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Newest Chapter Nearing 6k Words · 5:49pm Last Wednesday


As said in the last blog, I want to not have a needless cliffhanger and progress the story along nicely. That being said, I have a much thicker chapter in the works. And it is coming along well. I should have it out by tomorrow, but that depends on how much more I want to add to the chapter.

It may not be a lot to my standard, but I have written 1,300 words today. I am getting back into the groove of things. And I am doing what I can to stay in the groove.

Freak, out.

Lily Longsocks Challenge!

Every Friday, I will try to draw a new Lily Longsocks picture for all those Lily Longsocks enthusiasts. I will have my favorite and my recent pictures here on the account. You can also follow me on Instagram and Deviant Art for more drawings and whatnot. Just don't expect the greatest art. I am only a novice.

My favorite (may change in the future):

Recent drawing: (coming soon)

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Happy Birthday, FC!!!!!!

Greetings, FC. Also Happy Valentine's Day!

2517504 Or maybe how the villains go about their lives?

That would be interesting to see

2517472 Unless they do another episode 100.

Yeah sometimes in my own head canon both Luna, celestial, and maybe Cadence hold back a great deal and only use small fraction of what reAlly can do.
If it is a show for kids so can't outdo the main casts

2517454 Funny how the core princesses (not Twilight) are so easily dealt with.

Or actaully taking more active role against something that threaten to destroy equestria instead being swatted away like flies or have the elements always do the work

2517400 It would be nice to know about how Princess Celestia and Luna behaved when they were younger through a canon episode.

Would be nice to see more episodes around the two and go further into character development. Or even more of the princesses or random background pony

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