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A weight has been lifted from my shoulders


This story is a prequel to Romantic Meetings

Life had never been fair to Jake Taylor, not since he lost his parents thanks to his negligence. So, it’s pretty safe to say he wasn’t exactly the most friendly person around.

Unfortunately, a freak accident causes him to wake up in a forest...in another world full of ponies who value friendship. Jake, not being one for friends, magic, or well, ponies, freaks out. Too bad one pony in particular won’t let him leave

Here it is, the long awaited prequel to Romantic Meetings. I hope you all enjoy

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I had been wondering of how Jake arrived in Equestria and look forward to how he'll react to meeting the Twilight and the others.

Why isn't there an OC tag?

Meant to add one

EDIT: just did

So far so good. I’m reading this one before Romantic Meetings, so I get the chronological experience


Glad to see the reception is fairly positive so far! :pinkiehappy:

This is gonna be awesome.

I don't wanna wait :applecry:

You should’ve entered the competition

Love at first sight, lol

Almost died, then met a talking unicorn.

Weird day to say the least.

Could’ve been worse. He could’ve met a Manticore instead

Eh, not really

"N-No,” I whispered, mostly to myself.

“A-Are you okay?” she asked.

“No, you’re not...y-you’re n-not...” I stuttered.

“I’m not what?”

I shook my head and rubbed my eyes, trying to get the picture of a talking unicorn out of my sight, but to no luck; she was still there.

“You’re not...you’re not real! Unicorns aren’t real!” I said, turning and running away.

“Wait! What’s wrong? What do you mean, ‘unicorns aren’t real’? Wait!” she yelled behind me.

I ignored her as I kept running the opposite direction. “Unicorns aren’t real, unicorns aren’t real,” I kept muttering to myself, trying to convince myself I wasn’t crazy.

Sounds like a more realistic reaction than "HOLY F(:yay: yay)K! A TALKING HORSE!!!" :pinkiecrazy: :scootangel:

What do you mean, ‘what am I’? I’m a man, for God’s sake!"

For some reason when Jake said that I thought of this:

Weird, huh? :rainbowhuh:


🤔Come to think of it... I probably should start hitting like when faving stories. :twilightblush:

Gee, that’s a good idea

Nice one :rainbowlaugh:

According to Jake since Unicorns aren't real....

"Scotland is NOT a real country: You are an Englishman in a dress!!" - The Soldier, Team Fortress 2

Twilight Sparkle is an englishman in a dress! D:

time to flee into the thicket I go!

the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn

Oh, well...how was I supposed to know that?

Obviously Scotland doesn't exist, neither do unicorns! So how would anyone know!‽

Twilight is way too trusting for her own good, taking in a strange creature she found in the Everfree Forest like that.

She's just lucky Jake is such a nice guy.

This is pretty much like I thought Twilight would react to Jake for the first time. Nice work.

“I don’t know who you are, or where you came from, but you’re my new best friend :twilightsheepish:

Annnd cue the guilt train for most of the mane 6! Except for Twilight: she didn't do anything wrong.

Did I start something with my 4th wall break joke in my own author's notes...?

First off: omnivores, not strictly carnivores.
Second: Jake's too easily spooked, unless I'm missing something.
Lastly: I don't think you give Pinkie enough credit: she's sharp enough to pick up that something's off.
(I know, I know. "Your story, your rules".)

I think you forgot about Fluttershy: she hardly said anything.


Good catch. Both Fluttershy and Twilight didn't really say or do anything wrong.

I think I've been editing too much lately :derpytongue2:

Meh, it's all good. I missed something with the last chapter I posted in my current story. :facehoof:

“Jake, this is Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity,” Twilight introduced.

Was one of those Applejacks the liquor? Quick, somepony contact Berry Punch! JK, but did notice the two Applejacks in the introduction of Twilight's friends.

Thanks for catching that, one of my funnier fails

“So do you really eat meat?” the cyan pegasus, Rainbow Dash, asked with a bit of a raspy voice.

Subtle, Rainbow, real subtle.

Well, she’s not exactly known for being subtle

I never thought throwing a funeral could act as a form of apology, but it works here.

Well done! :twilightsmile:

Thinking about it, I've read stories where the human was cool with not being able to go back home, and those that took not being able to hard, but later accepted it.

But I don't see many where they just don't want to go back even with the option there. Hmm.

Thank you, I got this idea from season 6 of The Ranch on Netflix

Well, that’s because most humans either still have a good life back home or they just don’t remember. Jake rememberers his old life clearly...and doesn’t want to go bock to that


Now that I think if it, I have seen a lot of stories where the humans has sad backstories, like how Jake does.

I think that different in those stories I'm thinking of is that the humans still tend to not have the option to go back, so they would be stuck in Equestria anyway, but Jake has the choice.

Some of the stories I can think of that the human could go back, tend to be the stories when the ponies adopt a human baby or kid.

“I think you’re the prettiest pony in the world,” Jake repeated.

Twilight felt her heart speed up and Jake’s words, but quickly remembered he was simply drunk. “You should get some rest, Jake. You’re gonna hate yourself in the morning.”

But Twilight, alcohol stifles reasoning skills and contemplating repercussions, so Jake is more likely to be telling the truth when he's drunk. :raritywink:

And so Twilight's crush on Jake begins.

This chapter must be inspired by Pink's "That Morning I Woke Up With an Alicorn Princess"... similar plot device and technique with several situational differences you guys must bounce ideas between each other, prolly be interesting to see a Jake Taylorverse/Eric Reedverse crossover... an idea for a "Romantic Mischief" story arc mayhaps? :scootangel:


Actually this chapter was written before I even thought of the idea for my "That Morning I Woke Up With an Alicorn Princess" story, so I can't take any credit for any inspirations. I helped a bit with this story by offering a few suggestions, so that's how I know that.

We have thought about a crossover like that, but we’re not sure how exactly it would work

Saying goodbye is always hard, especially to someone you love.

This really got me right in the feels. :fluttercry:

This is a very good and an emotional prequel. And Jake's backstory is sad and tragic.

At least he now has friends, including Twilight! :pinkiesmile:

Spotted a typo near the start of the chapter.

“Even Equestria gets boring from time to time, so I like to entertain myself by looking into alternate worlds and realities, searching for interesting lives and events. I must say, by the way, you’re a rather valid representative of your species, given all of the previous wars your people have fought and with all the present corrupt officials,” he explained.

I groaned. “Just cut to the chase. What do you mean you saved my life?”

“Oh well that’s simple,” he scoffed, making a pair of glasses appear on his face. “The most recent time I’ve looked into your world, I saw you. You were in what appeared to be hospital, on your death bed. I took pity on you and brought you here.”

So that's what Discord's been doing while he was stoned.

“Yeah, since there wasn’t too much ti fix, I was able to do most of it on my own,” I replied.

Me: 🤔 Hmmm... :eeyup: Eeyup, gotta leave sumthin fer them thar proofreaders. :scootangel:

Twilight: :facehoof:

Which is it?

Thanks for catching that

Liquor is involved, yet I'm a bit disappointed. I'd expect AJ & RD to start fighting or something of the sort.
Or Pinkie being the loud and obnoxious ("Oh my gawd, this song's about meeeeee!!" or some other silly nonsense).

Well, it was really just an excuse to help kickstart Twilight’s crush on Jake

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