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That Update Blog: The Eventual Move from FiM Fiction · 3:48pm October 26th

Worry not! This isn't my farewell blog! When I plan to leave will be explained!


My break away from writing fanfiction has been a good breather if I am going to be honest. I have also uploaded a new story that has been in the works for over a year. It is a mature story and I'm not sure how to do the whole "mature link hidden" doohicky, so if anyone is at all interested AND OF AGE, give it a look in my library of stories.

But onto the plans for the future.

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Lily Longsocks Challenge!

Every Friday, I will try to draw a new Lily Longsocks picture for all those Lily Longsocks enthusiasts. I will have my favorite and my recent pictures here on the account. You can also follow me on Instagram and Deviant Art for more drawings and whatnot. Just don't expect the greatest art. I am only a novice.

My favorite (may change in the future):

Recent drawing: (coming soon)

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Happy Birthday, FC!!!!!!

Greetings, FC. Also Happy Valentine's Day!

2517504 Or maybe how the villains go about their lives?

2517472 Unless they do another episode 100.

2517454 Funny how the core princesses (not Twilight) are so easily dealt with.

2517400 It would be nice to know about how Princess Celestia and Luna behaved when they were younger through a canon episode.

2099780 If I were to have a favorite ship... it would be...

Shining Armor and Cadence

It's both Twilight Sparkle and Big Macintosh actually.
Best ship for me will ALWAYS be Sparity.

2099586 Is that your favorite character?:eeyup:

Big Macintosh, no contest about it. :twilightsmile:

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