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Prickle didn't ask to become so strong, but it just happened. Now, as a growing foal, she's mightier than many grown stallions. What's an earth-filly to do? She tries her best to move forward and not draw attention to her supernatural strength.

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I like this, is more gonna be written?

This was the first thing I thought when I read the description.

Looks interesting, i take a gander at it when i go on break at work

7916808 bulma should teach vegeta how to cook or one of servants. Come think of it some martail artist in annes or films often use the egg thing to help ot control there strength if not mistaken. Hehe.

Well now. This could be quite interesting. (And I can't say I've ever heard that name for this filly. I like it, though I've always called her Dilemma.) I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

I hope Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon both get put into remedial physical education classes. It would be funny if Dinkie was far stronger then these two combined!

This story is off to an interesting start so far I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

This looks like a job for Zecora and Big Mac. At the very least, it would be nice for Big Mac to have someone he can unleash against under Zecoras guidance.

Pity about the Everfree. I mean, Im sure Fluttershy would complain about Hydra tossing. :twilightoops:

Awww :twilightsmile: Prickle is adorable, we need more stories with her :rainbowkiss:

It would be nice if they did a story set on some ponies who physical and magical abilities surpassed a regular ponies. Whether Earth ponies, unicorn, pegasis, batponies, or even changeling (classic not new)

7917265 We're off to a bit of a start, yes?

7917330 yes I like it. I often imagine some ponies and other species able to do both magical and physical more than a normal person from species. ^^ so I like it thus far

Disclaimer: I'm the commissioner for this story


Dilemma is a good name. I just think it's a bit too literal of her issue.

Actually, Mr. Silver and I talked about possible names for her before we settled on Prickle Berry (which was David's suggestion, though the official naming thread on reddit had several names that started with Prickle, such as Prickle Muffin). We of course visited the fan name that won the most votes, Lily Longsocks, but I wasn't very happy with it. Beyond her strength, she shares only a superficial resemblance to Pippi Longstocking, and furthermore, the attitude is completely different, and I'd argue that was far more important. The filly also wears no socks at all (though to be fair, this hasn't stopped a pony named Fancy Pants from wearing no pants). Last issue with it, there is already an earth pony named Lily, so it could cause confusion, and saying the full name Lily Longsocks all the time seems very awkward, as opposed to Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, Rainbow Dash, Big Mac, and the other multi-word names that are familiar to us.

Her color scheme is rather close to Berry Pinch and Berry Punch though, so "Berry" isn't too far off. The Prickle part is a multi-layered one, indicating both an actual Prickled Berry, and also a prickly nature of a heghog/porcupine. I think it's rather clever and fits her better than Lily Longsocks.

7917265 You mean like a pegasus that can go faster than the speed of sound? :rainbowdetermined2:

Junebug, a pony with chartreuse fur and two toned mane, gently brushed her daughter's mane. "All set?"

Extra space and "two-toned"

She pointed out to the yard, then light swatted Prickle on the bottom.


Prickle approached the smallest little ball that Pipsqueak had struggled with and make a great grunt of effort.


I mean, it was no Rainbow Dash, but who can be besides her?

you were

Did Cheerile not know about what happened?


The conflict in this story doesn't make sense. First of all, there is no reason super strength would make you clumsy. Real-life strong people have no difficulty being gentle. Second, are we supposed to believe that being the best is somehow a bad thing? Smart kids get picked on by strong kids out of jealousy, but what kind of idiot would pick on someone stronger than them? And why would she care if they did?

7919629 Typos fixed, but your concern with the basic plot? I took it from the show itself. I'm just running with it. Have you not seen the episode?


7919690 I saw the episode. Surely you aren't suggesting that every plot element in the show makes sense?

7919586 or pegasis who can utilize magic that others cant.

I so want to introduce my head to a wall with how the CMC thought before they gained their cutie marks. They once again misunderstood the lesson about earning a mark and applied the wrong meaning behind it. At least Sweetie knew that Prickle was uncomfortable and acted accordingly.

7919586 sometime I imagine spitfire not only able manipulate weather like some pegasis without touching. Louis and such much like storm from x-men. But sometimes imagining my favorite wonderbolts welding powerful flames that tare among pegasis

It was quite surprising that when she tried to pull Prickle closer, she was the one that ended up being pulled right off her hooves and hanging there as Prickle walked along, entirely unfazed by the weight.

wasn't at all

Taking advantage, Sweetie let go and flopped to the ground before rolling back upright.

Taking advantage of the stop (Unless this is 5E. :P)

She pressed down to test it and her hoof burst right through the wood as if it were wet paper, wood splinters flying in a light spray around her.

Being strong does not make you heavier.

trembling with the abject terror that she may cause more harm.


So Prickle did tell them.


He was squeaking and crying, and I rushed towards it.

"him" or "the sound"

It had been pinned between the log and the boulder underneath. It squeaked.


She was looking to Prickle, smiling and waiting.


Even Bulk Bicep, the pony who's very destiny it was to pick up heavy things...


Why would Prickle expect the Crusaders to be mean to her? Everyone at that tiny school knows everyone else, and the CMC never bully anyone.

This one's going to be a tough nut to crack, but I have confidence in the Crusaders' ability to help Prickle make peace with her abilities. I'm just not sure how they're going to go about doing it.

What do you get when you combine cider and hedgehogs. :pinkiecrazy:

7919746 Typos fixed, thanks for reporting them.

You must have lived a blessed life to have never even seen a child being picked on for excelling. She also has a mother that, while caring, is also encouraging her to keep her strength a secret to not invite such bullying.

Ultimately, it's what the show literally gave me, and it's not like the CMC aren't literally agreeing with you.

So you're strong, so what? That's awesome! They all say in jubilant agreement.

That doesn't make Prickle magically fixed. That takes time, care, and dedication.

I'm not sure what you're asking. It feels like you want me to scold the show and break canon, instead of what I'm doing and addressing it within the context of the canon already given. She's scared of showing her strength. This has been made 100% clear in that wonderfully brief moment she was in the show. That must be assumed to be true and arguing it shouldn't is not constructive to telling a story.

So far, I don't think a single pony has acted poorly, except maybe Prickle for thinking they would act poorly, but we're allowed to be wrong. Friendship is solving this problem that seems tailor made to be solved with friendship.


You must have lived a blessed life to have never even seen a child being picked on for excelling.

I was home-schooled, but if public school is really as bad as you all make it look, only a crazy person would let their kids ever set foot inside.

Ultimately, it's what the show literally gave me

The show did not depict her breaking anything, nor did it imply any lack of fine control.

So far, I don't think a single pony has acted poorly

There are less than 20 foals in Cheerilee's class. If she doesn't know what's going on after the incident with Sweetie, she is the worst teacher ever.

This great big monster rushed at me right out of the dark! I screamed, I was so scared! I turned away and bucked out a hoof, bam! I hit it right between the eyes.

It fell over, its tongue hanging out, knocked dizzy. I felt a little tingle and there it was. That hedgehog was right there on my flank. I wished him, the real one, good luck, and we left each other.

Scootaloo shook her head slowly. "You just... kicked it?"

Prickle bobbed her head. "As hard as I could!"

Scary monster tries to eat you? Kick the spooky in the face!

7919817 The show neither gave or denied any level of control. So about the parts it did make clear?

7919932 She picked up a building while simultaneously showing the control to scoop out the ball and not damage the building.

I still don't get how her talent relates to her mark.

7919938 She tried. She failed. Diamond Tiara interrupted the event and she let the building come down with a slam.

Another good chapter, think she need a mentor to help control her immense strength. One if the sisters perhaps? Zecora? Or perhaps some random earth pony master. But I look forward to seeing the next chapter to see what happen.

7919951 Neither does she.

Sounds like a perfect case for some ponies.

What does Sweetie have in mind for our young hero who has to be carful of getting out of the tree house... Is the CMC really friends to her or just another gang of bullies like the Diamond duo?

Will the monster come back for round 2?

Tun in next time to find out in...

Hedgehog Pick! :pinkiehappy:


Sounds like a mystery for the CMC!

had seem him - had seen him

One left!

I have to wonder if and hope that we will find out who has told Prickle that she's a monster, where this sense fo guilt comes from.

7920602 Fixed! I also dropped you a message on Discord.


I'd put it to you that it's not so much that every plot element make sense as that every plot element has a story behind it that, with a little imagination, is worth telling.

She could be 'Garnet'.

Because she's Stronger Than You.


Edit: Oh come on, who downvoted?

Pickle is definitely needs freinds to help her into any form of a life that she can beleive in.

As for Big Macintosh?

Red Mercury?
Vulcan Hammer?
Grand Slam?


Find out next time on same prickly time on same prickly station! *place original 1960 batman theme here*

7922124 not sure. Have think about it. At work but something that would go we with her earth pony super strength.

Mighty mare, mare wonder, power filly, idk just something at top of my head just now.

One could aways go with the classic Super Filly or Filly Hulk

Name ideas have to do mostly with character, costume and origin. So her name is Prickle Berry with powers of Hulk and is scared most of the time... Her costume is brown with reddish-orange lines the mask I have no clue since I don't see it.

She saved a hedgehog from being Smash by a log and almost being eaten by a monster.

Here are some Ideas I'll just keep going with:

Earth Bender: Since her ability is strength is might fit. :facehoof:
Berry Punch or Kick: She well mostly kick and punch. :facehoof:
Berdge: (Berry + Hedgehog) A odd creative name :rainbowkiss:
Smash Berry!: Yea I'm running out on ideas
The freak: Becuase she keeps thinking she is a monster
LogHog: Since it first started in a forest :rainbowhuh:
Mighty F. She is a mighty filly that no one should mess with :trixieshiftleft:
Brave Berry: She is brave and is going to save the world! (She isn't brave yet...) :rainbowlaugh:
The Brown Hedgehog: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: That would be funny and makes sense with her costume and cutie mark.

Oh yea I forgot about the cutie mark... :facehoof:

Punch Mark: She punch her mark on you! :rainbowlaugh:
The Hedgehog: Wait what? :rainbowderp:
Mrs. Strength: Nah boring... :applejackunsure:
Earth Pony: Yep... Losing ideas :rainbowkiss:
Power Pony... Oh yea that was taken :facehoof:
Berry Hulk: No Berry is a girl :facehoof:

I have to think on more names. But maybe just a One word name might work to? :pinkiehappy:

Anywho... Back to the narrator! :moustache:

Now that our hero has gotten her costume that looks almost like a small animal... Well she trust what Sweeite Bell of not being afraid or even come up with a super Pony name for herself?

Tune back in the adventures of... Oh yea she hasn't got a name yet :twilightblush:

Tiny Titan
The Mighty Mini
"n".... Literally no name, just leaves a mark of some type...probably a hoofprint stomped into something hard nearby.

Hmm... i have a few suggestions.

Takedown - self explanatory
Geo Mare - because Galaxy would be too much, Earth doesn't have enough oomph and Equestria Mare is just a mouthful
Power Pack - again, fairly self explanatory

Looking up ideas online, i -long story short- stumbled upon Ragna Rock. And look at this!

Earth Powers - Your abilities give you access to the elemental powers of the Earth itself - you are as strong and indestructible as the living rock itself!

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