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A weight has been lifted from my shoulders


This story is a sequel to Romantic Meetings

Jake Taylor had been living in Equestria for four years with ponies and other creatures...but mostly ponies. Either way, there were no humans. But Jake couldn’t care less. He had two of the most beautiful, most amazing marefriends anyone could ever ask for: Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer. He doesn’t need humans to be happy.

But one day while in the library, when Jake meets an admittedly attractive unicorn named Sunset Shimmer, who claims to be from another world full of humans, Jake starts to have second thoughts.

So, obviously, this is that story I was thinking of. Unlike Romantic Mischief, this will be exclusive for me and Peni Parker to work on.

Speaking of which, huge shout-out to Peni Parker for inspiring this story with one of your chapters. I’m obviously starting with the same two chapters from Romantic Mischief, but I won’t take those down in case you guys just want a laugh

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Looks like some love competition here. I better check all the prequels to see how this all started.

Starlight is the one with her head on straight here. She obviously doesn't mind another cute mare in their group. :trollestia:

Shes not only his marefriend. Shes his Wingpony.:rainbowdetermined2: As long as he shares.

This looks good so far. I'll be tracking this one!

This will be fun. I always appreciate HiE stories that actually acknowledge the existence of the portal. I swear its an unspoken rule that the portal isn't allowed to exist in a HiE story which I suppose makes sense but its still fun when it does come up.

I know what you mean. Honestly, I didn’t originally have the portal exist when I wrote Romantic Meetings, but I thought it would be fun to have it in Romantic Mischief


Now this looks interesting!


Hmm. I didn't know so many HIE stories didn't knowledge the portal. It exists in my HIE stories and I didn't plan to have EQG be "canon" at first, but later on I did a ret-con it so it exists. I did have to fix a plothole of "why didn't Eric (my human OC's name) go to the 'other' human world when I did the ret-con, but it was easy in my case. The portal's not bought up in most of the stories I wrote so far, and only bring it up if it's necessary


I did have to fix a plothole of "why didn't Eric (my human OC's name) go to the 'other' human world when I did the ret-con, but it was easy in my case

Well, that is the main problem with it. If the portal exists why wouldn't the human choose to live in the human world? Even if it makes sense for them to stay in Equestria why wouldn't they constantly take advantage of the portal? Yeah, it's not much of a stretch for the human to prefer living in pony land but it's hard to imagine they would never make use of the portal for things they can't get in Equestria (like a good steak).

It's just easier for most stories to pretend the portal doesn't exist.


In my story, the human OC has a special type of magic stuck in him that is too dangerous to remove, and it blocks him for be able to enter the portal. This means that he can't visit the "other" human world, even though he will like to go.

The plot thickens!

Great chapter, hope you'll let me write one about Jake's visit to Sunset's world.

Of course, but I got the next one :raritywink:

Oh, I had hoped that this particular plotline would evolve into its own side-story. Really makes me happy to see it come to fruition. Great work so far, guys!

Interesting compromise, usually when a HiE travels through the portal they either don't transform or change into a pony so having him just become younger is an interesting way of handling it.

Thank you. I thought of it because it would have been weird if Jake and Sunset tried to develop a relationship with Jake still at his normal age, which is about 25 or so

Sunset groaned. “I was hoping you could extend your relationship...t-to me.”

Moron! You don't just ask him; you also need to ask his two marefriends!

She's Sunset, what'd you expect? :twilightsmile:

I thought Sunset's reaction was funny....initially. But then I felt sad.

So why is it, in your story, does Jake not become a unicorn when he entered Equestria.

Everypony is going to have a lot words with each other.

Oh boy. Could we a see a battle of Twilight vs Twilight over Jake?

Probably not

Glad you think it's funny. Peni Parker honestly surprised me with that :twilightsheepish:

It would help if you read the prequel. Honestly, I really like HiE stories, so I wrote one. Also, it really wouldn't be any fun just to have a pony

Watch it Twilight. If you want Jake, you're going to have to get in line because it's Sunset's turn now.

I feel I should mention that nothing's actually gonna come of that. In fact, I had no idea Peni Parker was gonna do that :rainbowlaugh:


This is a very entertaining read... I like it a lot :twilightsheepish: But as in this quote here, I think Sunset isn't really herself. The questions were perfect; I could totally see Sunset asking each one. The rest is sort of... different than she is in the show. It's not a huge issue, as this is a fiction you wrote and you get to decide how the characters behave, but it did get a bit confusing. I didn't know how to think about her while I was reading, and that threw me off.
Otherwise, nice work!

I can kinda see where you're coming from, but you have to keep in mind that this story is actually a collab

Kind of wish Jake had asked the obvious question, 'So, where is human Starlight?'

Uh-oh, Flash is here. This is gonna be interesting!

Awesome chapter. Can't wait to read more!

Just tose in a flashbang and scatter.

This is gonna get awkward fast.

Please write more, this is awesome.

Oh boy. Love is always painful.

Awesome! Can't wait for more


O-oh damn.
*tips hat*
Good luck in there boy.

I'm sure Starlight would also like that action. :trollestia:

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