Empire

Thanks to Peni Parker for helping write this story

EDIT: Featured 3/14! Third story featured, finally!

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Are you going to continue this series?

This was really good.

I really enjoyed this, I liked how Twilight explained to Starlight why she didn't held onto her grudge as holding onto angry changes you from the inside out and makes you a very different person who you really are.

I love this story! Can you make a sequel to this, maybe showing twilight and her friends befriending starlight? Thanks:twilightsmile:

Mmm. A very nice story. And, unlike the main timeline (mane?), no one's timeline got genocided. A win-win all around!

Very nice, and with a beautiful moral as well. Feels like it could have been a show episode (and i mean that in the best way!) Thank you.


Not bad, but I think the story could have been built upon more. Keep working on your skills, and don't be afraid of adding more details and building stronger connections between characters.

Here I was just thinking about Starlight and along comes this story. Talk about timing!

It’s nice being able to find a friend who’ll just let you vent when you need to. I wish I had someone that’d be that friend for me.

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