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This story is a sequel to Just Some Flowers

Readers do not have to read Just Some Flowers to understand everything in the story. However, watching the MLP Movie will help understand my story's scenario.

The Friendship Festival was supposed to be a time of enjoyment and happiness. However, thanks to Tempest Shadow, all of that was burned to ashes and the ponies attending the event were taken as prisoners by the Storm Creatures.

Caramel experience as a slave to a Storm Creature named Groak involved taking a few heavy punches from time to time. But none of that pain compared to the arrival of Princess Twilight Sparkle as Tempest's prisoner. And how he chose to take on the miserable task of escorting the mare he cared so dearly for to her doom.

I want to give a fantastic and huge shoutout to Sipioc for not only proof-reading, but also for the cover art. You have been a great help in motivating me to move this simple idea I started in August 2016 forward. Thank you.

Link to cover art: https://sipioc.deviantart.com/art/Twilight-s-Escort-722931333

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Stay strong Mel. You got this. For her. You got this.

I like this, I don't think there's ANY stories that center around the "inside" of the ponies' captivity under the Storm guards. I like how in-show it is, how the slavery isn't anything insufferable, but the ponies are being traded and used like baseball cards for their abilities.

I'd like to see where this goes

8644762 Wow, I am glad to see you take an interest in my story. :3

Oh yeah? I didn't know you were a fan!:pinkiehappy:

8644877 I've seen your face around the site; you are quite known which is why I was surprised to see you read my story. Don't hate me for not being a fan D:


you are quite known

I find this, well, not concerning and not quite curious. I just didn't know this lol

But I read and liked the prequel to this story! Cute Twilight is always the best, and now that we have established "canon" with this story it makes its conflict all the more engaging. Especially considering Twi's at the lowest point of her entire life.

8644929 When I was taking American Literature this last Fall, I read a lot of captive and slave narratives. It gave an insider's perspective of the oppressed or slave, explaining how they felt during their captivity and those who surrounded said captive.

This was a more in depth type of narration because we know how Twilight cares about how she is seen. And when she is captured, she looks so defeated. And when Caramel, who cares about her, steps forward to try and help her, the feeling is much more intimate.

This is fantastic!! An excellent piece of work!! Especially since I loved the prequal. Well done!

8648224 I am glad you like both stories :heart:

I just wonder why I am getting the downvotes D:

Man i hope he gets to have soem words with Temptest and hope she punished in this story rather then forgiven so easily Grubebr as well.

Don’t go into that light Mel! Fight! Fight!

The first time I saw the movie, I thought of how crushing it must be for those two ponies pulling Twilight's cage. I'm so glad to see a story like this!

8664945 When I saw them, too, I wondered how they felt when they were forced to escort Twilight as a prisoner. Glad to know at least someone remembered the scene :3

Je aime. I like. So far I'll wait for conclusion to up vote and put in library. But so far it is very nice.

It was at this Moment that Made him knew...

He wouldn't get out of this without embarresment

We have got to get These kids together

Alright, cute, sad, fuuny, this story is great!~

I can admit to being guilty of hating certain fan-made couples in the past. But you can rest assured I am now above such pettiness, and now very few of them anger me anymore. :twilightsmile:

Well, some exceptions still frustrate me, but not as strongly like they used to. :scootangel:

8682772 I assume one of these acceptions is a good story

I have to admit, you kinda caught me off guard with how the Storm Creature that Fluttershy talked to ended up being Groak.

Nice job so far!

Oh, thanks a lot, Trixie!

By the way, you'll be happy to know that I have added this story to my Favorites folder.

8683740 When I saw the storm creature cry in the movie, I wondered what Fluttershy said to him that made him cry. I felt that it would be easy to implement to my story and gave Groak his true kind heart.

Thanks for enjoying both my stories. :3

You know, I'm not usually one for shipping...

...but I would love to see more of this! The writing in both of these stories was really great! This could be the best Twilight ship since Twilight and Ink Spot in Reality Check's Nyxverse*

See you next time!

*And if you haven't read Past Sins or Reality Check's sequels to it, then I highly recommend them.

8684072 Shoot me a pm with the stories in question. I can't find them via search

I'm not sure what you're telling me, but I do think this particular story is great! :raritywink:

Three words: I love it!!! The perspective is fantastic and this story adds a new dimension to the movie. :pinkiehappy:

Absolutely adorable endingi

I think grubber's got a bit of a Napoleon complex going on there. I bet it'd be easy to step on him.

I'm really starting to like carlight.

8758334 Omg the paring name! I can dig it.

It shouldn't make a story worse because it's a ship fic. It's all in how it's written, and this is done with plenty of love into it. I would read a sequel

8938068 I am glad you are looking forward to it :3

Expect it maybe this summer, but let me get through my semester first D:

I actually really enjoyed this. IT was fun. Look forward to the sequel.

Inconvenient Trixie

Are you excited for the sequel, though? :3

Wait a sequel is coming? WOOT!:rainbowdetermined2:

This wrapped up fairly well in the end. Here's to that sequel.

“Aww, does the pony feel sorry his princess is all sad and lonely?” a high pitched and small voice said from behind me. When I turned around, I had to look down at Tempest’s round companion smirking up at me with ugly teeth. There was some courage in my heart which allowed me to glare at him. For once, I was able to look down at something. He scratched his chin, not amused with me in the slightest. “I don't like the way you're looking at me…” I didn't move when I saw him raise his paw at me. The runt smacked me across the cheek as hard as he could, pushing my face away.

Dang Grubber your more brutal ( well not much ) then in the movie 😥

Oh wow so it looks like this is during the time of the movie when The Storm King invaded Canterlot and caramel is trying to hold on while Twilight and the others get help from the other creatures but it looks like things gotten worse because Tempest aka fizzlepop captured Twilight and caramel is trying to be brave for Twilight I hope the others get here in time

My mind went to my went friends; the friends I grew aggressive with. Oh, how I regret the wrath that boiled in my breast; how my horn sparked with anger. And how I betrayed the Hippogryphs. I… I had never felt so much shame in my life.

Okay a lot of people are still pretty upset about that situation and whose fault is that and like I said it's a mix for me of this whole situation

It looks like both ponies and their eyes thinking things are really bad but caramel still refused to give up on Twilight I'm sure she will find a way and try to hang in there you guys her friends and the others are coming to help and caramel admitted that he was in love with Twilight but he thinks that Twilight deserve a much better Pony than him which he should not sell him out like that but I guess he felt like he couldn't do much but I'm sure Twilight won't think like that

As we stood at the window, something even stranger moved down the empty street of Canterlot. A cluster of bodies pulled a massive cake that proved to be higher than any treat I’ve ever seen. Perhaps a Storm Creature requested one to be made fit for their size. A feline on two legs walked at the head of the haulers. When the ponies who pulled the cart came closer, my day became even worse.

Yes I knew it the others are here and they come up with a good plan to free all of you

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